Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ubat lelaki kuat tahan lesen

Now what the f**k is THAT supposed to mean??? Ubat lelaki kuat... tahan lesen? Erm...mungkin Bahasa Malaysia aku lemah kot tapi tak paham langsung ayat tuh. Sesiapa yang tahu, atau rajin nak call tukang pengiklan ni, silakan tinggalkan komen yer what the hell that means.

Sekaligus promosi bisnes orang nih. Jangan wat spekulasi ini perniagaan aku dah lah. Matilah!
The past couple of days have been short of sleep, and thus, siang memang membuta. Mana tak nya. Sejak ada external hard disk drive aku tuh, terus memacam layan laptop aku yang kembali ringan (including downloading all the known South Park episodes ever released at a total of 24GB!

As a result, my Christmas shopping terbantut sikit. Damn. Looks like this years is going to be a mad last minute rush.

Anyway - ni entry yang da lama janji tak posting langsung. The final episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 9.

Am downloading Australia's Next Top Model at the moment, all three cycles, so hope it's better than the American version because honestly I think Tyra is getting to be such a cow.

Now... on to the final review - you guys will watch this sometime middle 2008 on Astro if you're lucky since it's always delayed. And 8TV will probably show it in 2009. Matilah aku...!!!
Is it just me or is Tyra getting really cliched?

"The 13 finalists of America's Next Top Model have take this competition to the next level. Some exceeed expectations, soaring to new heights. While others never got of fthe ground."

So goes Tyra's speech.

One thing for sure, ANTM is one programme that will never get hit by the writers' strike.
The judges, or Tyra, based on her intro commentary, narrowed down the weaknesses of the remaining three models.

Chantal - wonder if she has what it takes to be extraordinary.
Saleisha - relies too much on her commercial looks
Jenah - the photogenic tomboy with the sarcastic streak

Jenah didn't do the worst this round I think. She may not have carried off well, but one warning of cue cards and she did it pretty well. She did not look snotty or anything. And yet the judges seem to take it out on her this time.

Where do they place their eyes? Up their butts?

Sebelum ni you had these girls playing major c**t and no one bothered to do anything,
Chantal didn't do as good as I thought, and despite liking her, I thought she sucked in the Covergirl commercial.

Saleisha did quite well in terms of handling her composure - and props to her for that.

The jury asking the girls for their personal analysis of who's the best and who's the worst is just encouraging b***hing. Saleisha and Chantal pointed out Jenah's attitude. I mean, I agree but honeslty, the judges appeared to be setting her up for past sins.

It wasn't just the right way.

Anyway - Saleisha's commercial was criticised by Jay bur her photo was well received. She is commercial material after all, so it's her advantage.
Chantal - had a lousy commercial but agree with them that she is cut out for this because it is the real her. Her shoot was decent though.
Jenah - did decent, but I think Tyra was just nasty, as were the jury who decided to break her down, saying she was just making a joke out of the commercial. I thought it was nasty that they tried to play Brady Bunch with her trying to keep things real. It ws almost corny for them to psycho her to that level. After that - and a good photo? The best among the three actually.

If I were to go overall - Saleisha's ass should be the one sent home because Jenah has been the best in photos and Chantal is just unique and relateable.

Saleisha is just common - but obviously from the last few episodes, it was obvious that the jury were setting her up to be the champion.

Instead as expected, they sent Jenah home. What the... oh well... we knew it was going to happen.

Glad they called Chantal first, but for me I think it was to allay suspicions that Saleisha was going to win. Konon suspense la.

I have to say one thing though - it was the most emotional episode. When Jenah took a battering earlier, all three were already in tears.

When Tyra gave her badly written eulogy - all three of them cried buckets. Sniff... well it isn't Saleisha's fault that Tyra is a cow who fixed the competition.

Still, back to casting week, it was already predicted in a way when Saleisha told Chantal "let's be the last two standing".

There wasn't much time to mourn and it was to the Seventeen cover shoot.

On to the final two Qi Gang fashion show. I thought the fact that Tyra and the judges going down the catwalk was lame. Tyra is just trash who tries to be royalty.

My respect goes down for her with every cycle of ANTM because she keeps indulging in these little things to try and elevate her status.

Was it just me that Chantal got the hardest dresses to walk in? My heart really went out to her on the final dress. On her third walk, she AGAIN had this gorgeous, but ridiculously extravagant outfit.

Lord knows why but they put stilt walkers on both sides of the catwalk like some bad European circus in need of an Asian touch.

One of the stilt walkers stepped on Chantal's train by accident. As she was walking, the next thing you know, down comes the guy with a horrendous bump!

How do you not get affected by that?

Again with a iss Congeniality like Chantal... it was expected that she would break out of character.

Saleisha powered it up on the catwalk, but since we know it was a fix, very obvious from the last few episodes she was going to be made winner, it didn't seem to matter.

Oh, and this has to be one of the most boring finales ever.