Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fashion faux pas

Somebody please pass the memo to this woman who obviously missed it. Dressing like a skank to events is not in. Was at the press conference nak umumkan local artists yang performing for Dewa 19 punya Dewa Malaysia Tour 2007, when I chanced upon this sight.

No, I didn't chance on it. I was visually assaulted. Pompuan ni da la pakai this loose, low cut, tight fit tee, and then masa bend over, terkeluar nasi lemak dia yang lima puluh sen (which is quite small considering the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur)

Please oh please... if you know this woman, advise her. It's still not too late, we hope!
I lost my appetite thanks to her...

I wasn't the only one yang perasan. Si Michelle, Farihad, Suzana... semua perasan and like me, they were just too polite to say anything. I'm just not polite enough not to blog about it. Matilah aku.

Anyways, pada sapa yang nak info pasal the tour, here it is (Helmy, ni aku paste tuk ko sebab ko sibuk nak tau sangat bila kan?)

Dewa 19's Malaysian Tour 2007 bermula di Kota Kinabalu (Stadium Likas, 15 Dec) followed by Kuching (Stadium Perpaduan, 16 Dec), Penang (Komtar-Geodesic Dome, 17 Dec, Johor Bharu (Stadium Tertutup, 18 Dec) before grand finale in Kuala Lumpur (Stadium Merdeka, 22 Dec).

The concert in Sabah will feature performances from local acts such as Ella, Jinbara and Dewi Dewi from Indonesia while the closing kat Kuala Lumpur will feature Sheila Majid and Rabbani collaborating with Dewa, while Mulan Kwok, dulu sparuh dari Ratu, akan membuat persembahan skali.

Sambil sambil PC tuh, sebenarnya tak amik pic, but had to take a picture of my orang kampung.

Amik ko!!! Hidup Telok Gadong, Klang! Jangan tatau...dulu Ella punya parents dok belakang rumah aku jer. Kira their family house dekat je my place. Merasalah orang kampung ler kira.
Eh, nak wat keja... been busy finishing work for tomorrow awal sikit sebab esok ada event. Nak tau apa?

Remember I mentioned something about DIAMONDS sebelom ni? Kalau tak ingat, go back to my previous postings to get the clue. Well, it has something t do with that.
Esok jer bagitau ek... nak finish some work and get some sleep.