Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas peeps!

Yes, first of all I want to say, all of you got your Christmas wish for me to stop taking pictures with my lousy mobile phone (blame Nokia for not offering to sponsor me earlier).

My sister got me the best Christmas present, a Canon digital camera with 7.1 megapixels capability. Actually she got fed up of the blurry pictures I kept posting in my blog - so she dumped this on me. I love it!

Since I swore I wouldn't take anymore pics with my phone, here's a shot on the website of how it looks, since I couldn't use the camera to take a pic OF the camera.

I've been too lazy to get another digital camera ever since my Yashica weirded out on me (ancient - one of the first digital cameras to hit the market), followed by my IXUS which got all weird with the battery pack which I haven't fixed.

So what did I take with my favourite present I received?

Why, the most favourite present I got - the 32" LCD TV I split with my sis to get my parents of course!

The shop people sent it over yesterday evening, so it was an early present for my parents lah. Nevermind Christmas morning. It was nice to see my parents loving it - simple gift that was something we really wanted since they do amuse themselves with TV ever since I got them Astro ages ago.

Puas aku nak snap pic ni while testing out my new cam. Still learning the features though, so saja jer test power.

Had our family dinner - and then took time off before I met my Boo who's back from kampung. Seronok jumpa dia pas berapa minggu dia balik. Oops! Not single anymore... damn! I mean.. er... nice to have you back, honey!

We went out quite late actually, ingat nak ke party Adik, but malas sikit. Adik ajak ke rumah dia lepak but didn't feel like it, so we went for supper instead.

Went clubbing sebab da lama tak spend time with my Boo, and decided on it at the spur of the moment.

Found the camera pretty useful though sebab time nak balik, we used the Jalan P. Ramlee area. You know, the stretch behind Life Centre, yang lalu Modesto's and Beach Club and such.

Can you bloody believe it?

There was this unexplainable traffic jam. It wasn't stressful though as we got time to chat and catch up. I mean - we talk everyday on the phone - but things are somehow different when we're in front of each other.

Anyhoo - dalam sembang, decided to get snap happy for a while to shoot some pics.
The first one was a farce, because I forgot to turn off the flash, and ended up with everyone giving me weird looks, like why am I suddenly snapping the wide open spaces.

My inclination was to photograph some weirdos who thought Christmas was about putting on battery operated light up Santa hats, while puking by the road... but thought it would be too easy. So challenged myself to shoot some stuff which were more spur of the moment.

Practise my trigger finger for the camera for speed, in other words.

And the first shot? Why.. the traffic of course. Which was at a standstill until people actually got out of their cars and yakked by the road because they got bored of waiting in the car for AN HOUR!

After that managed to shoot a few more. Here are my three favourite shots of the weirdness of how KL-ites celebrate Christmas. Doesn't make sense at all honestly.

Putting on Santa caps, get drunk, play with fake snow or string confetti spray, puke all over and sit by the road without reason.

If that makes sense for you people, then think of the equivalent of throwing ketupats at people by the road during Raya or walking around with pelitas during Deepavali or even juggling oranges in the middle of the city during the Lunar New Year.

Really... enjoy the pics - I know I'm enjoying taking them.

What's with people and stealing balloons???

I wonder what this guy would do if he found the fake snow spray was actually real white spray paint.

One of the three people I managed to see puking, This woman was the best because she was puking her brains out for ten minutes - and then, while holding the bag of vomit - started to text message a friend. Her friend, another woman, was not in the least disturbed.

Still hoping for huge branded sunglasses to replace my lost Guccis which were from the 2007 Spring Summer collection, as well as possibly an iPhone. Not too likely will get either of them though - but hey... I can hope can't I? Twelve days to Christmas after all.

Still even if I don't get them - this Christmas is good enough for the little blessings I already have around me. Merry Christmas everyone - and thanks to everyone for the lovely SMSes you guys sent to my blog number. You guys rock - and it is SO meaningful. Would be nice if some of you actually told me who you are though.

No matter - Merry Christmas guys... and remember the reason for the season.
(And no Laurielle, I will not be singing Sailor's Night, or wish merry Clitmas or go about laughing Whore! Whore! Whore!

Merry Christmas again everyone!