Friday, January 11, 2008

RM4 worth of stress

Ok.. today was funny. Well... at least it is now, after I've been through it. Wasn't laughing when it happened though.

Al-kisahnya, aku smalam kuar beramai ramai ngan kengkawan nak supper. So on the way back about 2am earlier today, aku felt something strange. Biasalah kalao kita da biasa bak keta kita, ada jer kita tau tak kena by feel.

True enough. Pancit!

Dari Naili's Ampang, sedar masa kat depan area MATIC di Jalan Ampang. So gerak ler ke depan sikit sampai ke Concorde Hotel nak change to my spare.

Biasa da ngan routine nih, tak risau pun. Tapi alamatnya, my rim da bengkok sikit, and it was bloody hell trying to unscrew the nuts (that's never possible in another context as well)

Finally popped one off. Great! Another three to go.

Tak dapat gak buat. Call sana call sini. Si Ayien datang ngan cousin dia tak silap aku nak bantu.


Unfortunately, three hours later, a maintainence person from Concorde, Ayien dan cousin dia pun admit defeat tak dapat bukak satu pon because crossbar tak muat rim akibat benda natang tuh da bengkok (the rim, not the crossbar)

Anyway, aku pun pikir camna... budget try and drive to Bangsar after tiga jam kami beramai ramai cuba unsuccessfully. Plan was to leave my car near the workshop area office aku, go to my Bangsar home, and get my sis punya keta, and get my stuff and all, and head to KL, settle everything including my interview ngan Hayden, and then get the car fixed.

Tayar pon da koyak da time tuh, and the furthest I could go was the Press Club yang berdepan ngan Padang Merbok. So ok lah... hopped into Ayien's car, got lift to my sis punya rumah, took her 4WD (love it), and headed home to get my stuff, and take a shower.

Rushed back to the office, sent in my column, and then did my phone inteview with Hayden. About more than half a dozen of us got to talk to her for almost an hour, which was A LOT of time, and I am so happy as a Heroes fanatic to talk to her and ask about the series AND Cloverfield, since Heroes had the viral marketing tie-in with the movie through the appearance of Slusho towards the end of Volume II.

And no, she really didn't want to talk about her 'friendship' with Milo, so confirm lah ada sesuatuh antara mereka berdua. Entah kenapa sembunyi sangat hubungan meka.

Well, once I was done, called a tow truck, and bumped a ride with Adly to my car. Everything was settled in half an hour.Masa tuh tak ujan, tapi by the time the tow truck arrived, it was pouring cats and dogs, so dalam ujan, the car was hooked up and we were on our way.

Car got towed to Bangsar. Dalam perjalanan ngan tow truck operator tuh, sembang non stop, walaupon communication limited since he could speak only fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, and bahasa Cina aku limited to Hokkien, another dialect.

So we settle for bits and pieces of that, along with sikit English and Bahasa Malaysia.

He took to me to a more honest workshop, and within 30 seconds ala F1 punya pitstop, everything was done! They managed to change the wheel in a flash!

Terbodoh aku tengok. Tu la akibat bila equipment takde...ngan power drill tuh kejap sangat meka leh change the tyres.

The cost?
Towing : FREE thanks to my insurance policy's breakdown service.
Change of tyre : RM5 only! RM4 after they gave me a discount sebab meka malu nak charge tuk workmanship sebab benda tuh senang sangat.

Heh... all that stress and worry - and hours later, with not enough sleep, it cost only RM4.


I guess it helped because aku sembang nagn meka and all - wel, there wasn't much else I could do kan? Being nice, genuinely nice, helps most of the time. And this is one time that really helped cause the people like the tow truck operator and workshop people were nice back to me and helped without thinking of nak cekik darah.

Aiyo... ngan lebih 24 jam tak tido... takleh tahan so went back to the Bangsar home and membuta jap.

Hung out for supper with Boo, anf then balik for an early night. Esok ujibakat Akademi Fantasia.

See you guys there!