Friday, January 25, 2008

Vicky Nikki?

Today was so relaxed! Well apart from having to drive in KL on a Friday after it rains. Which of course means chaos on the roads as usual. Horrible la that part. Honestly, if you guys have ever watched Falling Down,... that would be me, if I was equipped with any sort of weapon.

The traffic congestion just so gets to me.

Abih keja, singgah rumah Nikki for dinner. Boo and I had bungkus some food.
Has a laugh masa tuh cause tempat kita singgah area OUG nih, ada satu kedai Internet ni... well, just see the pic for yourselves and see if you spot anything yang pelik.

So it was not only inside out, it was also upside down. Creative marketing, or just a boo-boo from the part of the guys who actually fixed the signage?

You decide.

When we got to Nikki's place, we settled in watching this David Copperfield DVD I got.
Later Rizman and Wan arrived with Nikki punya baju for Anugerah Juara Lagu. Yeap, she's on, tapi guest slot for medley in the end.

Tapi puas gak... at least she gets to perform kan?
Despite tak pakai make-up ker haper, tengah fitting tuh, try ler nak amik shot. All I needed was a white wall. And result of that was the picture you see on the right. Ok tak?

Merasalah berangan photography tak jadik tapi tetap berangan feeling editorial light light.

Simple enough outfit but quite nice match up of glittery copper sequip pants with a top with puffed sleeved and pleats about the chest and propped up round collar.

Me likey.

A little retro ala Solid Gold, but nonetheless the look worked. Rizman kata their inspiration was Victoria Beckham. Not bad at all!

Anyway, pas abih everything, gi dating sat. Esok lusa takde masa lak, so baik ari nih jer dating with my Boo. No place special. Just some time jalan jalan to pick up some stuff and a late drink.
Shopping is something I can share with my Boo sebab dia takde la minat sangat ke apa aku punya obsession nih, but dia leh paham ok la.

Merasalah kalao dapat someone yang carot aku nya hobby yang gila nih nak shopaholic.
Ok ler guys, can't stay on long. Need my beauty sleep. Esok lak ada rehearsal Anugerah Juara Lagu kat Stadium Putra. The full dress rehearsal belah malam. So nak jenguk jenguk and just have fun.

Till then...