Sunday, December 16, 2007

Asian Idol - vote for MAL and INDO

Did you guys watch the Asian Idol malam semalam?

Lupa sebenarnya it was the show tonight on TV. So as it came on, called Leo in Jakarta (actually he was on holiday of sorts in Bali) and gabbed about it for awhile.

Besh gila tengok the best of the best onstage, and proudly enough to see Jaclyn Victor, our very own Jac up there to compete with them.

The production itself didn't look grand for me - tapi ok ler. At least loved that humongous video wall thingy in the background. Kira makan hati gak aku opt to stay here sebab beberapa event ujung minggu nih instead of going to Jakarta to cover the event.

Apapon - dapat la gak lepas geram tengok how it went, even though the feel is different.So this is my little review of how I thought they performed, regardless of what the judges' comments were including that very anal looking and sounding no persnality Singaporean judge Ken Lim. Hope I got his name right... though he's hardly important enough to matter. While others were being overly dramatic - he was looking as if he had something permanently stuck up his ass throughout the show.

Every country had a judge - except Malaysia. We had Paul Moss, who according to wikipedia is still very much a Kiwi. But let's even waste space going there.As my title suggests, you can pretty much guess who I support as the first Asian Idol.

Nih kira ulasan aku dari show tadi berdasarkan prestasi mereka.

Phuong Vy (Vietnam)
River Deep Mountain High (Celine Dion)
Luc Moi Yeu
On River Deep, she was like a bad lounge singer. Her diction was as horrible as her showmanship, and nothing seemed to work for her. In the first round after she did this, she was easily the worst of all the idols.
When she did the second - it was cheesy, but it was better, though I wouldn't go as far as to agree with Mr Anal who said she was the most commercial of them all. We can forget her, short of a miracle to get her beyond the sixth spot.

Mau Marcelo (Philippines)
Ako Ang Nagwagi (Dulce)
Reach (Gloria Estefan)
The first attempt was vocally strong, but overdramatic and theatrical. Someone forgot to tell Miss Mau that it's Asian Idol and not Philippine Idol back again as she totally ignored regional appeal and went for what perhaps works back home. Reach was more pleasant - though she seemed to work her voice with a certain limited cockiness.
It just didn't work - and didn't grab my attention. Nak sangat carut baju dia tapi sebab tu merupakan baju kebangsaan mereka I will resist the urge.

Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia)
For Once In My Life (Stevie Wonder)
Gemilang (Jaclyn Victor)
I loved her rendition of For Once In My Life, though her stage presence didn't come across sadly enough. Our Jac was easily up there from the start and set the pace because she was the first to perform, so I can pretty much explain the stress and pressure of going on before anyone else does.
Still she did pretty welll to transfer the pressure on to the others with her performance. Gemilang mungkin membosankan bagi mereka yang biasa, after all lagu tu sudah berapa lama da. Tapi it still works and she was amazing.
She ended on a high - and by talent and appeal I rate her as among the top two without a doubt!

Hady Mirza (Singapore)
Berserah (Taufik Batisah)
Beautiful Day (U2)
First of all I find it funny he should be doing Taufik's song, considering Taufik was the first idol and he was the second. Still - his voice was a raspy boyband wannabe which was boring to say the least.
Beautiful Day was nice, but Paul was spot on saying that he didn't have the right stuff for the song. A pretty boy doing U2? As if... why the hey did Singapore even send him? At least Taufik can sing.

Abhijeet Sawant (India)
Everyhthing I Do I Do It For You (Bryan Adams)
His diction on the karaoke evergreen was laughable, and I enjoyed myself in front of the TV cackling away. I have no idea what possessed him to perform it. He couldn't do well in English, has no feel for the song, struggled though it with his mediocre voice and looked like he was just trying to get it over with.
Junoon was better. He did what he did best and it worked. At least it distanced him away from the Vietnamese Idol who was miles below anyone else despite having quite a nice voice

Mike Mohede (Indonesia)
Mengejar Matahari (Ari Lasso)
I Believe I Can Fly (R Kelly)
Oh my God! What can you say about Mike? Masa lagu Ari Lasso, I was close to tears. Mengejar Matahari has never been more beautiful! He worked it so well.
I Believe I Can Fly is tops on the overkill list of tunes for me and I hate the song now - but when he did it, it was like hearing the song for the first time. He made it so his own! I've loved Mike's voice from the start of Idol, with my favourite rendition of his competition days, his take of Dewa's Pupus, and this could be the break Mike is waiting for. Definitely got my vote.

So as you guys can see, I'm voting for Jac and Mike. They rock and they are the best representation of talents this side of Asia has to offer. They have the right mix of vocals, appeal and sheer showmanship and I want either of them to become the first Asian Idol.

So what are you waiting for? Thankfully sebab one vote is for two countries, you and I can vote for the best without guilt!

The instructions are above for those in Malaysia, and friends in the region, find out your local text vote number and vote because the voting closes tomorrow night. Less than 24 hours away.
It's not total SMS as if I'm not mistaken it's also part jury marks, so here's hoping some common sense will prevail.

By the way - things are probably not going to change, but someone smack the hosts. Jien was ok, but the other two were just irritating. And I always thought you couldn't outdo Jien in that department.

I don't know if I can make it to watch the Resuts Show tomorrow but I guess I'm going to have to try despite my other engagement.

Wanna watch Taylor Hicks perform! Ok la... nak finish some work (yes, sad isn't it malam minggu dok rumah layan TV dan wat keja) as well as do my entry for the review of America's Next Top Model punya finale.

Takperlah.. ngan memacam khabar angin pasal the Hindraf related disturbance in the city - bagus gak aku tak kuar.