Thursday, January 03, 2008


Management meeting tomorrow. Submitted work dah... so lounged for most parts of the day. Met my Boo. Dia dah start kuliah da... so time kami mostly back to dinners cam sebelom dia cuti.
Tenang sikit hati bila dekat ngan orang tersayang. Hung out with Juan for supper with my Boo dekat area office dia kat Pandan.

Ari nih memang no mood sangat. Bukan malas. Just... well... out of it.

Spent a lot of time in front of my laptop reading up Cloverfield, the MOST anticipated movie of 2008! For those of you who don't know anything about it... boy, you're missing out! It starts 18 January, but don't know when it opens in Malaysia. Hopefully very soon.

The publicity for the movie started some six months ago with the appearance of a few sites, and since then, the pre publicity for this movie is simply amazing. A tie with with a fictitious drink called Slusho has appeared on several TV programmes including last Volume's Heroes.

Aku malas nak cakap lebih pasal the movie sebab banyak sangat cita nak share kalao aku start kang. So aku link the info for you guys to read. It's quite interesting. Note the teaser site linked below, only has pics on it. But you can move them and flip them for an insight of sorts.

This was the teaser to the publicity campaign that they launch after with the official site, and numerous video clips, which can be viewed there. Korang layan la ek.

Aku masih membaca nih. So guys, catch up... on the biggest movie of 2008!

Cloverfield links :
Cloverfield (wikipedia)
1-18-08 (teaser site)
Cloverfield (official site)
Slusho (fictitious beverage
Tagruato Corp.(fictitious marketing company in the movie)