Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I wonder

Today was a weird day for me. In the office, there was this cloud of uncertainty looming over everyone's heads about the takeover happening to the company.

Oh well.. actually dah berapa minggu camni.. but suppose the end of the holidays made everyone think more about it.


Had a good day really noticing things about the office. May be deciding to leave if things don't go as hoped for. Aku dah enam setengah tahun di sini, and coming up to twelve years in journalism.

Maybe it's time for a change. After all, all my plans for 2008 - maybe this is the sign to really go full throttle now. Not sure yet. Will see how the meeting on Friday goes with management first.

First thing to settle into today was my overtime claims and paperwork for taking time off... my annual leave. Bengang sebab lebih dua puluh hari burn camtuh jer dari annual leave aku yang left over from 2006. Aduh!!! Memang tak sempat camna. Rugi jerk. Dah ler takde financial compensation. Merasalah!

Took comfort in the fact that I still had about a month's worth of leave left over from 2007, so submitted leave for for two weeks cuti cuti Malaysia to begin next Monday.

So once finished that off, saja waste time sikit nak snap pics all over the office - yerlah... KALAU aku make up my mind nak leave kang, ada gak kenangan.

Tengok nih... my colleagues... Aqidah dan si Shuhaidah. Serious semacam. Pondering story apa tuh sampai serious sangat?

Merasalah! Sebenarnya tengah layan Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 3 kat laptop aku! Leh? Note to bosses : this was taken after... erm... 6pm, officially after work hours - so erm... nevermind.

Sebelah nih, Adly, editor bahagian hiburan sibuk sangat bekerja. Focus gila kat monitor sampai nak naik juling. Especially bila dia perasan aku nak snap pic. Maintain katanya. Nak cover line wat keja lah tuh.

Yerlah tuh... sebenarnya mesti sibuk poking someone ke bagik cupcake kat Facebook (and no, guys... I have not succumbed to Facebook yet sebab tak kuasa nak bebanyak benda alah nih).

My desk, which is the most gorgeous temple to campiness was a mess sebab aku sibuk wat paperwork halfway masa amik gambar nih... so don't mind the heap. Man... I'm sure going to miss my workspace, my second home kalao aku pindah kang.

Sempat bukak blog tuh nak jawab mesej.

My four favourite items on my desk (the last time aku amik pic with mobile aku so kali nih lebih clear.

Clockwise from upper left, my four favourite things : my rare collector's edition Barbie, my Goth doll with piercings and tattooes, erm... the one thing korang kena spot sendiri in that pic and finally my Spawn figure (nicknames Spawn-dan, pronounced Spawn-Darn... get the joke on your own)

Owh..make that five... cause I forgot the centrepiece of sorts. I forgot my Fire Dragon, part of Todd McFarlane's collectibles.

Yes, I love my work area. By the way... my Fire Dragon conceals my sound system complete with sub woofer and all tau. Time kurang orang in the office, or bila time santai, maximum volume, jadik disco tempat kita. Yeap... our office is the coolest office you'll ever find.

Behind my desk is Halim's. Failure tul nak decor. Ni centrepiece dia (wei pemalas...hias sikit ler meja ko tuh!)

Not that it matters so much now since we might be moving. Am so going to miss so many things. Like MY desk being the centre of attention, unlike the other dumpsites. Check out Sujartha's desk. And note... she is the fashion writer. Love you girl... (takut kena marah letak pic meja bersepah dia!)

One thing for sure kalao pindah ke aku decide nak leave, I'm taking along the 29 inch LG TV and Astro Max decoder with me!

Don't know what I'll do with it, tapi memang masa benda ni disponsor, it was to me. In fact, it's in my name! So anyone who is looking for one of these combos - keep an eye out. Kalau jadik kang aku advert kat sini. Minus the frame thingie of course. THAT belongs to the office. Didn't find anything interesting to snap other than that.

Except our pantry area.

Ok now you know the amount of water consumed is ridiculous. Matilah.... thought of throwing in a pic of the smoking room, but you'd be surprised how much everyone in the office smokes too (yes, our bonus helps offset the cost of the habit)

Got all my paperwork done, and some othr stuff, and headed to Mid Valley Megamall ngan Rudy. Picked up Vern on the way, and met Juan there. Didn't feel down or anything... but just kind of empty.

Masa nak beli tiket wayang banyak lak songeh memasing tatau nak tengok apa. It was down to National Treasure 2, or I Am Legend, with a possibility of Alvin & The Chipmunks. But since everyone couldn't make up their mind, and I had to line up like an idiot waiting for their decision - I threatened them to watch Anak Halal. Not a horor for the lack of quality or anything... just that we had already watched it.

Bought tickets and headed down to Chilli's for dinner.

My portion paling sikit... sial jerk. Tapi cukup ler nak alas perut (matilah alas perut walaopon banyak tuh... mana tak gemurk!) So what movie did we finally settle on?

National Treasure : Book of Secrets aka National Treasure 2!

Was it any good? Well.. if you loved the first one - you'll love this. If you didn't catch the first one, you'll still love this. Younger audiences can catch something our generation enjoyed in the Indiana Jones movies (the series sucked!) while the older generation, can enjoy a remake with better effects (yes, obviously I am hardly in the mood to be more intelligent in reviewing it at this moment)

Everything was entertaining, and this is definitely a good popcorn movie to catch. Fast paced, a lot of brawn, with some brains thrown in for good measure. Eye candy... enough. Worth it.

Do I need to review it more. Takyah lah. Catch it for yourself, And do yourselves a favour and watch it in the cinema and not some blurry pirated DVD copy. Why? For the effect la! This is the kind of movie that you need a humongous screen and killer sound ma to enjoy.

The movie was definitely the highlight of a weird, otherwise uneventful day. Well... at least I posted an entry (matilah statement ala ala malas gituh!)