Thursday, January 31, 2008

Selamat pengantin baru Omar & Ning!

So sah sudah. Ning is now married to Omar. You guys can read the news everywhere, so won't go into details about how the majlis akad nikah went.

Aku sampai at the masjid just as soon as the ceremony completed anyway. Still, didn't miss the drama semua free flow air mata gituh.

Me? Didn't feel like crying, but just had to smile to see Ning finally achieve something she's really wanted, to complete her life.

All these years waiting for the right man to come along, and I guess the wait is pretty much worth it, with a gentleman like Omar being the one.

Omar... Chris - dude! You better take care of her well, y'hear! Heh... you lovebirds make such a lovely couple, and aku doakan korang berdua will spend each and every day together, till your last. And not to forget,hope you get many, many kids (bummer on the stretch marks then eh Ning?)

And angmo... welcome to the family (you inherit the extended family like all of us tau! - merasalah too late to think it over now.. heh!)

To Ning - thanks for what you said. I am proud of how you changed, and how you have achieved that balance and tranquility in your life. You've come a long way since I first met you - my God... about 13 or 14 years? (rasa tua nya aku!!!!!) More importantly, I'm happy your search for THE ONE has ended.

Anyway MASSIVE (matilah aku), you be good y'hear - and be a good wife and I hope nine months down the line - a good mother. Hugs for you, babe!

To Auntie Stella - probably the happiest mother at the moment - thanks for what you told me too - and I pray that you'll get to be a grandmother soon. You looked absopositively radiant, and I know just how proud you must be of your daughter - thus making it a more special moment than most mothers watching their daughters tie the knot. After al, Ning, and you have been through a lot through the years.

No matter what has been said by anyone in the past - I believe it was all something that just made both you and Ning stronger, and more of what both of you are today.
Selamat pengantin baru, Omar and Ning.

The proud parents - Ning's parents, auntie Satilah and Sheikh Hamzah as well as Chris's parents, Colin and Maureen.

Nikki sempat pose. Ning lak sempat gayut sat.

Omar - the man in Ning's life - her lawfully wedded husband.

The blushing bride and bridegroom.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death...

About lunch time, aku dapat panggilan. Ada orang inform that Loloq had already passed away. Terbodoh jap aku. Lum sempat gather my thoughts, dua lagik SMS masuk. Followed by another call. Semua memberitahu benda yang sama. Berita yang aku sungguh tak sangkakan, dan memang... mengejutkan.

Rosli Khamis, atau abang Loloq, born in Singapore to his father from Masjid Tanah, Melaka, and his mother, a Chinese-Muslim convert - a mualaf, was one of the most important people in the Malaysian music industry.

I always heard his name dulu, and bila berpeluang kenal dia, didn't really get the chance to sit down and talk to him.

The last few years, we kept bumping into each other.

And aku ingat time yang paling lama aku penah sembang ngan dia, masa soal aku kena ban over the AIM issue (please don't ask me, selak page belakang banyak banyak catch up). Dia banyak advise aku to stand my ground, and fight for what I believe in.

People like M. Nasir and him dulu scared me, because they were intelligent, thinking people, who were artistes in all essence of the word. They weren't in this line for popularity and fame, but because they were passionate. They lived and breathed music.

Abang Loloq penah nasihat aku, and bagik kata semangat. Dalam kekadang rasa fed up berada dalam industri yang kekadang ngarut ngan all these superficial things, he told me to focus on what I wanted to get across.

"Semuanya bermula ngan ko lah. Ko kena usaha sendiri, takkan nak dok ngadu nasib je kan? Kalao nak wat camtuh, then no different lah ngan orang yang nyusahkan hidup kita. So make that change la.... has to start somewhere kan."

Something like that...

And at that point - I kept fighting. Masa forum AIM, dia, abang Nasir, abang Ali Bakar, abang Farihin... semua fought for the same things I did. Not because we were rebels or tak puas ati ngan several people. Nope. Because we wanted the music industry to grow, not die. And I felt proud that I wasn't doing something stupid - and it was for the good of our future, though I had doubts before abang Loloq assured me, that there always would be a price to pay.

Masa Gemilang menang dulu pun sama. Aku tak puas ati soal lirik - walaopon takde la bombastic bahasa aku, aku rasakan lirik by Asmin Mudin, was just grammatically horrible. And it didn't really make sense. Abang Loloq was one of the only ones who had the guts to say it - when others just ngata belakang-belakang.

That was the sort of man Loloq was.

He said what he felt, he fought for what he believed in. He saw the world in all its beauty, and appreciated semua anugerah Tuhan.

And then - at 1.37pm, in the Damansara Specialist Centre, abang Loloq mengehembuskan nafas terakhir.

At 6.45pm, selepas jenazah dimandikan di Surau Al-Ikhwan, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, he was buried di Tanah Perkuburan Islam Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh.

I didn't cry, though a lot of people who knew him very well did.

I guess I didn't know him that well. But I did feel a loss. Loss of a modern day poet. Loss of someone who saw something in me when I fought, apart from a freak trying to cause trouble which many think I am.

Abang Loloq, rest in peace. I pray for you to be blessed for the way you've touched so many lives, through your words, whether in song as to many, or in what you've said directly, like to me.

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you one last time at least. But I'll always remember the support and advice you gave me.

I'm not as good with words as you were, dan aku tak reti nak gambarkan betapa sedihnya industri muzik Malaysia kehilangan seorang yang begitu berharga dari segi sumbangan karya.
At least one thing made me smile today though. To see the majority of people in the industry yang menghadirkan diri to pay their last respects.

Ramai sangat.

Ni beberapa orang yang datang yang sempat aku recall. Sorry kalao tertinggal sesapa.
M. Nasir, Amy & Yazid (Search), Hattan, Misha Omar, Jaclyn Victor, Ella, Andy (Flop Poppy), Nurul, Ajai, Tam & Tony(Spider), Farhan, Mila, Haziq, Man Bai, Farihin Abdul Fatah, Zainal Abidin, Hillary Ang, Joe (Wings), Neves (Pretty Ugly), Cat Farish (The Fabulous Cats), Aidit Alfian, Mohariz Yaakup, Ad Samad, Ramli MS, Ali Bakar, Aziz Bakar, Rosyam Nor, Adlin Aman Ramlie, Afdlin Shauki, Eman Manan, Mamat Khalid, Badaruddin Hj Azmi, Marlia Musa dan ramai lagi.

Mawi berada di Syria ketika ini so understandable lah absence dia. Tapi aku sedikit terkilan ramai artis yang mencipta nama dengan jasil karya Loloq tak muncul.
Senang sangat kekadang manusia lupa.

Anyway... I can't go on and on. Here are some pictures I took today. Hope you guys say a little prayer for him, please in your own way. Nothing much more to say for now...

Semua menunggu jenazah dibawa keluar.

Kak Marlia Musa, Hattan, Hillary, kengkawan press cam Serimah and Saharuddin.

Abang Nasir and Bada, Aziz Bakar dan ramai lagi menunggu sekali.

Amy dan Hattan were among the earliest sampai.

Departing for the Surau Al-Ikhwan

Dalam perjalan ke Sungai Buloh sempat tengok sign nih. Apa nak jadik eja pun tak reti ke??? KECERMERLANGAN???

Di masjid - Mila, dan Jac antara meka yang datang to pay their last respects.

Ella was with Jojie. Nurul pun sekali.

Misha and her sister Mimi.

Tempat jenazah dibawa before the burial

The final resting place


Farewell to a poetical genius

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Drama queens!

So last night, undecided nak gi mana. Ning had her berinai event, and across the road kat Hilton Sentral, Astro had the launch of their MegaDrama event yang nak basically showcase new fare over four of its local content channels, Ria, Prima, Ceria and Oasis.

Went to the Astro event sebab da janji ngan Nik nak gi. Got stuck in the traffic tuk dua jam setengah!!! Apala KL skang camni.

Everytime it bloody rains (and Imean of the drizzle sort) traffic comes to a standstill.

No bloody explainable reason. It just does!!!

When finally got there though, event pun baru start, so ok la.

Had fun! The event was kawan-kawan punya fare, and well organised as usual with Astro events. the setting of the hall lain sikit. It was several long tables, lined up ala ala if you were in Hogsworth (damn Harry Potter references!).

But I like it.. it really looked, wow!

The food? Wow!!!! Again!!!!Anyway, it was nice to see everyone there, and caught up with some old friends and made some new ones. Aku leave you guys to the pics jer la sebab hari ni ngantuk sangat! Tadik pas abih pun ke Bangsar minum.

Ramai yang join plan aku dan Juan. There was the geng from Murai (Roslen, Ajip), Irma Hasmie, Tam, Farish... ramai (si Dynaz tak dapat join cause shooting awal pagik esoknya tuk Janji Diana or something). I think we had four tables combined!

Chatted about lots of things and finally, about 3am gerak balik. Stayed longer than planned to but biasalah kalao semua da kuar cita tuh dan nih.

Juicy! Makes life as a gossip writer so much more easier. Heh... eh... korang enjoy the pics ek.
Aku tak amik banyak sangat pun sebab sibuk lari sana sini... met an old friend, Dzuraikhan (lama nya tak jumpa, sampai tak ingat da), and all in all, semalam memang best gila lepak.

There were a couple of artists performing, including Zahid (tak sempat amik pic), Bob, Atilia, Ruffedge... by the way, Ruffedge tampilkan line up baru with Nine and Iwan. Iwan aku paling suka... ala Iwan yang jadik bapak Orked dalam Mukhsin tuh.

Sora dia memang besh!!!

The Ria, Prima, Ceria and Oasis channel presentation.

Nabila? Always sassy and sexy!

KL Menjerit - The Series

Que merempit

Ruffedge... IWAN!!!

Bob tengah wow-ing the audience.

Friends. Kak Izan and Liza of Maestro, as well as Nik (hah... jangan kata aku tak letak pic ko)

Erm... masa event tuh... ada something I wanted to share.Actually, aku da pun da dapat perkembangan terbaru sapa tenaga pengajar Akademi Fantasia. Of course soal tenaga pengajar dan sapa hos je remaining, tapi soal tenaga pengajar kita simpan jap ek.

Bab hos... rasanya, dua orang MC digandingkan malam tadik nih, petunjuk ke sapa pengganti akan datang?

So, korang spekulasi ler sendiri ek... nak tidur dari tadik masih meroyan ni on and on. Ta all...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Art in all forms

Aku tatau korang perasan ke tak. During Anugerah Juara Lagu, kan ada gambar penyanyi on those big screens.

I don't know exactly what showed up on TV, but it was right behind the stage on those giants screens mounted.

Anyway, had a closer look, sebab masa masuk smalam, dapat door gift ni.

It was a velvety pouch with drawstring, inside ala tarot cards ada gambar penyanyi, tajuk lagu, sebaliknya ada info lagu dan lirik serta pic komposer dan penulis lirik.

Erm... ada lipstick Loreal gak (promosi percuma nih)
Memula tak prasan apa apa pasal the pictures, they looked quite well shot, with quite interesting art design la gak.

Cuma memula timbul tanda tanya, kenapa penyanyi diberikan that spotlight, when traditionally they keep emphasizing that the competition is about the songs, and the real stars of the night are the composers and lyricists.

But didn't bother thinking too much about it, as the tarot-card like bits inside ada lirik, so time lagu yang suka tuh, leh sing a long ala karaoke kalao tak ingat lirik.

Merasalah sementara tuh ada sorang kawan sebelah aku nih, asik touch up lipstick sebab sukakan Loreal dia dapat.

But one weird thing struck me...

I couldn't put my finger on it, so today, while I was fiddling about with the cards when I noticed something really that I couldn't put my finger on.

Pikir punya pikir, when finally, it struck me what had been there all along that I noticed but couldn't identify as to what was so strange about the pictures.

Well, not all the pictures, Just these four.

Korang tengok kalao korang perasan tak anything weird about these pictures and see if you manage to see what I saw from them.

It's not too hard really...

Erm... hope no one says I'm making a mountain out of a molehill about this. Just an interesting observation jerk.

Do you guys see it? No? Ok, it's that little light yang terpancar from their heads. Other pics takde, cuma these four, which I thought was kind of weird. Unintentional maybe, but in traditional Christian artwork, usually such an image is reserved for angels, saints and generally holy figures.

Erm... graphic artist tak pikir the possible sensitivity of the reference ke? Sesuatuh sangat tau. Tak caya? For those of you who don't know what I mean, here are a couple examples of Christian religious artwork.

See what I mean? So we had Saint Faizal Tahir, Saint Sahri and Saint Fazli ke? Aiyo! Very...erm... oh nevermind.

Hopped over to my sister's place in Bangsar to fix the mini theatre system thing I got her for Christmas.

Loose plug jerk.. cam la aku ni mechanically inclined or whatever you call it sampai terer nak baiki benda electronics nih.
Caught Miami Ink jap sebelom kuar supper (walaopon she brough me dinner from Delish).

My sis had told me that Eddie, our tattooist (responsible for the beautiful works of many tattooes, including the one on the left, on my left arm - still unfinished) that he was taking three months off to LA.

So anyway tengah layan the program tuh, ada ad for the new program (da masuk musim kedua in the US), titled LA Ink, starring Kat Von D, the sexiest tattoo artist alive, who was once part of Miami Ink (before Ami became such an asshole and kicker her out).

My sis and I started talking about Kat and LA Ink, when she said, Eddie was being invited on the show for its latest season, possibly as a guest tattoo artiste.
Yes, apparently he is in talks and considering to be part of the show.

Bagus la kalao jadik sebab selama ni Sarawakian tattooes are known the world over da.
Setanding ngan the Japanese style as well as well as the Maori tribals.

In fact, ramai orang putih aku perasan ada ramai omputeh yang sporting tattoo bunga terung tuh, as well as other tribal references to the traditional Iban and Orang Ulu designs.
So kalao Eddie jadik masuk program tuh, memang bangga la sebab tattooes are a form of art, and Eddie is one helluva artist and is already known - and it would be great if he could get on TV.


That means my tattooes kang jadik even more valuable than they are already. Like my sis said, kalao Eddie jadik masuk program tuh, I can always strip off my skin and sell it to some weirdo who wants Eddie's work.


But seriously, Eddie, dude!!! I hope you make the LA Ink cast, at least as a guest tattoist.
Lagipon, ramai artis dan celebrities make the LA Ink show, so it would be great to see a Sarawakian, make that a Malaysian, make an international program for peoploe to see his works of art.

Meanwhile, am beginning to watch LA Ink because it is a lot flashier and glitzier than Miami Ink, which is getting pretty tacky with its backstories which are so... erm.. boring and mushy.

I love you, Kat Von D!!!!!

Masa nak ciao tuh, my sister gave me this.If you don't know what it is. That my friends, is a greenstone, a jade, tapi bukan jadeite, but a type of jade called nephrite.

It's a pendant measuring about six inches, and is in the form of a mere, or a Moari club.

The mere was used as a thrusting club, particularly to attack the victim's temple or under his ribs. The pounamu ( greenstone) mere has always been highly prized, possibly because of its scarcity and the amount of work required to make it.

And now, I'm wearing a replica (takkan nak wear a real club - though it feels like one cause it is HUGE)

It feels awesome - and I think it's not so much a fashion statement as in something really symbolic to me.

Plus tuk my sis, memang sentimental value (well kind of) sebab ex dia yang belikan. I think it's like worth almost a grand.

Cantik.. suka sangat!

Sorted out my stuff, and hung out until si Juan called me out for a drink. We were joined by a couple of friends, when about midnight, dapat mesej kata Loloq kat Damansara Specialist Hospital.

Rushed there, and met Mohariz there.

We couldn't go in or anything, but we lingered and caught up and just basically tried to find out how he was.

Thankfully dengar abang Loloq da stabilise.

It was something to do with a blood clot in his brain.
So apparently on Sunday he was rushed to the hospital. That's why dia tak muncul time Anugerah Juara Lagu.

Siang tadik da jalani surgery, and now he's recuperating.

He's still in ICU, and doctors are still monitoring his progress, but meka kata dia da stabilise.
Guys, say a payer for Loloq ok... and let's all hope he recovers soon.

Went for another round of drinks and a chat. Balik unpacked my stuff. And settled in to sleep.

Anyway - lupa nak add on to Shamil and the gang of Channel [V] - thanks guys for the lovely Heroes premiums korang antar bagik aku.

Tau jer aku Heroes freak kan!

I love it!!!

More to my collection.

Eh... nak tidur dulu.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anugerah Juara Lagu

So korang suka tak results tadik. Kalao ikutkan, aku kena cakap yang sebenar. In yesterday's entry aku kata aku da dengar bisikan tertentu about the results kan? Well, that part if true.
But sebenarnya aku tak dapat result penuh.

Yang sempat dibisikkan tuh mengenai Estranged dan lagu Itu Kamu menang tuk kategori Pop Rock, dan juga overall.

Kategori Etnik Kreatif and Balada aku tatau sebenarnya. Tapi aku nak clarify dua benda takot ada yang salah anggap.

Satu, result memang da pre-judged. Ertinya memang da diputuskan sebelom ini mengikut perjurian - dan juri yang hadir malam acara tu hanya menentukan pemenang untuk pemenang persembahan terbaik dan vokal terbaik jer. So jangan lak ada yang speku fixed. The results were fair and square!

Secondly, tilikan aku, as in my predictions in last night's posting was done BEFORE aku tau result. Dapat ler aku compare tengok betul ke tak. Heh... kena ke tak kena... So did I guess it right?

Ini keputusan tadik.

Irama Malaysia & Etnik Kreatif
Samudera (Johan Nawawi/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya/Nora)

Aku da terang terang nyatakan Samudera akan muncul juara kategori. No doubt! So score one to me.

Izinku Pergi (Azlan Abu Hassan/Sulu Sarawak/Sahri)

Walaupun aku tak berani pilih, aku ada nyatakan "I pretty like Mahakarya Cinta to win tapi kalao overall, Izinku Pergi is pretty strong."
Despite the immense competition, that was my overall favourite to win, walaopon hati aku harapkan Mahakarya Cinta.
Score two... more or less.

Pop Rock
Itu Kamu (Estranged, Richard Lawrence Gimbang/Estranged)

Komen aku, "But I think the best package comes from Estranged with Itu Kamu. At least I'm hoping la." Susah again nak wat pilihan, but I was hoping that the judges would be looking for something fresh and not formulaic, with which Itu Kamu would be the immediate winner.
Score three!

Juara Lagu
Aku katakan "Pemenang kategori Balada akan muncul juara kot. Kalao Itu Kamu menang tuk Pop Rock, then ada harapan la. But it all really depends on who the judges are - dari sana baru leh wat ramalan sebab each person ada individual outlook berbeza and it's easier to predict if you know who they are and what they like."
And true enough, with the win of Itu Kamu in Pop Rock, it was the best candidate to win the overall title. Aramaiti!!!!!!!

Best Performance
Sebab menda nih half jury dan half SMS susah nak predict. This is one category aku tak berani teka, sebab time rehearsal, Siti memang takde, which I said she would be one to watch.
And indeed, kalao ikutkan, and please people get it right - this is the actual results as revealed by TV3. No other blog akan confirmkan yer. Speku mungkin... tapi sebenarnya tidak...
Mawi menang bukan SMS. Kalau ikutkan SMS, Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza won. But it was close there. Cuma, bahagian juri pula, SEBULAT SUARA Mawi dipilih sebagai pemenang.
Of course when you tabulate the results, Mawi won on average on both being the favourite of the jury, and second highest choice in SMS votes.
Not totally unexpected - but I think Mawi can be proud (sebenarnya masa PC pun dia terkejut dia menang bukan kerana SMS.

Best Vocal Performance
Aku ada katakan antara Siti again,and Jac for sure.Well, Jac won with Lah. Tapi this is one I SO WISH I was wrong. Sebab untuk aku, there was one outstanding winner, and it was Bob.
Smalam masa abih full dress aku ada tanya Bob, jadik ke dia ganti Ajai yang patutnya ganti Faizal Tahir. Dia kata tak kot... sebab TV3 mintak dia stand in ker haper jer sebab Ajai not in KL.
Tapi dia kata esoknya, TV3 ada mintak dia hadir standby. And luckily for us, Bob yang nyanyi. And he was AMAZING! Dia sorang jer yang relaxed and emoted the song so well.
Walaupun masa rehearsal lirik baru dapat - and dia unfamiliar ngan lagu nih. I think he deserved it!
Besides, because it was a duet, so judging patutnya ke atas kualiti vokal dan delivery by both Jac and Lah. While Jac was amazing - Lah... erm... some parts horror sikit la. I think in some parts he was trying so hard to keep up with Jac tuh yang kelam kabut.
The only award aku tak stuju.

What did I think of the overall performances?
Ok, ni my mini review. Sapa tak nak dengar aku carot artis kesayangan atau lagu kesayangan meka, please skip this part and not b***h about it kang!

Farhana (Puteri Bumi Kenyalang) - Denai/Andy Rahman & RD Razi/Jinbara
Macam sarkas ngan badut lompat terkinja kinja. The performance was ok ok saja, tapi standard fun fair la. Nothing great about the vocals and showmanship.

Samudera - Johan Nawawi/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya/Nora
Aiyo... for half the song ok, and then as it progressed, mak aih! Scary Mary! Kak Nora was struggling with the higher notes and she totally crashed and burn after that. Bleeding... my ears are bleeding....

Harapan - Hazami/Fazli Zainal
Let's see... lagu by Hazami. Lirik by Hazami. Persembahan pun Hazami? After all, same choir ek. Erm... tak kreatif tol. And overdone. Too much drama. Too theatrical. Cam pementasan teater lak. No.. no.. no!!!

Destinasi Cinta - Lin Li Zhen/PSNN/Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza
Aku memang suka lagu nih. Tapi tonight, I LOVE IT MORE!!!!
Cakap la apa korang nak... baju back up buruk. Siti ala ninja. Backing cam pesta chingay kebangsaan. TAPI - yang penting - MELETOP!!!!!
I like the whole execution dan walaopon Siti semput situ sana sini sikit sikit (leh wat lagu nih... part two?), but aku respek dia selit choreography yang precise and energetic.
Memang antara best performances.

Mahakarya Cinta - Audi Mok/Shah Shamshiri/Fiq
Pas berdarah telinga aku... kuar nanah lak. Aku da agak dia tak mampu nak bawa lagu nih. Erm... kenapa orang kita slalu tak paham beza antara MENJERIT dan MENYANYI. Bezanya lebih dari sekadar ejaan yer... Fiq tadik MENJERIT. Sekali melalak, melolong.. etc. He murdered my favourite song.

Kasihnya Balkis - Adnan Abu Hassan/Mohariz Yaakup/Aishah
Selamat datang ke Hari Penyampaian Sekolah Rendah Kampung Pelir Hitam!!!! (time Akademi Fantasia jer biasa nama Kampung Pelir Hitam digunakan - and by the way... tuh bukan carot ek... apparently it exists in Sarawak!...konon la - ni pun aku layan dari @15 bebudak sembang)
Wrong presentation for wrong event. And kak Aishah was not at her best.

Sembunyi - Aidit Alfian/Loloq/Misha Omar & Andy Flop Poppy
There were so many things wrong about this performance I don't know where to start.
Masaalah teknikal, sora tenggelam, Andy semput tak sampai note... etc. Wrong... wrong... wrong.

Janjiku - Taja & Tass/Sofaz
Meka naik pentas pas lepak Kotaraya ke? Wardrobe takde budget or sponsor ke?
And performance? Better than semifinal... tapi tetap vocal tahap busuk.

Iziku Pergi - Azlan Abu Hassan/Sulu Sarawak/Sahri
Aiyo... seb baik aku bukan kat rumah, kalao tak confirm tukar channel. I think Sahri has improved, but the whole presentation membosankan sial. Static, flat... zzzzzzzzzz

Angan Dan Sedar - M. Nasir/Loloq/Mawi
That's my magician bud! Walaupun sebenarnya nak wat quick change tapi tak pakai teknik sebenar, aku tetap salute Mawi.
Semua elemen show dia pakai, and sora takde la koyak, walaupun ada yang anti Mawi kutuk memacam.
Proud of him - and camna pon he did his best, which was among the best for the night.

Ceritera Cinta - Ross Ariffin/Habsah Hassan/Jaclyn Victor & Lah Ahmad
Jac rocks - Lah should just relax. But I like the chemistry between them, and the smoke effect on stage, gave it an ethereal feel. Sweet. But again, not Best Vocal Performance material at all for me on Lah's part. Jac takyah la cakap. Amazing as usual.

Itu Kamu - Estranged/Richael Lawrence/Estranged
Menjerit aku time nih. Awesome! Good song, even better arrangement, and awesome performance - in a simple presentation which was true to the spirit of the song.
Memang antara best performance. Masih... masih...masihhhhhhhhh!!!! Sing with me now!

Dirgahayu - Eddie Hamid/Hairul Anuar Harun/Ramlah Ram
Aku kuar isap rokok sebab tak larat da tinga asik berdarah.

Kasih Tercipta - Ajai/Shuhaimi Baba/Bob
Lari masuk balik the moment dengar sora Bob. Me likey! Powerful, honest and simply.. WOW.
Undoubtedly - top three male vocals in Malaysia (korang stuju ke tak lantak la) in no particular order are Hazami, Bob and Anuar Zain.
Bob is so underrated sometimes kesian dia. I hope persembahan dia nih membuka mata orang to his abilities.
Ok kita break jap layan pics, kalao tak ada yang ngadu pening nak baca fonts aku yang kicik comel cam aku.

Raja Lawak? Owh... Jinbara....

Ramainya...claustrophobia alert!!!

Looks like Hazami.. sounds like Hazami. Matilah kes VK Lingam!

Siti in action! I like!!!

Mati aku pecah pala ingat kenapa bak benda 'G'. Rupanya CT! Tak clear tol.

Cup! Sebab aku malas turun amik pic dekat dekat, plus takde mood akibat jam, hujan dan clautrophobia segala spesis muncul event nih, dan juga layan SMS nak update Asyraf yang bertanyakan apa cita kat stadium (kecian dok asrama... belajar rajin rajin ek!), setakat tuh je pics event. Sebab da agak ramai akan post sana sini pics of the night, aku malas nak wat keja balik tuk gambar sama jer. What I will post is pics of those yang rapat ngan aku or mean something to me... and one or two miscellaneous pics.

Ku termenung....

Adik botak aku (lain je bunyi) time PC pun nyanyi ke?

Apapon, congrats Mawi! Proud of you! Bon voyage for your trip to Syria esok and kembali ngan selamat ek.

Richael Lawrence Gimbang! Remember the talk we had outside the studio two years ago? You found it!

Uwaa.. da menang jadik pengacara Melodi ke?

Lah and Jac - not the best but ok la...

Kak Nora kenapa tuh???

My baby sis Faz! Smoking hot!!!

Pose gegurl ker??? Matilah aku!

Dynaz, bakal wife orang ting tong pose ayu... I love this woman. Fun!

Sebenarnya aku banyak pic nak amik tak sempat. Siti, Bob, Sahri... tapi lain kali aku janji nak letak. Eh... kol brapa da. Mak aih... kang esok tak bangun! Wat benda alah ni pun da sejam lebih aku merapu kat blog nih. Anyway, got to sleep. Ada cerita sebenarnya pasai Mawi.

Yerlah.. dia akan ke Syria esok tuk 10 hari. Sebelom dia ciao tuh, sempat ler sembang pasai gossip konon dia nak kawen, awek dia model, Ikin da tempah baju kat kedai pengantin di Shah Alam... banyak la.

Ada la jawapan Mawi bagik. But tuh nak kuar paper... heh.

Nantila aku story kan lelebih later ok. Good night all.. *yawn*