Friday, January 04, 2008

Movie marathon!

Skipped management meeting today sebab malas nak dapat info - for reasons obvious yang aku didn't want to spoil the weekend and my cuti with any potential bad news.

Not that it could, not only because no real bad news was announced, but also Naomi called me and said next Friday, I get to interview Hayden Panettiere otherwise known as Claire Bennet in Heroes by phone. For a Heroes fan, this is what I call a Christmas present!!!

Don't take my word for it, but Star World is apparently trying to bring Hayden as well as Milo Ventimiglia aka Peter Petrelli down here (tatau ler Malaysia or Singapore) to promote Volume II of Heroes which will begin on Star World over Astro on January 27, kalau tak silap.

Jadik ke tak aku pun tak berani confirm, but it's nice to know that at least they're trying to. Should pretty much complete my favourites from the show after meeting Sendhil (Suresh), Masi (Hiro), Greg (Matt) and Ali (Niki/Jessica) in Singapore.

Nevermind the fact that I've already watched the whole Volume II already... still am a Heroes fan and can't wait for Volume III!

Apart from that - decided to take the day off from any events, hingga Media Nite Media Prima pon aku tak gi.

Instead, went psycho and went for movie marathon. First movie I caught was I Am Legend. Amazing stuff. The BEST movie for 2008 I've watched!

Well developed, never mind this is the third film adaptation of the 1954 novel. Despite changing bits here and there, losing some sense compared to the original story, it was still amazing! Will Smith deserves a damn Oscar for his acting.

After all - he was the only acting character for something like 95% of the movie, and still he managed to hold my attention. Felt like I was in apocalyptic New York with him.

Damn... it wasn't like really scary - but I have to say memang terkejut banyak. Cam sial!!!

Sampai aku sumpah ranah sebab asik melompat out of shock.

Obviously I wasn't the only one as Boo and Vern pun camtuh gak, as well as EVERYONE else in the cinema. Awesome s**t!!! Make sure, if there's one movie you want to catch this year, this is it. Well worth the ticket!

Just make sure you can handle the shocks... banyak kejutan!

And by the way people - this is not a 'zombie' film. It's more of a vampire flick, though not your conventional take of the blood suckers.

After Vern left to get his beauty sleep (not that it helps at all from the evidence I've seen) Boo and I ke the next cinema hall to watch Alvin And The Chipmunks.

Ok, so I have to admit. Being 31 (yes, yes, I know... 32 this year!), Alvin And The Chipmunks was actually in my cassette collection when I was growing up. Being able to sing The Chipmunk Christmas Song is such a betrayal to being at least 30!

It was good movie... from the nostalgic point of view. CGI and all it was worth a watch, but only if you like cute chipmunks running about.

Storyline was pretty weak though and didn't like the fact that they obviously didn't put much thought into making it less cliched. Still, enjoyed it, as it was more laid back instead of I Am Legend where I think I suffered multiple heart attacks!

At least, watching a live action version completes my nostalgia for all thngs 80s. They could have actually had the chipmunks look like this... but that God they didn't!

Don't ask me who these kids are, came across the pic in Google.

Yawn... sleepy! Got to go 1 Utama esok for an Anugerah Juara Lagu PC and showcase so off to get some rest.

Oh by the way... got some thrilling info on developments for Akademi Fantasia 6!!!

Mmmm... PC dia Isnin nih, tapi maklumat dari sumber-sumber aku memang mengejutkan in a way!

Aku takkan cakap lebih for now. Tengok la... either my entry on Sunday ke Monday aku reveal just BEFORE the press conference sebab tanak pecah lobang terlalu awal.

Eh... buggering off now. Night, guys and gals.

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