Monday, January 21, 2008

Slusho med!

Today memang aku sick,... even the expression sick as a dog can't cut it. I don't know how many pills I been downing, but I'm starting to feel slightly better from it I suppose. Either that or it's a state of euphoria as a side effect of taking more than the prescribed dosage. Popped so many pills da aku rasa cam Whitney Houston lak...matilah!!!

Anyway, stayed in bed the whole day, bertemankan laptop jer. Did pop out for a while.... managed to get something to relieve my fever.

Can you guess what it is from this pic?

For Cloverfield fanatics, aku sure one look jer you guys would have found the item I'm talking about kan? Not sure yet?

Well... it was in Alias.

Then it appeared in Heroes when Elle was having a sip and the cast took shots with it off camera.

Then it appeared in the movie, Cloverfield, where it was attached to via the viral marketing where Jason was wearing a t shirt with the logo.

Of course, I'm talking about the supposedly non-existent Slusho! Found it today - and love it's Slurpee like qualities.

Where did I get it? Not telling for now. But I do know one other person at least who found it, after he got hit by the Cloverfield mania.

Nafi posted this in his myspace too after he came across it and took a quick shot of him havng a cold one masa aku kat Sabah (saja tau na bagik jeles...)

I know he got his in Shah Alam, and despite being sick and in need of a relief, I scouted about nearby my house (tak larat nak keluar jauh sebab demam) and found where to get a Slusho? Obviously then mine was somewhere in Klang.

So is our local 7-11 stocking up on Slusho!?

No comments, but if you're a Cloverfield fanatic and just want to get your hands on one just to taste what the whole thing's about...

Keep an eye out, and let me know if you've managed to grab a Slusho! and joined the Cloverfield regime.

Speaking of Cloverfield, I know a lot of people who enjoyed the movie. In fact - I haven't really come across someone who didn't like it. Until today.

I began hearing that some people walked out of the cinema sebab ta puas ati that either they didn't like the ending, they hated the camerawork, or they were just cheesed off they didn't get to see enough of the monster, or weren't given enough information about its origins or what happened to it.

Du-uh people!!! Get clued up.

The shaky movement are of course to add realism to the fact that the video was supposedly shot with a camcorder. Or did you miss that point? It was a first person survivor (well wrong choice of words, for those who have seen it) account of what happened.

Thus do no expect more on the monster than you anticipate. If you get the picture, it's a first person account, so you only know as much as the characters in the movie do... and not to mention that for me at least, it's a movie of three seperate relationships, surviving a crisis. The monster theme is just a backdrop.

Sheesh! Some people can be so literal. I mean, it's not like you had to do that much thinking.
Anyway, Cloverfield scored USD$41 million in its first week takings as it was announced today!!!! I knew it would be big.

Ok, hitting what's left of my Slusho! Happy hunting, guys... and let me know if you find one too.