Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whine up

With the holidays coming up, banyak kerja aku nak abihkan. My annual leave tak sentuh tinggal dekat 50 hari nak abihkan, tapi takde time nak cuti. Aduh.

So if I don't finish it soon nanti - burn lak takleh carry forward to next year. Damn! Apapon, rushing to finish some stuff as the assignments pour in. Biasalah hujung tahun semua orang kelam kabut nak organise event last kopek gituh.

Still, not too bad as some of the events are quite interesting. take for instance this one tomorrow. I'm having an interview with Kat Deluna.

Sapa Kat Deluna? For those yang da been here awhile mesti ingat aku letak single dia yang meletop titled Whine Up kat player aku sebelom ni kan? For those who haven't... this is the song.

Take a listen.

So it's going to be fun to interview her. If you guys are interested, Kat De Luna will be performing in a showcase at Velvet, Zouk Kuala Lumpur the next day on Friday. Wish I had more details to share but if you guys wanna check it out, make a beeline early for Zouk because the show starts at 9.30pm.

Jumaat ini Anugerah Skrin - aku tengok kalao aku leh wat live crossover blogging from that with pics, pics and more pics. And next Monday lak ada sidang akhbar Anugerah Industri Muzik yang kedua - so lots of info from tha one.

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