Monday, December 24, 2007

Deck the halls with boughs of holly... fa la la la la... f**k you lah!

Yes, yes, you can tell the claustrophic me did NOT have a good time Christmas shopping today. Been on the edge cause I'm tired from lack of sleep, bangun awal (remember I'm not a morning person, the last minute shopping crowds and so on).

Things didn't start too well.

For starters, nak carik ler LCD TV 32" yang aku nak split beli tuk parents aku. Tengok ad ada yang Philips punya, kat Courts Mammoth Mutiara Damansara. Jimat RM600 hawau!!!

Apa lagik!

Aku kol 11 pagik da sampai. Mak aih!!! You got to be joking! Kedai baru bukak semua, sampai bedak kat moka pekerja semua masih mantap, tapi dah packed da the whole area near The Curve and Ikea. Seriously!

Are they giving out free stuff ke apa???

Aiyo! Time from Klang exit NKVE highway to Damansara exit - 12 minutes.

Time from Damansara exit to Mutiara Damansara - 25 minutes!!! Matilah!!!!!!!

Da stress dah... bila sampai Courts Mammoth feeling nak pick up the TV and pay for it and go home... dapat lak berita cam sial. They sold out da the limited five units! Shit!!!!


Tension bijik!

Dari sana aku melebarkan sayap ke 1 Utama. Jalan pusing abih tawaf old wing and new wing berapa kali ala big walk from shop to shop, keeping an eye out for any other potential presents, occasionally distracted by that shopaholic call for personal gratification (in other words, beli barang sendiri).

Have to say though that I loved 1 Utama punya decor for Christmas.

While I liked the Pavilion theme of white Christmas, 1 Utama punya was made into this musical toyland.

Kat concourse area dia ada this huge toy soldier, which was animated, pala leh gerak tangan pun cam main the toy drum.The if you notice, the stairs surrounding it ala the keys of a piano or something, pun animted gak turun naik. Best tengok.

Then these other little toy soldiers which were smaller were scattered all over. Creative! Their designers bagus sih... cute theme and well designed.

Tapi dalam flustered nya aku nak shopping ni, apart from the decor which made me smile, there was this other thing I spotted masa turun naik escalator.

There was this area yang aku ingat sebenarnya meka jual barang sebab ramai orang. People were in chairs and I though it was the usual Ogawa ke Osim punya. Kira thought it was the sales area la... sebab teringat skali shopping ngan Bob yang amat Mesraaa sekali tuh sampai lenguh kaki, we actually sat our ass down for the free sample urut session nak legakan sebelum sambung jalan shopping.

So when I approached the area, perasan lak, it was a 'rest area' of sorts with lots of armchairs where people could rest themselves.

Good idea... except it wasn't enough to handle the crowd. Imagine... people were lining up for seats gituh.

Sempat gelak sorang diri aku tengok.

Sambung my shopping - found a couple of places with decent prices - below RM3000 for the 32" LCD TV.

Still - not good enough, so dari sana gegas lak ke Mid Valley Megamall.

Not much luck there too - in fact the prices there were the worst in comparison to other places I've been. Lousy deals.
Same items - but marked up easily by a few hundred Ringgit.

Matila berangan makan nama Mid Valley sampai nak naikkan harga walaupon dalam hypermarket katanya.

Azab tol.

Oh by the way - at this point memang mood aku foul gila da! Mana taknya... aiyo!!! The crowds - memacam perangai kena encounter.

Please be warned that while shopaholics love traipsing around malls - there are some things we DON'T do.

I did a mental compilation of things that pissed me off during those few hours. I know it may be too late for these tips, but they could keep you alive from shopaholics like me who are rushing with a long list as well as in some cases, the sales assistants and check out staff.

Beginning with entering the parking to exiting - here are several tips.
- When you want to reach out for the parking ticket, jangan wat lawak bodoh by acting like it's a drive in at a fast food restaurant. You only have to press a f**king buttom andbretrieve the ticket. Not spend 10 minutes doing God knows what. Some of us would like to put that time to better use.
- If you're looking for a parking spot, please don't enter one way lanes - especially since you're in the wrong but have the nerve to glare at me like I'M in the wrong lane. That just screams KILL! for me.
- If you're waiting for a car to pull out so you can park in its spot... fine. But don't hog the whole driveway, not allowing anyone to pass, and eventually cause someone to miss a spot further up in front because of your perangai sial.
- If you decide to bring your family out for a day out on last minute Christmas shopping - DON'T! The last thing anyone wants in front of them is five kids below six running about in front of them - at times blocking their path when they're rushing. Makes you almost want to treat them like footballs and kick 'em out of the way. And it's not polite for your kids to sample, test, use products on sale as well, ok (aku nampak berapa kali kejadian nih)
- When you reach a counter to pay - try not keeping the line up by going for some last minute additions and asking everyone to wait.
- When you're paying, please don't end up arguing with the check out person nak bising kata tuh nih pasal the product. Do that before you get in line with the sales assistants who are trained to know about the product you want to buy but know so little about.
- When someone else puts something on the counter to pay for it - don't pick it up and start fiddling with it or unwrapping it in front of them because you are interested in it. Take one off the shelves. This actually happened to me - and it got the person a very rude remark and an ugly look that caused them to run off scared by my threatening look. May have something to do with that heavy candlestand I was holding though.
- Make sure you bring enough cash, or your debit or credit card is enough to sustain your purchase so you don't piss everyone including the check out staff.
- Note - the shops are not a museum. Browsing is fine, but not when you just go into a shop to ooh aah but intentionally do it for fun. Do it some other time if you really have to not when everyone is rushing with last minute shopping.
- When you decide to make your exit, please remember where you parked and not press every floor in the damn elevator. This is crucial as it is almost sure to end up getting you lots of ugly looks, possibly a verbal curse and even a victim of attempted murder.
- When it says AUTOPAY - it means you have to actually pay for it before at a machine. Not for you to hold up the line exiting the mall - when you start jabbing at the intercom to ask for help and causing everyone delay because the parking staff have to run off and pay it for you because there's no way for you to reverse.
- If you have to pick up someone, stop at designated area, and don't inspire people to murder you by stopping in the middle of a three lane road, while on the phone asking your friend to hurry up.

Yes, these were incidents I actually encountered. And by the end of it - if I could be held for intent to murder, I was pretty much, very, very, very guilty because it's surprising how many idiots there are roaming the streets.

The gorgeous decor at Mid Valley did me some relief as they opted for a fairytale scene of golden woods, very autumnal like at the onset of winter, and they even had shows with elvish creatures dancing about that wasn't all too bad.

It was also about this time I could take a snapshot to show you just how packed the place was. Check out the crowds - in front of the stage. And on all floors surrounding the concourse.

Seriously...well... at least I managed to pick up a few gifts there. Popped into Pet World to check out some potential gifts.

I wonder if anyone needs a scorpion or tarantula as a pet. Wouldn't mind one. Anyone wanna buy me one?

Rushed to Berjaya Times Square to pick up some stuff and then rushed back to Klang Parade to meet my sis. The best deal for the LCD TV was still the one we got there. Not exactly dirt cheap, but the best price still - and paid for it and felt pretty broke after.

Still... it's the season of giving... and I do feel good. It's for my parents after all,
Also didn't feel too bad about the whole claustrophobia and the need for anger management because I did give up my spot to this family looking for a space for half hour.

Just a tip to the auntie next time if you want to approach someone - don't assume everyone knows Mandarin, and you have to resort to your six year old daughter to as me in English for my spot. Still, waited for their dad to turn the car around as I waved every car eyeing my spot on.

Good deed for the day indeed.

Not much - but it's a start.

Tired. My Boo is back - but don't know sempat jumpa ke tak.