Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today started pretty ok sebab cukup tido and all. Been retraining myself to get enough sleep, so not doing too many late nights as before. Susah wo nak reprogram your body after you so used to thinking that 2am isn't late and that sleeping when the sun is coming up is pretty normal - and you're not a freaking vampire.

Anyways, got up and sped to Hartamas for my assignment. Ada event Ikon. First time aku ke the venue in Bar Savanh at CoChine. Wow... me likey. Have always like the IndoChine feel and ambience, and this outlet was no different.

Check out the pics.

Love the decor!!! Especially the bar area with the aquarium theme. Even bilik air pon camtuh. You have to see it for yourselves. Can I have my future home done that way?

Going back to Ikon, for the second season ni senarai peserta yang diumumkan akan ambil bahagian to compete tuk wakili Malaysia.

Ikon Malaysia (Solo)
Bob (AF)
Khai (AF)
Mila (AF)
Faizal (AF)
Noryn Aziz
Juwita Suwito
Liza Hanim
Farah Asyikin
Zehra Zambri

Ikon Malaysia (Group)
6ixth Sense
Kluk Kluk Adventure
Deja Voodoo Spells
The Fabulous Cats
New Boyz
Dragon Red

Shocked? Erm... no komen pasal sapa yang akan bertanding. Pepandai ler. But aku bangga someone like Bob and bands like AlamBand and The Fabulous Cats are competing as they're going to add some quality and maybe a little difference with their individual styles to the competition.

Speaing of shocking, how about this?

Dari pesen rambut straighten, iron dan sebagainya tuk meluruskan rambut, diperkenalkan mini Afro Khai! Pas abih and had a bite in Bar Savanh, hopped over to Gardens in MidValley. First time langkah sini. Love it! Nice, spacey, with some pretty interesting outlets. Tapi paling besh sebab baru agik, quite empty for now.

Destination - GSC baru kat sana. Tuk pelancaran novel dan soundtrack filem Duyung. Enjoy the pics jer ek... nothing much nak ulas, though had a fun time catching up. Nak wat video ngan Maya, tapi dia rushing appointment Loreal, so nanti jer ek.

Over and done with, rushed over to the office after an attempt to do some work in izzi. Got quite a bit of work done, and had a meeting that left me in a mood that was pretty foul. Yawn...oh well. Then got a little good news to cap it off.

Pretty rollrcoaster day of emotions. No biggie.

Some sleep will fix all that...