Friday, February 29, 2008

Whoa! What the...

Arghhh!! Had to leave my house after all today sebab later in the day kena ada kat Panggung Bandaraya. Boo's helping out with a staging of Whoa! Willow... ada la pementasan bebudak UiTM. So kena la bagi moral support katanya.

Aku heret Juan skali sebab anticipate the worst! Traffic was a b*tch, but got to the venue in the end with minutes to spare. Mozac da angkat our tickets for us, so it was time for a ciggy.

When they called for the curtains, rushed in and took our places. Starting, kena Negaraku la dulu. Cam kat panggung kat Siam lak. Tapi takper... patriotik katanya.

Cuma weird part. The vocal ensemble for the production sang it along to the acoustic pluckings of a guitar. I know it was disrecpectful but I burst out laughing! Simply because the vocals were all... erm... well.. you can imagine. Harmony was non existent, and someone forgot to do the lead as the rest berterabur nak feeling wat layers to the harmony - which again never existed.

Motif nak carut orang nyanyi Negaraku? Well.. it's the national anthem... and I think they should just stick to the CD next time. But it instilled this sense of horror sebab aku tatau what I got myself into having to sit through the production.

And to cut it short - it was everything I feared it would be. Seb baik Boo aku terlibat sebalik tabir jerk. Pada cik lecturer yang baca blog aku tuh yang tegur aku masa nak balik tuh (sorry... aku termalu lupa tanya nama lak), ampun ek terpaksa carut.

I have to puji the kids because memang meka enthusiastic.

But next time... shoot the director! And whoever did casting - because the leads were all more sesuai kalao stakat jaga lighting ke something else where we didn't have to endure the pain of their supposed singing and acting. God!!!!

Even the English was... erm... imagine a line like this..."is DAT (that) DUH (the)..." and you can pretty much imagine how it sounded.

Pala pening - tatau because aku lapar kebulur tak makan seharian, atau it was so bad. Skipped to McDonalds with Juan and came back during the credits. Had a good laugh though... and I have to give everyone in the production credit. At least they know it's not easy.

And I hope they learn to develop thick skin because being in this business calls for it. Never expect it to be raining roses when it comes to reviews (especially not after that performance).

The well prepared displays. Not too bad seriously!

House of pain for the night!

Ok... now it's on to confession time. Masa the first act started, aku beriya nak amik pic... well, this ain't no Istana Budaya mah! So aku pun program down the shutter volume on my camera to mute so it doesn't scream CLICK when I take a photo.

And then... I aimed the camera... and pressed the button.

Oh motherf*ck*r!!!!! Sh*t!!!!!! I forgot to turn the flash off!!! Arghhh!!! Malunya tiba tiba my camera let off this blinding light! Aiyo!!! So salah... and I felt so malu! Tapi to make it worse - it didn't get me thrown out! Matilahhhhh!!!!!! Heh!!!

Went for supper after at Pelita and called it an early night. That just... wore me out. Give me strength... Boo mintak aku tengok lagik skali esok. Erm... I don't think our relationship can take that kind of strain. Heh...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the girl blah blah blah by Tyra

Today was being butt lazy day! Got some shut eye and rest ahead of the storm that I'm going to face - nay... whirlwind of work. So took a chill pill since we're heading towards the end of the week.

And what better way to do it, that indulge on an America's Next Top Model marathon!
First, layan the Part 1 and Part 2 of America's Next Top Model - Exposed!, the pre Cycle 10 special. Honestly, it was great, though I wished they had shown more of other cycles instead of constantly going back to the last three cycles so much.

Wish could have seen more Yoanna or Naima, my two favourite winners. Plus, they should have updated on where the winners are, though I suspect Tyra wasn't willing to put her ego on the line to let us know some of her pickings have been failing. Wonder whether Saleiha is getting any jobs (puke!) Still think she doesn't deserve to have won. Oops... ada yang lom tau result sebab sibuk ikut on free TV or Astro ke? Sorry...

The last nine cycles

I think they should have showed a little more on the bitch fights because I definitely remembered a lot more. Oh well. If you can get your hands on these, it's worth a watch if you're an ANTM fan.

Pastu da abih je, layan the first episode of cycle 10.

A total of 35 girls were shortlisted, including Marvita who didn't make Cycle 9, which I wished hadn't come back. I mean seriously... do we need another Grace Jones wannabe? What's so fresh about that?

Fatima from Somalia is the only one who remotely caught my eye, but what's with the hair? Still, she came with a sob story of being circumcised and a promise of a social cause to eradicate female circumcision, so I guess that made her politically correct to include. Besides, Tyra is always trying so hard to be seen fighting for something, so Fatima should do well.

Claire is scary - and not in a funky way either. Dominique is so bimbo with a horrid tan, though promising for a second.

Kim is just so dumb blonde with a face that looks like she's been chasing parked cars and Lauren looks like a hillbilly reject.

I think of them all - Anya is my favourite, along with Katarzyna. Maybe Amy too though I agree with Miss J that she has quite a dated look.

Oh God... Stacey Ann? Let's not start on the whiny ho.

The rest were pretty forgettable.

Oh yeah... Tyra extended the spots to 14 instead of 13 - supposedly because they were all so good... what a load of crap.

None of the girls stood out, unlike last season when I immediately liked Heather, Lisa and Chantal.

And what's with model prep. Ah.... I miss ANTM. Without it, I'd have nothing to bitch about on and on (siap repeat sebab nak tengok balik and kutuk). This is actually therapeutic.

Model prep? What would be the motto? In Photoshop we trust????

The models for Cycle 10

The second episode was quite ok to watch though because the action started early. One thing for sure, the whole feel and styling of the production had gone a notch up.

The model loft was happening!!! Damn that giant bed! And the lighted catwalk with the video screen!

And for the first challenge... well, I thought it was, but it wasn't really strangely enough, as it didn't appear to weigh so much on the judges decisions nor did it have a winner... was a fashion show for... Badgely Mischka!!!

Oh my God! The models get to parade their latest collection in the middle of Times Square! Gila lah ANTM skang.... makan ati!

Horrible on the catwalk - Marvita (bitch appears to be on crack and staring at her crack), Amis (was she even walking) and Lauren (she walked like she had balls)

The rest were ok or fab but my faves were Dominique, Katarzyna and Claire in trms of their walk. Fatima looked good though she didn't work it on the runway.

I wanted to bitch slap Kim the most as she griped about the price of fashion and so on... come on! What did you think you were entering for, bitch!

But Fatima accidentally did that to Marvita for us. Puas... and this whole conspiracy theory by Marvita konon si Fatima saja nak panaskan dia so she would go past the boiling point and blow up.

However that drama just fizzled out when they later made up after Marvita gave her side of the story and Fatima apologised and they ironed things out.

The models popped by Elite Model Management and met Paulina Porizkova for the first time - who is replacing Twiggy.

And yes, she was right. Dominique looks like a man. Matilah ko!

The homeless theme was whacked - cause for some reason Tyra thought she made a positive difference. Er... pray tell how in stiletto heaven,Tyra, did you just play Oprah there.

Anyway back to Kim. It finally came out during judging whenshe mengaku she didn't want it. Boo ya Tyra! Didn't you see that coming during the weeks of pre-competition???

So Kim decided to LEAVE! Great... sucks for the other girls who didn't make it because of the ho who looked like she'd been chasing parked cars.

In the end poor Atalya had to join the loser ranks of Kim when she got eliminated. No loss really. But considering some of the other girls couldn't walk AT ALL, this was a serious f**k up!

P*ssed off, J rips Kim's picture! While being cool as a cucumber.B*tchy elegance!

Notice his jacket? It's got velcro bits with the girls names. He takes them off when they get eliminated. Nice idea... butt ugly though.The jacket... erm.. and whatever else you think is too.

So it's two models down so far

Atalya's shoot. Not too horrendous actually. Seen worse in ANTM history.

Also managed to watch a couple of movies.. tapi malas review. Nanti jer la esok aku update on something else. Malas siot nak update blog. The lazy bug bites! I promise later over the weekend ada something interesting ok. Ta.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ari nih memang aku happy gila! Why? Well, I can't really tell... tapi ada la kena mengena ngan kerjaya. Yes... yes... dalam dua hari nih, had two pieces of great news.

Beginning dari smalam... masa abih keja, and then nak makan beramai-ramai, dapat panggilan dari sorang member ofis congratulating me. Walaupun berita dia nak sampaikan tak official lagik - memang aku menjerit la!

And then called up a couple more people, meka pun kata benda yang sama. Memang boleh celebrate la camni. And I did! My way!

Gi makan kat Damansara melanak tak hengat ngan my friends. Aku, Boo, Juan and friend as well as Faz and her PA yang baru abih shooting.

Memang rasa nak senyum je cam orang gila. Sempat tuh photoshoot my dear sis Faz nih. Check out the various poses - yang mana dia tengah tiru gaya artis popular (matilah aku!)

The many faces of Fazura

Amacam? Merasalah after a whole day shooting pun tetap feisty kan? Anyhoo, went back and got some rest sebab memang ngantuk tahap cipan. Nak ceebrate lebih lebih the good news takleh pon sebab the next day tuh ada important meeting nak discuss ada project aku yang nunggu berkurun nak take off.

Got up early today, terus wat preparation bagai - and then sampai area nak wat meeting tuh awal. Tapi nak jumpa office tuh lak... sesat! Merasalah sampai setengah jam lewat.
Tip for those of you looking to have meetings with people nak mohon keja, ataupun cam aku nak dapat contract nih, please don't be half an hour late. Not a good sign gituh. And you may not be as lucky as me - cause I got it!!!! Woohoo!!!

Double happiness!

Aku takleh cita the details of all the things happening around me right now sebab banyak semua aku tunggu black and white for real - walaupun da actually confirmed.

It's all a little unnerving actually because the next six months - keja aku da bertimbun.
Tapi masyuk la... so syukur.., rezeki kita kalau ada... tak kemana. But that wasn't it. I had my Monday interview yang tak jadik arituh... tak reschedule. Tup tup terserempak bakal boss (matiah aku kan Jules?...heh!) yang nak intrview aku tuh tadik during dinner, and chit chat - we schedued the meeting to this coming Monday.

So many things look positive for my future that I am now just reeling at the excitement of doing it all.

Apapon, aku nak thank my friends who stood by me yang not only believed me but also pushed me forward with my plans with their advie and help like Amir (yes, dude.. I owe you much too), Alam, Faz, Juan... a lot of these people have been my emotional rock.

So smalam masa dinner, after jemput my sayang kat Panggung Bandaraya (ada pementasan teater kolej), my sister kat KLIA and jumpa Juan kat Pelita we had a little celebratory dinner.

Not much - simple but true to the purpose of celebrating.
Masa sampai tuh - ada keta lalu, ada orang jerit. Aku ingat sapa... heh. Erra Fazira... yang dok holler dari passenger window of her car. Engku Emran driving.

Rupanya meka pun nak gi Pelita... yerlah.. humble gak kan meka nih. Takde la dok menempek tempat tempat class je. Mamak pun no hal. They parked, and sempat lr aku borak ngan Emran for a while. Rupanya Erra baru abih Zoom In kat RTM.

After a while Tuah, DJ Suria FM pula sampai. Merasalah, dia nak mai lepak together sebenarnya, tapi tekejut boss dia, si Emran ada. Heh!!!

But we hung out I think until 3 or 4 in the morning. Went back... happy! Ecstatic...and delirious!
Things are finally falling into place.

Sempat papparazzi pic Emran dan Erra. Tapi sebab slow, Emran da cabut masuk keta and Erra pose mendongak... heh... apa tuh. Hampeh la camni aku tak layak jadi paparazzi. Matilah aku!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Akademi Fantasia... again.

Ok... so the tenaga pengajar da announce. And guess what? Senarai yang aku umum ala berkurun dulu... sama ngan akunya. Ok...tolak tepi Jasmi Rejab (penting ke). And Anita Sarawak sebab time aku dapat info lom confirm tapi kalao korang ingat... aku ada next entry ngan pic kak Nita. Mmmm... cam da hint kan. Matilah aku!

Yang di ramal...

Yang ada jua...

Yang jadik.... sama tak... sama tak... sama kannnnn

Ni ada some pics I shot. Kak Nita balik awal so tak amik pic dia... tapi besh nya dia call ngan abang Mahathir nak wish me all the best. Touching siot.

Eh off the track lak. Ni lepak izzi ngan Juan dan kak Fat sambung keja dan gossip sambilan gituh sambil updating. So hope you guys like the pics...

Abang Ramli... dan kak Fati ngan si bung Ramli enter frame..

Vocal teachers... Hajar and Syafie...

Kita tak gaduhhh kannnnn....

Gen... before and after Akademi Fantasia. Kak Fati paksa dia sopan sikit tuk program nih taw!

Sign check ke?

Mesti masyuk banyak nh...

Tak puas ati SMS boss... cek kicik sikit kot.

Friends and familiar (and often evil) faces

Ok la nak sambung wat keja sambil melantak... kang hantar lambat lak ngamuk...By the way... glamer tak nama aku. Merasalah aku versatile kan leh jadik pastry chef. Matilah ko!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ashraf and Bunga

Do you guys know who that is? Kalau kenal memang hebat la sebab bekas model, kini pelakon dan penyanyi dari Indonesia nih saja bagik pose istimewa gituh tuk aku.

But a little more later that's exclusive sikit on her and Ashraf Sinclair.

Stick on a little longer cause this is one hell of a long posting nih.

Jumpa meka time press conference untuk Anugerah Planet Muzik, which was... erm... suspect to say the list of those yang tersenarai. Korang layan dan tengok pelik ke tak how some of these people or songs actually made the list.

Anugerah Planet Muzik 08

Best Song (Singapore) (Song/Album/Artiste/Composer/Lyricist)
Ayu/Ceritera Awan/Cradle/Addy & Man Toyak/Addy & Man Toyak
Berserah/Teman Istimewa/Taufik Batisah/Taufik Batisah/Taufik Batisah
Dua Kali Lima/Rap Untuk Rakyat/Ahli Fiqir/Daly, Illegal, Uno/Daly & Tukang Kata
Ku Sendiri/Aliff/Aliff Aziz/Azlan Abu Hassan/Azlan Abu Hassan

Best SIngapore Act (Artiste/Album)
Ahli Fiqir/Rap Untuk Rakyat
Aliff Aziz/Aliff
Cradle/Ceritera Awan
Syed Azmir/Prosa X
Taufik Batisah/Teman Istimewa

Best Album (Singapore) (Album/Artiste/Producer)
Aliff/Aliff Aziz/Azlan Abu Hassan,Iman Wan, Zimi Sofaz & Neves
Ceritera Awan/Cradle/Addy & Cradle
Prosa X/Syed Azmir/Ajai
Rap Untuk Rakyat/Ahli Fiqir/Ahli Fiqir & Illegal
Teman Istimewa/Taufik Batisah/Taufik Batisah

Best New Artiste (Male) (Artiste/Album)
Aliff Aziz/Aliff
Faizal Tahir/Aku.Muzik.Kamu
Ihsan/The Winner
Syed Azmir/Prosa X

Best New Duo/Group (Artiste/Album)
D'Cinnamons/Good Morning
Meet Uncle Hussain/7 Tahun 3 Bulan 90 Hari
Ran/Ran For Your Life
She/Slow Down Baby
The Titans/The Titans

Best Male Artiste (Artiste/Album)
Anuar Zain - Anuar Zain
Faizal Tahir/Aku.Muzik.Kamu
Glenn Fredly/Happy Sunday
Iwan Fals/50:50
Taufik Batisah/Teman Istimewa

Best Female Artiste (Artiste/Album)
Bunga Citra Lestari/Cinta Pertama
Dayang Nurfaizah/Dayang 2007
Elyana/Jadi Diriku
Kris Dayanti/Kris Dayanti
Siti Nurhaliza/Hadiah Daripada Hati

Best Duo/Group (Artiste/Album)
Gigi/Peace, Love & Respect
Kerispatih/Kenyataan Perasaan
Padi/Tak Hanya Diam
Samsons/Penantian Hidup
Spider/Bintang 12
Ungu/Untukmu Selamanya

Best Song (Song/Album/Artiste/Composer/Lyrics)
Dewi/Kerajaan Cinta/Dewa 19/Ahmad Dhani/Ahmad Dhani
Kekasih Gelapku/Untukmu Selamanya/Ungu/Enda/Ungu
Menanti Pasti/OST Kayangan/Siti Nurhaliza/Ajai/Abie Abdullah
Mengenangmu/Kenyataan Perasaan/Kerispatih/Badai/Badai
Nakal/Peace, Love & Respect/Gigi/Armand, Dewa, Hendy & Thomas/Armand
11 Januari/Peace, Love & Respect/Gigi/Dewa/Armand

Best Album (Album/Artiste/Producer)
Aku.Muzik.Kamu/Faizal Tahir/Audi Mok, Ahmad Izham Omar & Faizal Tahir
Anuar ZainAnuar Zain/Anuar Zain
Kenyataan Perasaan/Kerispatih/Ingga Jaya Purda
Peace, Love & Respect/Gigi/Gigi
Tak Hanya Diam/Padi/Piyu

Artis Lelaki Paling Popular
Anuar Zain
Ari Laso
Faizal Tahir
Hady Mirza
Imran Ajmain
Taufik Batisah

Artis Wanita Paling Popular
Acha Septriasa
Agnes Monica
Bunga Citra Lestari
Jaclyn Victor
Kris Dayanti
Melly Goeslaw
Mulan Jameela
Siti Nurhaliza

Kumpulan Paling Popular
Ahli Fiqir
Dewa 19
The Lima

Lagu Paling Popular (Lagu/Artis)
Atas Nama Cinta/Rossa
Berserah/Taufik Batisah)
Dua Kali Lima/Ahli Fiqir
Itu Kamu/Estranged
Izinku Pergi/Kaer
Kekasih Gelapku/Ungu
Lelaki Ini/Anuar Zain
Menhapus Jejakmu/Peterpan
Perlu Kamu/Ajai & Kris Dayanti
Sembunyi/Misha Omar & Andy Flop Poppy

So tu la senarai pencalonan akhir. Banyak aku tak stuju and a lot yang memang tak make sense. Tapi erm... lantakla. Anyway, layan took some pics... tak banyak pun. Here are some of them.

Motif disco ball pun amik pic?

Mila playing cute

Dayang and Ahli Fiqir and Shaliza

Ala comelnya Dayang..

Tapi yang pentingnya, here are some shots of the couple of the moment, Ashraf and Bunga yang memang aku rasa sweet couple sangat. Oh, and bawah sikit, there's a video of them telling about their relationship setelah sebegitu lama mereka berat nak cita lebih lebih. All the best to Ashraf and Bunga. Hope they do end up tying the knot as I can totally see them together.

Rushed through work - and had supper, and caught more reruns of the Oscars. Everyone was so badly dressed. This year must have had the theme, of simple nd dressed down - not only there wasn't a stitch of glamour, some were pretty rghtly horrible.

Cameron Diaz looked like she just got up and rushed out.Anyway, congratulations to Juno for winning Best Screenplay. Memang sesuai. But wish they had won more for its feelgood theme.

Ok... tomorrow ada PC Akademi Fantasia umumkan tenaga pengajar. Kang aku update... plus something extra. Got to sleep...