Tuesday, December 18, 2007


For those who b***hed about my last entry, especially the handful of Hady Mirza so-called fans (though I don't think of them as that cause they give his fans a bad name), all I have to say is grow up.

Malas nak layan orang meroyan. I could go on and on like you, but I choose not to. Real fans who have contacted me, thank you for your views and I appreciate them. And I also appreciate that you accept MY views as mine without imposing your appreciation for him on me.

We all have different opinions, and being boorish, uncouth and as yesterday's influx of a handful of Singaporean IPs who came in with all sorts of slurs and profanities - is not about having one - but about trying to impose one on others for their right to an opinion.

Thank you to those who understand that simple premise. And to those who don't, tough.
Labelling me as anti-Singaporan simply because I don't think Hady is the greatest thing since the chewing gum ban, is shallow,nd a desperate attempt to slag me off. Thank you to those who hav noticed my support for the likes of Taufik Batisah, Ahli Fiqir and Imran Ajmain, the few Singaporean acts who I do feel are of substantial quality.

Again - that's my view.

Anyway, moving on (tak kuasa nak dwell on that) semalam sidang media tuk pengumuman berkaitan Anugerah Industri Muzik diadakan by the Recording Industri of Malaysia (RIM) dan Persatuan Akademi Industri Muzik Malaysia (PAIMM).
It wasn't to announce the details of the awards itself, atau pencalonan sebab judging pun belum lagi.

But it was quite important because changes were announced. Perubahan yang aku rasakan adalah sesuatu yang positif untuk industi muzik negara. Here are the changes (malas nak elaborate pepanjang) most of which will take effect from AIM 2008.

  • The eligibility criteria has been updated to include full albums and songs which have been released in digital formats over the Internet and mobile or cellular networks in addition to the previous physical formats of CDs and cassettes.

  • Two new categories will be introduced for Best Chinese Album and Best Indian Album to be awarded during the live telecast of the award shows. Both albums will be based on releases over the past two years.

  • Best Musical Arrangement category will be opened to two categories for Malay and non Malay categories.

  • Best Pop Rock Album and Best Hard Rock Album will be merged into a single category Best Rock Album.

  • Best New Local English Artiste category will be dropped and all new English acts will be eligible to compete in the main Best New Artiste category.

  • English acts will be eligible for all all technical categories as well as the Best Vocal Performance Category.

  • Best Indonesian Album will be changed into Best Malay Song Performed By A Foreign Artiste and the competition for that will be song based and not album based and will be open to any foreign artiste singing in the Malay language. This of course extends to all acts who are not considered Malaysian artistes, which by definition includes foreign artistes who are signed on to a local production outfit.

  • The award eligibility period meanwhile will also be changed to definition by calendar year. It will begin 1 Jan to 31 Dec to be fully reflective of the relevant year. During the transition from the previous eligibility period of 1 Dec to 30 Nov the award eligibility period for AIM 2008 will be 1 Dec 2006 to 31 Dec 2007.

  • Postal voting by members of PAIMM will be discontinued with effect from AIM 2008 due to poor response and initiatives will be made to move to online voting beginning AIM 2009.

  • A two tier judging system will be introduced. The first tier will be as the current system where it will now function as a pre-selection process for popular categories with more than 10 nominations to shortlist the top 10 using the existing judging system. The second tier for final selection of the award winner from a base of 30 expert and accredited judges who will be hand-picked. Each award category will have a head of panel and a chief judge will be appointed to oversee the entire judging process and answer questions at the post AIM press conference. That way, any queries on any doubts will be answered.

  • The treatment of awards categories with limited nominations also are more specific for a certain condition.
    -Where less than five nominations are received, the jury will decide on whether the nominations are deserving of an award for that year. It is open to the jury to consider that none of the nominations are worhty of an AIM award and to decide not to give an award for a particular category.
    -If only one nomination is received for a particular category. If it is deserving of an award, the nomination will receive a special jury awatd for deserving album or artiste where there are no other worthy nominations.
    -If less than five nominations are received for a category and there are more than one worthy nomination, but not all the nominations are worthy only the worthy nominations will be announced at the awards show before the award winner is announced.

    Kalau korang interested to know more about how the changes apply to a certain situation, leave your question in the Comments area and aku try jawapkan or get an answer for from the Akademi.

    Apapon, having personally fought for many of these changes, I am excited at the application of these amendments to the upcoming AIM.

    It's a positive step tuk martabat industri muzik negara kita, and I hope these changes will take on with more to come.

    Was grinning ear to ear when they were announced.

    Pas abih event kat Impiana tuh, ingat nak gerak. Masa tuh ngan Juan. Tapi sebab dia ada terserempak ngan Bob, e found out ada event Astro Oasis lak kat sana. Time was about past 5pm, and the other event was about 7pm, so kami lepak ler bilik si Bob which was a couple of steps away jer from the function rooms.

    Memasing kuar laptop ler apa lagik. Sempat abihkan keja, sambil melayan kerenah memacam jenis spesis yang menyerang blog aku smalam.

    Keadaan jadik smakin riuh rendah bila abang Salleh (tul ke - tak ingat sangat nama) dari kumpulan Brothers sampai, then Nabil dari Far East (ustaz comel nih) and diikuti bebudak Devotees. Juan tak rasa panas ke? Matilah aku kena carut pasnih.

    Nak pakai stoking pun tak aman kena amik pic. Bebudak Devotees and gang bersiap.

    It was fun walaupun kecoh sebab semua nak tumpang bersiap, a little crowded in the huge room but besh.

    Then once prepared, smua gerak skali. Meriah gak event launching program Aidiladha dan jemputan umrah nih. Ramai gak perform skali. Zahid mai lambat sikit and ciao awal - tapi Heliza, Salima, Rizal, Afiq pun ada tuk memeriahkan majlis.

    Rizal lama tak jumpa - si Heliza tetap kalao pose mesti ngada memacam pose.

    Bob - senyum tetap!

    It was fun, tapi yang pentingnya dapat info terbaru mengenai persiapan AKademi Fantasia. Apa yang benar mengenai apa aku dengar dan apa yang tidak dan juga SATU KEJUTAN! Erm.. kejutan ke. Kira perubahan ler dari awal peringkat ujibakat.

    Apa dia aku takleh bagitau, tunggu seminggu dua agik ek.

    When the time is right. Letih when it was over and done with - but singgah jumpa Zai jap, and then adik aku call nak jumpa Rabu nih.

    There goes my plan nak Christmas shopping.

    Turning in... later, guys.
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