Friday, February 15, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia 2 Finale Party

Ok, today is officially crap. First of all, organisers I was going with to the finale party for The Amazing Race Asia 2 in Singapore took us there by bus.

Ok actually, if they had told us that leaving our cars parked in their damn office block would be charged by HOUR - I suppose much of the antagonising would have been lessened! Gila ke haper nak biar keta 36 jam or so camtuh.

In the end, moved my car to friend's place nearby and left my car there and popped in a cab to go back to where kita nak berlepas together.

On the bus, the driver lemau nak mampos. Da la bak slower than a snail with a sprained whatever it uses to glide along - dia siap leh borak borak ngan co-driver dia without looking at the road. Uh oh... mayhem waiting to happen.

Tried to sleep but it didn't work. Dozed off after a while. Tapi awoke to a commotion. Yeap.. driver tatau jalan ke our hotel!


So aku dok diam jerk malas sebab da irritated kalao tak aku ngamuk kang kalao bukak mulot. Can you believe it? It took us about SEVEN freaking hours to get to the hotel. Dimwit! The hotel itself, Park Hotel Orchard smack in the middle of Orchard Road wasn't too bad, tapi not enough nak cool me off.

Pastuh sampai da lambat, so we managed to check in and freshen up sebelom we were to wait in the lobby to hang out and wait for our transport to Clarke Quay. Tunggu punya tunggu, I got irritated and grabbed a cab. Senang idop. Matilah organiser blur. Sampai ke Clarke Quay nak ke Indochine, saw a sign. Merasalah! Felt like I was in the race itself nak carik jalan ke venue. The ambience kat the area cooled me off I suppose.

Bumped into Vince. Chatted a little then masuk ke Indochine. Wow! This wasn't the same place I remember being in years ago. Ingat tempat sama... Love the decor.

The stage was set, tapi none of the contestants in sight. Until Van and Pam popped out. Smangat!!!!

Took a family photo of the Chongs, minus one brother yang tak hadir and of course the two girls yang standby in the holding area. Also bumped into a familiar face. Remember her? As the night progressed on, started snapping pics of the girls and the other finalists.

The Strong Chongs

Ingat tak sapa dia? (clue : 1/2 of last year's winner - and our very own)

Foxy!!! Ke Cheetah Girls???

Another Chong - but not by birth

One of the moms with a real mom - mommy Chong.

Mark from Philippines

Rovilson's shiny dome

Adrian and Collin from Singapore - the champs

The show began, after the other contestants of the show were announced to be in attendance. Hampir semua hadir, tapi ada la beberapa orang not about. Erm.. don't mind these pics, bawah ni goodie bag yang meka bagik.

Congrats to Adrian and Collin, though I still wished Pam and Van had won, though I think Mark and Rovilson deserved the win a little more. Still, all three pairs were awesome in their own way, and it didn't realy feel like competition. The three were presented with their prizes. Tak menang pon takper la. At least Van and Pam won FOUR mobile phones, that's two each for winning two legs before. Ni some other pics of the guys chilling out.

So officially, Collin and Adrian of Singapore in first place, van and Pam of Malaysia in second and Mark and Rovilson of Philippines in third.

Oh by the way - we saw the show an hour before it was broadcast. Heh... sayang time tuh malas nak update... kalao tak leh spoiler tuk korang.

The winners celebrated!

Pas abih lepak with all of them, and hugging my two sisters who did Malaysia proud, left Indochine.

Went back to the hotel and chilled out a while and then ke Mustafa Centre to have supper.

Jalan jalan just looking about and headed back to the hotel by 2am. Ngantuk. And need my medication. Apapon... congrats Van and Pam.

You two girls did us proud to cme in second no matter what. And for all of us, you're always first anyway no matter what.

To Anne and Diane, you guys did Malaysia proud as well.

As Rovilson was saying, "Malaysian chicks are tough!" You betcha! Two pairs and one finishes second and one finishes fourth. Malaysian chicks are hardcore, period!

So I guess... in that department, Malaysia memang boleh!