Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008!!!!

So this is it. The last day of 2007! In case I party too much tonight, and I don't update the night before tomorrow like awal sikit, nih aku nak wish everyone who's reading this - Happy New Year! Here's to hopefully an awesome 2008!

As with every year, I've made several resolutions, which I will most probably break before you can yell, "Happy New Year" at me. But this year aku cuba lah maintain. Mana tau kan... I can actually keep some of them.

I did keep a few in 2007. One of which was to have a posting EVERY DAY of 2007!

So this is one of the few blogs yang memang lengkap tiap ari ada entry. Yerlah... nak thicken my resolve blah blah blah. At least it shows I can stick to something kan?

Apapun, I will do the same in 2008 - one posting for every day.

Apart from that - also kept leeches and parasites at bay, which was also a 2007 resolution, which I will continue this year too. Talked about the two legged sort who masquerades as friends - though I think 2007 I did well enough to spring clean the losers out of my life.

No matter what - it's about dealing with your liabilities. And I am glad that I can now move ahead with life. My only competition - is not with these idiots or pathetic morons yang cakap lebih dari buat. I'll challenge myself to be better at everything.

At least that's something where I can actually set standards.

One I did not keep was to watch my weight. Actually I stayed more or less the same, tapi I ballooned and then went down on and off. So hopefully for health's sake... will try to take care of myself more. No damn rabbit food for me though.

So anyway - if anyone's interested in public record - here's my resolutions for 2008 apart from the ones mentioned above. Note I have kept it to realistic levels, as advised by something I read about having it to be goals within reach for you t keep resolutions. So for 2008, I will...

  1. Read more books.Unless I find a way to get Astro on my laptop..

  2. Not to make more enemies. Let me destroy the ones I already have first.

  3. To swear less and refrain from using profanities in every sentence - and only for people who antagonise me (er... which is quite safe because a lot of people piss me off)

  4. Don't get hooked on Heroes Volume III or America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 and spend hours downloading those series which I'm so anticipating to see despite endless b***hing about them.

  5. Not to shop by impulse and shed my shopaholic tendencies.

  6. To not procrastinate or be late for dates, events or whatever I'm scheduled for... but I'll get back to that later.

  7. Work harder - and make more money so I can justify breaking resolution number five.

  8. Persevere with smoking despite endless price increases - and ignoring discriminating non smokers.... keep the tobacco industry folks working and help the economy!

  9. Not to be so irritable with lame service staff at hotels, airports, malls, and other places, or government staff as I should understand by now there's a reason why they're working there.

  10. Keep incriminating evidence of people I hate and absolutely despise with guarded care, so I can use them it against them when needed. Especially those who don't know I have them. Sapienta Est Potentia!!!
Anyway, let's see how many I can keep. I think they're pretty realistic so should have no problems with it. How about you guys? Done with your resolutions?

Good luck keeping them. Be updating as soon as I finish partying tonight - early tomorrow morning ok. Have a good time - and be safe!

I love you guys!

Now bugger off 2007 and bring in that fresh tart in 2008. Oops.. I meant fresh start. Happy New Year!!!!