Thursday, December 13, 2007

Whine up... whine up... whine up... wo-oh!

Hah! Sukanya aku! Petang tadik masa interview, dapat jumpa Kat De Luna! Oh my, she is gorgeous ok in person! Nak pengsan rasanya jumpa dia. Not because I like Whine Up so much, but she is - simply breathtaking.

For those yang layan Whine Up, which is on autoplay on my blog right now - and like it, take note, that first of all - she's no pop tart. Nope. My mammy is a lot more that that ese! Yeap, she's a hot, fiery Latina who's more than just a produced bimbo like Britney Spears.

First of all - while you may not be able to hear it on Whine Up, my girl does opera too! She can wail! Wow! So impressed especially when she burst into song in front of us!

Secondly, for a 19 year-old, she is amazing confident! Perfect PR! Jawab soalan no hal langsung and not fake at all! Plus, she really knows her stuff because dia bukan harapkan orang tuk engineer her sound ngan banyak lagu dia tulis sendiri.

Merasalah! Damn! Gorgeous and talented!

And thirdly - also quite important for me is her immaculate dress sense. So she had the Latina big hair going on, tapi yang pentingnya, she's the only person to wear animal prints and NOT have me puke!

Plus she wore these amazing gold five inch pumps! Amik ko! Ok, enough of that.

On to the pics!!!

Kat - Sizzling hot Latina alert! And cute too!

Manja tak?

Kontrol macho - perut tak nampak.

Aku skang tengah dilema sebab esok showcase Kat, tapi clash lak ngan Anugerah Skrin. Damn! Talk about bad planning tol aku nih. Takper - I'll just wing it... play by ear tengok kalao sempat, which I doubt.

Anyway, sentap lak Kat bila dia kata datang show esok, I had to be honest lak kata takleh.
"Those awards shows are going to be there next year!!! You're going to have to come and see me, cause I don't come here everytime!!!" Matilah merajuk ngan aku, ala konsep sentap!

Erm.. ok ok Kat. Nanti aku cuba ek. Matilah cam ko paham Bahasa Malaysia. Matilah cam ko baca blog aku lak kan???

Pas abih gerak ke PWTC ngan Juan dan Danial nak layan rehearsal Anugerah Skrin. Erm... what do you guys have to expect tomorrow? Entahlah. Tatau lak aku nak komen. Imagine pembukaan dia - ada sedutan P. Ramlee The Musical.

So there and then - you know whether you're going to like it or not.

Aku malas komen. Didn't stay till habis sebab malas kang turn off esok kena layan agik nak review the show.

So gerak ke Lotus melantak ngan Vern skali with Rudy, Juan and Danial, Audi and Nikki.

Letih. Stay tuned to posting besok for an announcement ek!