Sunday, December 23, 2007

Of Christmas and Dewa

Damn! And damn again! I must have gone to almost all the malls in town, and still can't find nice presents.

Tahun ni da up budget sikit nak belikan hadiah, and this year's theme is 'techie toys'. You know, technologically enhanced gizmos or just quaint items of the sort in that vein.

Started with my sister's present (takleh cakap apa cause she drops by my blog and don't want her to know), as well as a 32" LCD for my parents.

Left with a few more people on my list - and I'm at a loss.

So far, been to Klang Parade, USJ Summit, Pavilion, Berjaya Times Square, KLCC, Sungei Wang and Lot 10 to scour for those elusive gifts, tapi pening takde yang berkenan nak beli.

Today, am starting bright and early from The Curve, 1 Utama and hopefully from there on to Mid Valley.


Anyway, got a few decent hours' sleep semalam, cause didn't stay out too late after the Dewa 19 concert.

Wasn't all that great. Harapkan stage ok la (bulat - so 360 darjah pusing keliling punya... teringat konsert Take That). Tapi sound system macam sial! Sound engineer lak bangang cam pekak sebab mix macam haram.

And Dewa cam bosan sikit - walaopon banyak lagu sedap and they performed ok, tapi it was straightforward stuff - very much like what you get off their CD. Thought they would at least make a live effort out of it.

Sheila Majid was honestly... a waste of time. Dhani's self-indulgent move to include her was just.. boring for those who thought they were paying for a rock concert. She couldn't hit a lot of notes, and kept shoving the microphone to the audience. In other words, Sheila did a Whitney Houston there.

Emosi was just boring, though nice. Again like I said, wrong occasion. Sinaran was souped up with Once joining tapi again Sheila banyak tak kena.

Cinta Kau Dan Dia pun cam tu, where she dueted with Dhani.

Rabbani lak aku kesian because they did good - with Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur, Intifada as well as one more together ngan Dewa on Laskar Cinta, tapi crowd tak appreciate santgat walaopon meka lebih kena tema malam tuh dari Sheila.

Still, it was a decent concert because there were a lot of good songs to sing-a-long too.
That and the fact that while everyone walked for miles, aku dapat parking right in front of the entrance... literally!

Sebab masa aku sampai, aku cari tempat, pusing kali kedua tu, I spotted meka tak tutup access road going into the stadium grounds.

Aku tak perasan for authorised vehicles jer, tetiba ada orang jaga tu stop my car.

Baru aku realise.

Tapi sebelom aku sempat cakap apa apa, dia took one look at the VIP stickers, and the various event punya benda yang tampal-ed all over my windscreen as well as my various media and press stickers, and he waved me on. Sebab aku da terbodoh bukak tingkap... aku terdiam kejap.

"Erm... ada parking lagik ke?"
"Ada bang, masuk terus ke sana."

Matilah parking depan sekali. Yeah!!!

Had fun - and with enough sleep, today pun going to be fun. SHOPPING!

Fave song of the night - tetap Pupus. Matila bukan terbayang Mawi nyanyi ek. Once punya version sebab the original tetap special... walaopon terbayang versi Mohede.

Sorry malas review Dewa 19's concert. tapi here are some better pics than usual (sebab aku upfront in the pit) from my mobile phone (considering the quality of what the stuff I am able to take on my limited capacity - Nokia tanak sponsor ke?).

Not the best - but I suppose they'll do. Happy Christmas shopping semua... and to everyone else yang takyah pening carik hadiah, selamat bercuti!

PS - Yeah yeah...My Boo balik ari ni dari kampung. Alamak...ilang status single aku da! Merasalah!

In the pit with moi - Ella...Ella...Ella... (sibuk je mamat belakang tumpang posing)

Stadium Negara.


The mad genius Ahmad Dhani on keyboards.

Dhani duet with Sheila, Cinta Kau Dan Dia.

Sinaran... mentari pun menyinarrrrrr... costume change!


Sayang gitar tak dengar sangat sebab sound system dan house mix cam %&*

Dhani up front.

Bersama Rabbani performing Laskar Cinta.

Once dan Ustaz Asri on lead vocals.

One more

Finale - lepas abih show, tambourine ngan logo meka di campak ke audience. Untung!

Mulan Kwok. Sexy!

With Once on Risalah Hati.

Kangkang dik...jangan tak kangkang.

One more time...

Pasangan bahagia. Dhani+Mulan= -Maia (matilah aku!!!)