Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ujibakat Akademi Fantasia - Day 2 Kota Kinabalu

Today was a nice, HOT, day! Love the weather in Kota Kinabalu, cause I'm not really feeling well. Had a graty like sore throat from Friday. Tapi hari nih rasa cam nak demam lak.

So the sun was good. Kalao leh rasa nak just lie by the beach, and get a tan. Bet that would make me feel better. Still, had work to do, and had to bounce down to Asia City, nak layan ujibakat Akademi Fantasia there, so... duty calls.

Passed one of the 'landmarks' of Sabah (for me). Yeap... the Milimewa. Rundown... but in every way, one of the few things that remind me of being here

Walked in, and there were a couple hundred people in line for the auditions.

The venue

The crowd

The lone guy filling out a form like an exam.

The waiting area for Stage 2

So today, since been to so many ujibakat punya proses dah, looked about and saw more misses than hits. One thing for sure, audition kat Sabah membuktikan, the hopefuls had more substance than style compared to KL.Mungkin secara luaran meka tak grab the eye, but across the board, the sound better, which is understandable because Sabah is a hotbed for talent for sure.

But I really do wish they focused more on making themselves look better. Here are a few fashion faux pas I noticed, and I really do hope, kalao korang nak audition, don't do all this below ek.

Yes, no bra straps people! If you're already wearing a t shirt that says Cute Girl Princess, it's bad enough. Especially in girly pink. But to have it off shoulders and have creap brassiere straps pop out... not good!

Trying looking for transparent bra straps if you wanna still put this kind of top on.. please!

Yes, people, how you dress is important, because photographers are on the prowl always, and you hardly wanna look ugly for the camera kan? On most common mistakes, which I thought was ridiculous, was this.

People - no matter how well, or badly threy're dressed, wearing sandals or slippers!
Sandals I can deal with, but Japanese slippers yang nak ke jamban punya variety?

The winner of the yuckiest slipper and ugly toes combo.

The runner-ups.

If you think I'm joking, here's more proof. Like this guy, berangan stylo tak hengat, mai berkepit ngan awek ala ala feel kuat nih.Sunglasses, overspiked and over-gelled receding hairline and thinning hair, and jacket with collar up (ughh!!!)... with tank top and a chain hanging down front.

Stylo... kononlah. But kira ok la... 10 for effort - and 2 for execution.

However - yang tak tahan tuh, it was ok... until ko scan lower, and yeap... he was one of the many wearing sandals with his get-up.

Well, alrighty then...

For the ladies, remember, I keep stressing on not too much make up? You can't see it too much in this pic, but being pasty and all overdone up with bedak tuh is wrong ek.

Remember, ladies, foundation and such should not be more than a shade or two off your actual skin tone, not your desired skin tone. There's a difference.

If having too much make up on is one problem, the duo kat atas tuh, had a problem with not having blotting paper.

Already da make-up berinci - pastuh peluh bagai, moka berminyak lak. Not the best look and I doubt that will ever be in vogue.

Moving on... I don't want to b***h too much about how to dress, but please if you have no butt - and probably look like a stick insect, then please observe the same rules of being a little bit too overweight and ignoring common sense and further enhancing your weaknesses.

Case in point, stick insect in pink below. Hugging jeans, and pink top with opening for non existent butt. Right!!!! That's a no-no for sure. Guy on right has too many shirts and t shirts on, while girl in stripes was ok except for that top - too many zebra wannabes roaming about today.

Pening lagik tengok some of the no-nos lives, so settled in for the auditions. The standards I think were slightly higher in Kota Kinabalu than in KL. Into the second day, on average most sang better, though sadly enough, I was disappointed because there was nothing outstanding (by the little I heard). Oh well.

Someone's ridiculously happy.

Dalam sembang, si Khariul feeling comei lak posing. Haris and Raja are more engaged in conversation.

Oh by the way, guys, went blonde already. Actually not my intention, tapi dalam process of colouring my hair blue. Erm... trying to see if I can get a different colour each month. But want to go platinum first, so this is part of the process. Not my desired colour, so don't b****h about it.

Wanna for the full platinum effect - as in keputihan, not the Anita Sarawak meets Rosnah Mat Aris ek!

Keji tau...

Dalam layan audition, siap photo session sendiri tau.
For those yang curious - the Stage 2 auditions here were handled by Faradhiya and Ajai.

Stage 3 was by Liza from Maestro as well as Ida Nerina.
All, in all, while aku tengok part of a day's audition of the something like four days it's going on, aku a little disappointed. By the turn out, by the overall quality of the contestants in terms of packaging and actual talents.

Aku selalu expect Sabah to perform better - again sebab abundance of talent in this state. But this time - tak ramai yang bebetul bagus ada.

Hope the other two states in Sarawak and Johor, known for their quality vocals stepped up. Because kalao semua audition camni, we're going for a very mediocre year this time with everything hitting an average, from looks to personality, to actual talent.

So hung about and sat in a couple of dozens of auditions, before popped out for a ciggy, and then sat back in.

Bypassed the third stage, because most of them were zombie-like at best, and didn't need to be subjected to that. Ran about taking more pictures for the hey of it, before popping out on the balcony for a smoke - in the sun. Aah... that feels so good.

From my situation and yearning for the hot sun - I can tell, I'm going to be pretty sick.
I hardly demam punya, but when I do come down with something, it's usually horrendous.

So when Friday's sore throat worked its way to the queasy feeling today, aku da start popping Panadols (couldn't find Activfast in Sabah - do they sell it?), Milidon and along with bottles of cough syrup (a little hacking here and there)

Anyway, pas settle, popped down to a toy shop I noticed on the lower ground floor. Awesome collection for a small place. In fact, check out the lower pic... they had a small collection of MASK toys. Motherf**ker!!!!!

They unpaid models walk past the shop I was photographing.

From left : Manta with Vanessa Warfield (bought at ebay dah), Raven with Calhoun Burns (also at ebay dah beli), Thunderhawk with Matt Trakker (got one already too), and Jackhammer with Cliff Dagger (used to own one and still looking for an affordable offer) Back left tuh Switchblade with Miles Mayhem and on the right tuh Skeletor (tiba tiba)... God! I am such a 80s cartoon geek!\

Oh my God! Aku excited gila babiks nampak the MASK collection. They also had Barracuda (from the Split Seconds set - the yellow bike behind Raven) as well as Iguana (behind Thunderhawk), tapi bila aku nak tanyakan, orang kedai tuh katakan only for display. Apparently the collection belongs to the shop owner.

Cam kesial jer... takyah la hias camtuh kalao tamau jual... very the mainkan perasaan!!!
Anyway, the Thunderhawk was priced at RM399... a good price for a 20 year old toy in near mint condition, but I got mine on ebay for less than RM100! With shipping and handling included ok!

So bugger...

Waited about, doing a little window shopping (little being the operative word, because nothing much in Asia City), until the gang came down for lunch.

Hey!!! Centre Point in across the road saja. Heh.. another truely Sabahan landmark!

Anyway, they bundled us all to this seafood restaurant (smalam dinner pun seafood - hope they have my fave in prawns again - Sabah is heaven when it comes to prawns! Well, seafood in general too)

Dunno the name of the eatery, but it was in town, very medan makan like.
Cool selection!

Crabs and eels - not exactly my favourite - bleurghhh!!!

Besar gila the kerang! Very on steroids gituh!

The creative (or tacky) way to conceal, or 'interestingly' use a wall lamp in your art attack on the walls.

Wolfed down our food, then we trotted to do a little shopping. The gang headed to Philippines market. Aku malas sebab aku da banyak kali pegi... handicrafts and stuff don't ring my bell.

Neither do pearls and stuff, so followed the rest of the group to go to Warisan Square. The ladies were shopping for shoes and had to fight them to stop them buying wedges (shoes, not the KFC variety!) Seriously, wedges are the ugliest things ever created!!!

Popped over to Sinsurans Street awhile nak layan bundle, but pissed because meka lom set up the stalls, They only started when we were leaving, and since it was raining, I didn't bother.
Headed back to the hotel and got a little rest.

Malam lak, dinner kat Port View.

Wow... more seafood! HOLY SHIT!!!! Check out the selection siot!!!

Thankfully, the food was better than the decor of the room we were in. In fact, the restaurant was packed to the brim.

Not the best for decor - food was alright though.

Wooden panelling with green material, topped by white walls, and pink and bright green lines plaster ceiling. Mmmm...

Part of the scrumplicious food!

Now was it feed a fever and starve a cold or the other way around? Back in the hotel pas dinner nih. Half going to Shenanigans (just at the back of the hotel - legendary!) but going somewhere else to party!