Friday, December 07, 2007

The end?

So, Heroes draws to a close this week with the eleventh episode, while America's Next Top Model leads up to the final episode this week, for us to know who will join the other eight cycle winners.

The most predominant feeling through watching these two programs, these two particular episodes is the fact that - I should NEVER know things beforehand because it really kills the suspense.

Knowing the ending to both finales, the fun was a little erased.

Still - there were plus points. Let's begin with Heroes.

The rushed final episode (thank you striking scriptwriters) was I think the best episode of the whole Volume II... which isn't much of a compliment since it didn't generate the same excitement as when I began watching Heroes a year ago.

Still, I admit to being a Heroes freak - and remain loyal to it (unless they bring back that Niki's character, or even Jessica!).

Hope they really develop things more, at a faster pace - and avoid those stupid cliches and predictable outcomes.

Case in point, this episode, it was obvious for some many things happening that they would as it would have made sense to wrap things up this way. Still doesn't make it less sucky the fact they did so though.

The scene begins with Sylar and Maya find wimpy Mohinder, after the former lures him back with Molly. How the hell could they leave Molly in Mohinder's stupid crap hell hole with a stupider babysitter who could relinquish her guard. Senseless...

Mohinder finally realises Sylar's lost his powers and needs help, and Maya finally breaks out of the stupid misplaced trust. Like du-uh!

While Mohinder forcibly checks on Sylar, who has apparently been injected with the Shanti virus, Molly tries to help Maya by looking for Alejandro. Gee - he's dead, so she can't and Maya freaks out.

So predictable.

She goes berserk, and gets shot by Sylar. Don't worry - they don't kill off anyone prematurely unless their contracts expire. Maya is administered the serum by Mohinder on orders of Sylar - who wants to make sure it works.

And hey - it works!

Not before Elle walks in and bug zaps Sylar. Sylar escapes though - as always despit e being hurt with no powers due to the logic of desperation to survive on TV

Matt is busy with Nathan talking to Angela and retracing the steps of the elders and how Adam fits in by being the psychotic wacko who wanted to clean up the world by wiping the slate clean.
Erm... doesn't explain why Angela had her change of heart since she was so for the nuclear cleansing in Volume I.

We move on to the showdown between Hiro and Peter which gave us false promise of a showdown. Forget it... Hiro tries explaining - without saying anything much (stupid stupid stupid) about Adam's past.

So Peter bolts Hiro, and surprisingly for Adam, didn't bother killing off Hiro (which doesn't make sense because Adam's hardly known for his compassion - sloppy work if you ask me) And you'd think being 400 years old would make him smarter.

They manage to get to the vault holding the virus and Peter gets them in.

Adam goes in the vault and Hiro tries to stop Peter but gets smackdowned.
Matt steps in to use his mind games, and hey - thanks to the convenience of the script - Peter immediately knows how to use it against Matt. More stupid argument with the IQ challenged Peter by Nathan before he finally comes to and rushed to the vault.

Hiro who is in the vault grabs Adam and disappears with him as the latter drop the vial.
Of course Peter being stupid and all - has to make amends for the bimbo lovers - he stops time, grabs the vial, and destroys the virus. Whoopie!

Matt, Nathan and Peter decide to go public to expose the company (scripwriters ran out of ideas and repeated the Claire plot).

Nathan during the press conference comes out with the corny speech (monologue), and to the Independence Day (and a variety of feel good American popcorn speeches) feel, begins the tell-all.

At the very moment he is about to speak of his powers, he gets shot twice and everything goes silent, with backing tracks playing and a man seen walking away.

Hiro appears in Japan and tells Ando he's dealt with Adam who is shown buried alive.
Apparently Adam got teleported into a buried coffin. Apparently Hiro counted too much on the power of logic again that of TV. Adam'll be back.. just watch.

Claire spents the whole episode showing she is adamant on exposing the company.
West the boyband flying wonderboy chickens out and Claire gets anal with him.

Elle meanwhile continues to have Daddy issues. She discovers how she was pushed at the age of seven - to realise potential of her powers when Noah tells her all. How did she grow a heart?

Doesn't quite click with the hard-edged b****h who is so desperately seeking acceptance.
Anyway when she bolts Sylar down - we get a feeling Elle may like playing Hero in Volume III.
Bob meanwhile twists Noah's arm by threats (you mean Noah didn't think of it? - and where the f**k is the Haitian sidekick???)

Noah meanwhile chickens out - and gets Claire to stop the expose on the company - for fear of Bob's threats.

What a wimp and talk about bad direction. That easily huh...

Micah and Niki go after Monica to save her who is about to go up in flames. Boringly desperate attemp for a sense of urgency.

Niki tells Micah her powers are gone but surprisingly still she can kick ass. She also gets to play Backdraft stunt double to save Monica and gets fried - or so we assume. Someone check it Ali Larter is really going to get pulled out of the show so we can start celebrating if she really is dead.

Anyway, two things show the lead-in for Volume III.

First when Angela gets the news by a caller unidentified to us, she goes, "I now, it was unavoidable. You do know that you've now opened Pandora's Box," before putting the phone down.

Who called? What secrets will pour out now that the floodgates are supposedly open? Why bother asking these questions when Astro is only going to show this Volume in January 2008 over Star World? And will you even remember this review by the time TV3 shows it, possibly in 2009?

The other is a preview of Volume III, which we see titled Villains where Sylar cheesily injects himself (yes yes yes the serum works), he gets his powers back and goes "I'm back!" (how creative - wonder how many days they stayed up to think up of that line."

So the asshole is back. Big f***ing deal. He's definitely got a new boring. How to be repetitively boring.

Sylar takes notes from the other freak in Popeye. Spinach is good for you!

So is Niki and Nathan really dead? Who knows - don't bother making up the storylines as the logic of Heroes' writers defy any known form. It'll all depend on their contract and how much is offered we suppose.

Rumours are Jessica will be around, though Niki won't and that Nathan will live. Hell - just start injectng everyone with Claire blood already.

Have no clue and not bothered to think of what direction the story's going to go - but Tim Kring better do something to make sure Volume III doesn't disappoint like Volume II.
It really wasn't all that bad - and some parts of this episode I kind of enjoyed because it was fast paced, let's hope they keep the momentum up next season.

For America's Next Top Model, I won't even bother to go into it.

Bianca got her ghetto booty kicked off the show... about time! But we knew it was going to happen. She kept b****ing throughout this episode - but I honestly think things have slowed down without Heather and Lisa.

Jenah is boring me, but Miss Redneck comes out tops in the challenge and brought Chantal along for the prize of getting a couture traditional outfit as well as scoring a 1 on 1 catwalk session with Miss J (THAT'S a prize???!!!).

Another freak shot... is that you, Diana Ross?

By panel, Chantal had proven she rocks, and was the first called out. Bianca meanwhile - gets out of our lives finally. Sheesh - gurl... you haven't learned nothing. Your poses are as weak as your sad-assed excuses.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Here are the collective four solo shots, and a group shot - as taken by the cow names Tyra Banks.

Clockwise - Jenah, Bianca the butch b***h, Chantal and Saleisha

So only three girls remain (taking out of Tyra's ever creative monologue - who will be... America's Next Top Model? Erm... not too hard to guess based on judge's choice. Still will be cheering for Chantal (she's the one in the middle if you don't know) and cursing Tyra leading into the final show.

Thank God I'm done with those reviews. No Heroes from next week - so I get a break, while only one more episode of ANTM to go before my life resumes to normal without me looking out for each episode of both programs which I so hate, but am addicted to.

Esok pagi is Sharifah Aleya's nikah ceremony, so I gotta sleep now.

I'll post the picture of the ceremony ASAP by noon ok, so watch out for those.