Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here's to 2008!

Again... happy new year... and happy 2008 to all of you. Before I ramble on and on - here are some pics yang aku amik masa kat KLCC. This was the fireworks show at the stroke of midnight and the first 10 minutes or so. Hope you guys like it.

Take time and wait for the pictures to load - because this time there are A LOT of pictures I have to share. Yeap.. I went psycho shooting pics, so enjoy them ok.

Just make sure your Internet line is not crap, because kalau korang tak nampak the pics, can't help you guys.

The amazing sight of KLCC framed in fireworks as we entered 2008.

Backtracking, masa sampai KLCC terkejut lak jam takde. But since it was only 7.30pm, memang tak teruk pun kesesakan time tuh. Stupidly, I parked in KLCC instead of the nearby parking are dekat the show venue near Exxon Mobil. That's what getting shocked will do for you.

Bumped into Ezlynn and Adam dropping by to jalan jalan and watch the show. Shah, laki Liza Hanim yang perfomed, pun ada playing daddy ngan anak meka.

Went to the VIP marquee and was amazed by the sight of things.It didn't look like it was in a bloody tent. Cantik siot. Classy and extravagant. Siap ada chandelier pelbagai. And the food? Yummy! Trust Petronas to be the best host in town when it comes to organising events like this.

Simply grandiose!

And when the show started, I headed right in front of the stage to enjoy the performances. I didn't take all the performances - tapi ni yang mana aku sempat. The others I was preoccupied because it was probably not worth my time to layan. Apapon - you guys probably caught it on TV... so takyah wat ulasan. And if you guys didn't catch it - then takyah la kan. It was a New Year concert... so takyah la ek review. Just enjoy the pics.

Please remember - kalao korang suka these pics - you can use them anywhere - BUT - please credit me, where you got them AND link my blog please.

Make it worth my while to take time to shoot these pics, upload and link them. Hormat la ek sikit usaha aku. Jangan cam sparuh orang aku tau diluar sana yang ngaku pics ni meka punya lak... cam kesial....

Aku stakat ni tak nak watermark the pics tapi kalao benda ni berterusan sooner or later, I'll have to.

Now - on to the pics.

The opening cultural fusion show.

Search in action.

Amy... rockin' wo!!!

Rock legend for sure lah.

Noraniza Idris - walaupun kena perli slalu bak rombongan, her show memang best.

Joe Flizzow brought on his posse for a touch of hip hop.

Joe and his posse threw their KL brand caps to the audience. I think there were about eight, and Nafi got one sebab kami beramai ramai dok depan and it just landed near our feet.

Imran Ajmain was on too... and also dueted with Francesca Peters before she went solo.

Do I hear you guys kutuk my hair?

Alien vs Predator promo tour.

Masa dia baru nak start nyanyi - it started raining. Kebetulan lak - Fran was singing... erm... Umbrella. Pas meka abih, orang mintak meka campak payung lak sebab ujan.

And after Fran sang... ella.. ella.. ella.. who else came on but... Ella.

Joe Wings backed her up. Goreng!!!

Ning enjoyed herself big time leading up to the countdown.

Esther Khoo in the scariest outfit of the night. Boots??? Or galoshes!

The group finale.

Jojie and Ella ham it up for the camera.

Vernon being weird and Fran having the same reaction to him, as everyone else to her hair.Amused...

On the way to KLCC I spotted a nativity scene outside a building in front of KLCC. Memula aku ingat I had spotted wrong, so on the way back from Impiana Hotel, to KLCC after taking a ride from the artistes' bus to get out of the concert venue.. I went to look for it. And it was indeed a nativity scene.

This was outside The Ascott and Kirana. This is the simplest, but most meaningful Christmas decor I've ever seen anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

It was touching that Christmas be remembered for what it is.

And the last pic for today was taken masa on the way nak ke KL. It wasn't grammatically wrong.. or at least I think so. But it just sounded so wrong.

Come Inside And Treat Yourself - sounds like a self-service invitation.

Would have sounded nicer to say Come Inside and Have A Treat or something. Dunno... it just caught my eye and thought wanted to put it here.

Ok lah guys.. hope the pics amused you. Be back with another entry soon. Oh by the way, I promised you guys a new layout for my blog, kan? That's coming soon. Still tweaking the look because I want it to be permanent... so pada meka yang tak gemar layout ni... sabar ek.

Happy holidays people!