Friday, December 21, 2007

Of crabs, frogs and projectile vomitting

Sebab cuti ari semalam...aku tidur seharian je balas dendam (alasan...I always don't get enough sleep and balas dendam tidur)

But, went out in the evening to get some stuff done.

Namely some shopping. I've been dying to get myself this new toy, an external hard disk drive. Yerlah...laptop aku, my beloved... banyak benda kena burn to CD/VCD/DVD pun still running out of space.

All my fave TV programs hogging the limited memory.
Ko bayangkan, aku desperate sebab arituh nak save torrent pun leh tak cukup memory! Nak nangis! Few hundred MB pun tak muat!

So anyway - first destination, to Sungei Wang Plaza. Got something I've been eyeing for my sister. Can't say what it is but me likey! First of a few Christmas prezzies for her (since she is my only sibling I love to try and pamper her).

Sped over to Low Yat Plaza, the heaven that computer geeks and pimply nerds go to when they shut down (matilah aku)
Got a Western Digital 160GB (YES!!!) HDD, 5400RPM for RM240, inclusive of an Areson anti-electrostatic 2.5" external storage enclosure casing (what the....???!!! How did I now that???!!! - GEEK!!!).

Or in other words, to the uninitiated, a glorified palm sized, thumb drive with more memory space for non-geeks.

Spent quite a bit of time getting to know my inner geek.

Checked out a couple more things I thought of getting.

They've got these latest cooling pads (for laptops, people!!! Get your mind outta that crotch!) which are foldable, these new cool headphones and mic which I felt tempted to get for myself to do more chatting with Leo in Jakarta online (though phone rates to Jakarta are cheaper now - still since he spends more time online now it's worth it I suppose) as well as this cool new USB TV receiver that's on promo price of RM199.

Thought it was worth it but remember Ted saying he got his cheaper, so need to check out the specs on his to find out if it's worth it.

Still - don't understand why I need TV receiver for my laptop.

My rationale speaks for the fact it would help my job since I'm mobile, technology when it comes to the boob tube should be that way too. Since I'm not updating my phone to one of those new fangled phones with TV (screen's bloody small, why bother?) my laptop would obviously be the next option for that upgrade.

Damn... thought awhile. Went around a couple more shops. Decided not to blow it all on geekland, so headed back to Sungai Wang.

Ran about some more - contemplated new piercings to pamper myself (pampering through pain - you should try it, very therapeutic!), or even new piercing accesories but passed. Bought a tux shirt (for no other reason because it looked good?) and a t shirt and decided to call it a day because da past 8 malam. Besides, had already a small load to carry.

Settled for a Raspberry and fresh Famous Amos no-nut chocolate chip to forget my hunger.
Went over to Fuse studio sebab Audi kata in midst of recording time nak ajak dia makan skali. Vern baru abih show so wantd to join, so waited for him there as he 'rushed' from The Curve (which fitted the description of his abilities sebab it took him just under an hour or so) before he finally arrived.

Who's that in the studio?

Mila rupanya! Kecian... time Raya pun kena keja.

There goes my Famous Amos... all in the name of good music.

And yes, that's Audi polishing off what's left of my cookies to bring his sugar level up.

Like geeks (just like them - never said we belong to the population) both Audi, and lyricist Ad Samad who popped in, ooh-ed and aah-ed at my new acquisitions as I paraded them knowing full well they would appreciate it more than anyone else.

Audi complained about the cheap looking casing on his HDD as I watched him glower with envy as he shifted his gaze from my 160GB to his 80GB.

Er... that just sounds SO wrong!

Then once he finished recording Mila, we bolted for dinner in PJ.

Ooo.. check it out! Live crabs - of the non STD variety!!!

You'd be crabby too if they stuffed you in here.

And awmigawd... what's that???


Ok, Kermit won't be dining here.. as well as that pink character from Sesame Street.

What the???

Here's looking at you kid! Or I'm ready for my close up Mr De Mille (insert wittier caption here)

Our more conventional dish arrived and we polised it off. Favourite was the sweet and chicken... yes that's right.. chicken!


And the in-house entertainment?
This bunch of guys who were loudly talking.

Now usually that irritates me, especially people who do so at a coffeeshop as a result of too much drinking.

Now - spotting this mix of Heineken, Guiness and Ballantine on the table, and you know something's about to happen. You do know what happens when you mix your drinks (I wouldn't know from experience.. er.. just something I heard...yes, that's it!)

So the guy in the white collar started hacking (as in coughing you nerds, not the PC related type) and I knew it was coming. He started spitting, which got me and Audi and Vern a little turned off.

Ptooi ke kiri!! Ptooi ke kanan... and as the next pic suggests, siap ludah ke bawah.

And we knew right what was going to happen?

Blah blah blah... look!!!! I can talk real loud !!!

Spits to the left... Audi is not amused and grossed out.

Ptoiiii kahak kaler rainbow ke bawah... Audi is starting to get fascinated by the lack of bodily functions control displayed.

BWUUUEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! Dia muntah! Ala ala filem Exorcist!

Projectile vomitting! COOL!

Caught in action!

And so it went on for about another half a dozen times, muntah berkali kali with a gap of ten to twenty seconds break between each time. Until the mother load which was bekalan air yang tak putus and had us wondering how long he could hold his breath as everything gushed out..


Ah, some things so predictable.We were disgusted like hell.. sib baik kita da lama abih makan and we were sitting not too near (though Audi insisted he was lucky he moved from the moment the spitting started.. especially since he was wearing shorts and didn't want to be splattered with puke)

Ok so this is gross, but blame Audi for volunteering to take this pic. Despite being grossed out, Audi enjoyed the performance and wanted to record this moment!

Dia siap masa nak amik pic the result of the erm... chucking, selamba depan bebudak meja tuh snap a pic of it.

Aiyo... berani mati.

Yang aku nak gelak, member lain kat meja dia leh sambung makan like nothing happened!
Er... after the guy puked, a restaurant worker put papers down, and he puked on them.
Then drunk, he and a friend stepped all over them, as the puker was helped into the car to lie down. Yeap.. you read right. In the end after ten minutes I think endlessly of throwing up berkali kali, they moved him to the car.

Big mistake.

As we got up to leave - the familiar sounds were heard... this time inside the car.

I'll leave it to your imagination.

And Audi?

Statement of the night.

"Judging by the evidence, he had fish... and rice... though he doesn't chew because the grains are whole."

Wow! So CSI meh?

Well, you know what the lesson is right?

"Yeap... he needs more vegetation... could see he doesn't take his greens."

That the observations of a twisted mind of a genius for you.

Taking a quick nap cause haven't slept from last night, and continuing shopping spree in the afternoon after I stop by the office.

PS - Vernon was so embarassed that I would tell of this in my blog, since I found it amusing - that he said to make sure "you don't say I was here at a place of such low standards" or something to that effect.
So erm.. listen here. Vern told me not to tell you he was there ok? Cool!