Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like..CHRISTMAS!!!

Despite lack of sleep, managed to haul my lazy ass out of bed really early.

Semalam memang banyak errands nak run. Biasalah, bila dapat duit seketul camtuh, ada la keja nak lakukan nak rush about. First things first - nak settle all my traffic summonses sebelom nak gi renew my road tax and insurance.

Destination? Balai Trafik Klang - which I absolutely feel like my second home. Or at least used to.

Dulu semua kat balai mesti kenal.

And every year when I repeat this ritual nak turun ke balai tuk nak settle all my saman to elak road tax dan insurance, mesti jumpa abang-abang polis trafik yang some of them like abang Kamal (penah posting pasai dia) aku da kenal for over ten years!!! Masa first time aku accident time tu dan pala benjol dan minor cuts and bruises masa keta aku terbalik, wat stunt ala Hollywood production not more than 300 metres away (masa time perasan hebat main racing cilok sana sini ngan rival team terlanggas, terbabas, terbalik pelbagai - moral of the story - don't attempt to be a racer, especially when driving a tin car from Proton... who says my blog has no morals...matilah ko!).

Anyhoo - aku walk in terbodoh jap.

I didn't recognise even one of them.


Macam masuk balai lain.

Erm.. whatever la. Got my summons printed out - and sebelom bukak mulot abang yang jaga the counter loudly proclaimed, "Woo!!! Manyak saman woo!!"

Uh oh. We know that means.

"Yang ini maksimum tak boleh buat apa, yang ini saya boleh tolong..."

Nevermind. Not interested.

Grabbed the summons and went out for a smoke to brace myself for the hit.

Er... not much of a worry. Actually kalau ikutkan, aku ada dua saman saja!!! An all time low, compared to the 16 aku penah kena dalam setahun. Matilah kena repeat drivers' ed kalau camtuh tapi masih driving. Still, tis proves I am a reformed driver! Dua saman jer! Woohoo!

Should celebrate.

Actually yang bebanyak tuh korang tengok la tarikh dia. From 1999 to 2001 by the previous owner, tapi tak settle agik! Mamat tuh tak kena apa apa ke? So if you are the previous owner tu... please settle your summonses.

And pada abang abang polis yang baca ni, tangkap ler mamat ni. Operasi bebanyak saman pelbagai pun tak masyuk bang kalao orang camni lepas. And it's not even blacklisted...boleh?

Oh well. Anyway - the two that were mine, I can recall when. Kalau tak silap.

The one on 12 June tu masa aku pergi ke balik dari Ipoh for the shoot of Yasmin Ahmad's Muallaf (check balik entry tuh_ Kena candid camera time tu. Buggered. I realised it too late - when da dekat jambatan (tanak bagitau lokasi mana) baru nampak, masa tu da too late.

Second one I remember kat traffic light mana ntah aku kena. Damn! It was in the city and bloody rush hour. Actually I was crossing, when the idiot in front of me, walaupon banyak ruang kat depan stopped AFTER crossing the lights. Even though depan leh kedepan entah kenapa mamat ni feeling, rupanya gayut kat handphone. Sialan!!!!

Aku masa tu da kedepan so aku horn. Mangkuk tu tak gerak gerak, and the light changed. By the time idiot moved while yapping on his mobile aku baru cross, da kena snappy da. Mother....!!!

Oh by the way - if you're accident prone, jenis tak langgar orang pun orang langgar ko... take comfort in the fact that it happens to the best of us at times. Even the police aren't spared. This was the police car parked next to me kat balai tuh.

Wonder where that arrow thingamajig came from...

Anyway continued errands. Road gave parents Christmas moolah... pass to my sis some extra.

Went up to KL, got some work done, and later in the night, jumpa adik aku kat Pavilion.
Dia memang besh pala dia. Here's the joke. Aku 31 right? Dia 15!

But my goodness, dia matured beyond dia punya age and carries himself better than some peoply my age!

Kenal dia from his parents (can't reveal whom tapi orang industri) and we talked a lot, hanging out with his cousins and all.

Showed him a little magic which he's learning and sent him back home because tak suka dia balik lewat sangat sampai after curfew.

By the way - Pavilion wins hands down for Christmas decor staying away from the tacky overdone treatment as always is the problem with most malls. I kind of like their simplistic approach to the winter wonderland, all in white, snow decked theme.

Joined Vern and Juan kat Pelita kat Bangsar. Adik called up to ask for my ideas on a party he was throwing with some friends. And also to invite.

Matilah aku nak ke parti bebudak umur 15, 16 tahun. But adik was sweet and insisted I come.
Argh.. all in all... a nice night. Inspired me to start some amendments to the proposal for my project.

Got some shopping to do today. WIll get back with an entry ASAP. Love Christmas season!