Thursday, January 10, 2008

Simon Cowell, my hero!

At 3.30am earlier yesterday, while everyone was nicely in bed sebab sibok membuta,public holiday menyambut Maal Hijrah 1429 (do I wish happy new year to my Muslim friends? If so... happy new year!), aku kena call States side.

Ada teleconferencing ngan Simon Cowell and journalists all over the world. Merasalah aku ingat dapat one on one. Tapi sebab promo American Idol meriah sangat for the seventh season starting soon, so memang tak cukup masa and berkongsi ngan ramai, ala ala virtual press conference. Aku rasa berpuluh jerk terlibat..

Ok lar tuh. It's Simon Cowell... aku puas dapat gak dapat layan what he has to say.
Frust sikit sebab first thing yang moderator teleconferencing announce, "Dear callers, please note, due to the sheer volume of callers..."

Matilah ko! Talk about a bad sign!

And indeed. Of the half hour masa diberi, hampir 20 soalan ditanya, and mostly semua American journalists. Make that all yer.

Matilah orang lain dari merata dunia (I doubt I was the only non American online) tak dapat bersuara pun, sebab nak beratur tanya soalan nih kena tekan 1 and then # to indicate nak tanya soalan.

Walaupun aku masuk awal, and jabbed away at the code to be in turn for a question, tapi tetap tak dapat tanya soalan. Siot jerk.

But eye opener gak for me, to hear how humble and learn what Simon had to say.
He's hardly the rude ogre people who hate him think he is. In fact, while there's a thin line between rudeness and honesty, I think I heard his honest side more.

And takde la cam tengah interview tuh, dia bodek ke apa. Straightforward jerk.

Wow! An A&R genius, and I got to hea some valuable advice from him. Hopefully satu hari nanti dapat jumpa dia face to face and ask him a lot more things I want to know so my knowledge on the industry increases.

Anyway... esok ada interview with Hayden, or Claire dari Heroes. Want to see how that goes. Sorry malas sikit update.. dalam time cuti pun ada keja (biasalah rajinkan diri so overtime meriah).

Be back soon.