Monday, December 17, 2007

Asian Idol? More like ASININE Idol

I think if you go by the Ten Commandments - two were broken in last night's Asian Idol results show.

There goes the 'thou shalt not worship false idols' with the win by Singapore's Hady Mirza and 'thou shalt not steal' with the robbing of the glory of three VERY MUCH more worthy talents in Mike Mohede Prabawa - the Indonesian Idol (the best!!!), our very own Jaclyn Victor, the first Malaysian Idol (simply amazing as always) and even Mau Marcelo from the Philippines.(not really into her but she kicked ass!) who so deserved the title more than the pretty boy who tried to sing.

Urgh!!! As if!

Aku memang tak kesempatan tengok pon the results show sebab aku kat Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre tuk Malam 1001 Gemilang tuk show M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah dan Mawi.

Tapi news reports asik masuk katanya, and the moment they announced the horrific results - berduyun masuk SMS yang terkejut!Z

What can I say? He sure as hell wasn't the least deserving of the win - but he was hardly the choice for the Asian Idol title (setaraf jer ngan Vietnam Idol dan Indian Idol tuh) So apparently, being a pretty boy with a Redbox karaoke quality voice is enough for a win.

No thanks to the weird percentage count that they adopted. Yeap, it was 100% SMS vote - silap aku sebab the only announcement pasal format tuh mengatakan terlibat pemarkahan juri.

And I think that worked in his favour. In fact - thanks to some meaningful conversations from those around town - and juga di Jakarta, here are speculation on how hell froze over.

SPECULATION (yes, mere speculative theories) on 10 reasons how Hady Mirza won Asian Idol:
1. He got 'vengeance votes. With Mike, Mau and Jac being amazing, their own fans in the home countries probably voted for the horrible losers they never expected to win. Example - in Malaysia, someone could have voted for Jac, and given the second vote to someone hopeless like Hady - to avoid giving leverage to Mike and Mau. Bad move. In other words, they all voted the loser to avoid the best to be winners.

2. There are really a lot of uncontrollable horny female fans who are tone deaf and just ooze at the sight of Hady, sending them into temporary loss of sanity (as well as hearing) sending them into a voting frenzy.

3. The damn Singaporean currency is bigger - and Singaporeans don't really have anything better to spend on than a two-bit karaoke wannabe.

4. It was like watching a train wreck - you had to pity the victim, thus sympathy votes after his crap performance ("Aw... poor dear... he's from Singapore - he won't win, let's vote him")

5. No one in their right mind bothered to vote simply because they knew that the Idol is series is simply crap. After all - the best almost never wins.

6. Malaysians voted for him because they're sick of him peddling his album here, because sales in Singapore are as amazing as watching paint dry. We love Taufik Batisah more and wish at least we was there in Jakarta - the win would at least be deserved.

7. Fremantle Asia, the rights owner to the Idol series is based in Singapore thus possible inteference in making sure Hady won to make things easier (mere speculation - don't get your panties in a knot - we all love conspiracy theories)

8. Ken Lim aka Mr Anal, who never had anything nice to say (except to the Vietnam Idol who never stood a chance) to anyone else except Hady. Mr Anal is also the managing director of Hype Records, Hady's label. In other words, his boss! More conspiracy theories?

9. Idol isn't all that popular and doesn't have that much reach in the other countries (a truth in Indonesia, Malaysia and India at least, don't know about the others) while in Singapore - it's the only thing they have (in Malaysia, Akademi Fantasia is bigger, while in Indonesia the similar Akademi Fantasi, and Kontes Dangdut Indonesia is so much more popular)

10. Everyone had a twisted sense of humour in wanting to see Hady win.

So did my list match yours? Did you have others? I've been scouring the Internet nak check tengok sapa agik setuju. And it's unanimous. Except for Singaporeans (not all though), Idol fans all over Asia insist that it should have been Mike, Jac or Mau.

Oh well - the fans get what they deserve. After all - Hady's not going to go anywhere.
Yakked on the phone and had a couple of hours with various people who all expressed shock and horror at the results (Former MTV VJ and actress Fazura being the best - won't even go there since I'm sure people would be interested to know how she felt since she and Hady were an item).

Tapi at least Fazura takde la gembar gembur pun benda tuh sebelom ni. Masih tak gemar perangai Hady yang berangan, plus mai Malaysia nak promosi album jerk, terus guna nama Fazura, dalam interview nak sebut beriya dia penah couple ngan Fazura. Puke puke puke!
Setakat berapa ribu jual kat Singapore album, mai sini gak nak promosi album. Yawn... sodih.

Realitinya tak ke mana jua.

Lain kali kalau nak sangat wat pertandingan SMS based tuh, baik kita hantar Mawi jerk... at least leh menang (matilah aku....bukan mencarut ek... realiti!)

Nak gelak gak pikir yang dulu kritik Akademi Fantasia katakan bakat lahir dari program tuh bukan kualiti tapi populariti. Last last tengok Idol pun dua kali lima hampeh dot com nya (merasalah!)

Ok da abih meroyan bab Asian Idol... tadik sapa yang ada kat Malam 1001 Gemilang, just to say hi, kalau aku tak tegur sorry. Sebab rushing and a little flustered.

Plus - sebenarnya ada hal nak settle ngan Mawi (yer yer je cam serious padahal bab magic jerk). Botak call aku pas show... sempat ah gayut jap ngan dia sambil tunggu Vern sampai Pelita kat Bangsar for a drink to b***h about Asian Idol's results show.

Pas gayut ngan dia, dan call Fazura tuk carut - called My Boo yang hantar SMS bengang ngan result too. Anyway to backtrack, tak sempat amik pic apa pon, ni jerk pic kat atas tuh of M. Nasir tengah feeling joget in the audience gituh.

Moving along, Faizal Tahir kebetulan lalu ngan manager dia Helmy masa kita melantak (well, aku minum jerk sambil carut keja aku).

Faizal passed his album sebab aku lum dapat pun - siap sign tuk aku... awww... how sweet.

Bagus gak dapat album dia - baru nak beli (merasalah saving terus).

Setakat nih aku da dengar album dia for most parts sebab Audi did a lot of work on it and I have to say, it's one of the best male solo albums of the year.

Aku predict Anugerah Industri Muzik 2008 nih dia ada harapan nak menang besau nih... paling tidak pun meriah pencalonan.

Anyway - nanti jer la kalao aku sempat dan rasa ada masa terluang aku review album dia.
Can't stay on too long to post this entry (just really needed to get Hady's stupid win off my chest).

Esok ada press conference kedua tuk Anugerah Industri Muzik 2008. Siang sebelom tuh ada keja sikit nak settle. Tengah prepare proposals nak siapkan ASAP sebab 2008 memang tahun sibuk bagik aku. Memacam dalam perancangan dan banyak kerja nak siapkan kalao nak betul-betul open the year with a bang.

Anyway - before I end this - I want to say a few things.

To fans of Mike Mohede - keep supporting that teddy bear. He is talented - and has soul to him like no other I've heard. He is one of the most beautifully honest voices I've heard in a long time and he will go places.

To fans of Jaclyn Victor - we know she rocks and that's what's important. Her time will come.

To fans of Mau Marcelo - she is talented, and I hope she ill break the regional market at least, though I think she needs a shift in musical direction.

To fans of the other Idols - erm... good luck?

To fans of Hady Mirza - deal with the endless b***Hing on the Internet from all over Asia. He just didn't deserve it.

To Singaporeans - keep supporting Taufik Batisah as he is one of the best Singaporean talents and should have rightly been in Asian Idol.
Toodles for now (preparing for the hate to come my way from Hady lovers)

PS - That Hady pic is not mine. Googled it. Think it comes from The Straits Times. My tribute to the first ASININE Idol! (Someone please teach him to tuck his shirt in properly)

PS Pt II - Autoplay is set on to the new version of Yanie's new song - I'ms ure you guys recognise the tune. Don't forget to also check out Ning's new song in Melankolia.