Thursday, January 31, 2008

Selamat pengantin baru Omar & Ning!

So sah sudah. Ning is now married to Omar. You guys can read the news everywhere, so won't go into details about how the majlis akad nikah went.

Aku sampai at the masjid just as soon as the ceremony completed anyway. Still, didn't miss the drama semua free flow air mata gituh.

Me? Didn't feel like crying, but just had to smile to see Ning finally achieve something she's really wanted, to complete her life.

All these years waiting for the right man to come along, and I guess the wait is pretty much worth it, with a gentleman like Omar being the one.

Omar... Chris - dude! You better take care of her well, y'hear! Heh... you lovebirds make such a lovely couple, and aku doakan korang berdua will spend each and every day together, till your last. And not to forget,hope you get many, many kids (bummer on the stretch marks then eh Ning?)

And angmo... welcome to the family (you inherit the extended family like all of us tau! - merasalah too late to think it over now.. heh!)

To Ning - thanks for what you said. I am proud of how you changed, and how you have achieved that balance and tranquility in your life. You've come a long way since I first met you - my God... about 13 or 14 years? (rasa tua nya aku!!!!!) More importantly, I'm happy your search for THE ONE has ended.

Anyway MASSIVE (matilah aku), you be good y'hear - and be a good wife and I hope nine months down the line - a good mother. Hugs for you, babe!

To Auntie Stella - probably the happiest mother at the moment - thanks for what you told me too - and I pray that you'll get to be a grandmother soon. You looked absopositively radiant, and I know just how proud you must be of your daughter - thus making it a more special moment than most mothers watching their daughters tie the knot. After al, Ning, and you have been through a lot through the years.

No matter what has been said by anyone in the past - I believe it was all something that just made both you and Ning stronger, and more of what both of you are today.
Selamat pengantin baru, Omar and Ning.

The proud parents - Ning's parents, auntie Satilah and Sheikh Hamzah as well as Chris's parents, Colin and Maureen.

Nikki sempat pose. Ning lak sempat gayut sat.

Omar - the man in Ning's life - her lawfully wedded husband.

The blushing bride and bridegroom.