Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are you ready?

Oh my... another year ending. Cam cepat sangat lak dah nak berakhir 2007. Gawd! I hate the onset of a new year.

Resolutions... traffic jams... bad parties... recollections of things you don't ever want to remember... you know the drill.

Got so pessimistic about 2008, a year where we're having the election, where prices are almost surely to go up (either it's cigarettes, petrol or toll - all of which I can't seem to avoid spending on) and opportunities are unsure.

Curled up in bed the whole day, and after over 12 hours sleep (membadak tak hengat!!!) got up to a cheery day. Well... technically... since it was already late evening.

Anyway didn't do much today. Still wondering nak gi mana malam esok for new year's eve. Got a couple of places to be actually, tapi tak satu pun berkenan.

The most likely skang will be KLCC for the celebrations there. Tapi pada masa yang sama, thinking of getting away from the city - where everyone will be congregating.

That way - if some natural disaster or monster attack occurs - I'll be one of the few survivors (ok... I think I need to stop watching those Cloverfield promo trailers)

Tapi serius, aku rasa cam nak larikan diri dari KL jerk sebab malaih tul pikir how jammed up it's going to be.

Roads are going to be closed, it's going to take hours to get even a few hundred metres, and the only way to avoid the jam is to leave latest by late noon, or take public transport with the masses, many of whom aren't familiar with the word hygiene.

Urghhh!! No thank you! Tried that once. Yuck!

So anyway, leaving it until the last minute to decide.

Apapun - for the moment - malas pikirkan. Tengok camna. one thing for sure, I am not going to f**k up my 2008 welcome unlike last year, sebab pikirkan orang lain. Yeap, the closing of 2007 and the ushering of 2008 is going to be start being about me.

Yeap... that's what 2008 is going to be like.

Work, getting ahead, and who knows... making my first million? Nothing's impossible. And decided sudah. I've got about two and a half months leave to play with (make that 49 days - since I'm on five day week, it adds up to twelve weeks with weekends - not including public holidays in between) so aku akan cuti as of January and probably start in mid April. Boleh? Cam omputeh lak concept summer holiday nak take a few months off tapi gaji masih jalan.

Oh, I'll still be at all events, tapi officially tak keja. Figured out need time off. First of all, my TV project has to take off with the first round of boardroom meetings in early January. Also work on the ad campaign which I conceptualised for my sister. It's my first involvement in this side of a creative marketing campaign - and I'm so glad my idea was jumped at. Apapun, look out for the RED campaign in 2008. That's all I can say.

Those two massive projects are going to be taking up a lot of my time dah.

Arghh!! So many things to do... and hopefully (this is one complain I'd love to hear coming from me) so much money to make!!! Matilah.

Anyhoo... smalam gi rehearsal Nikki nak tengok preparation dia for the RTM new year's eve show. Kat studio, she's performing ngan Burn, Deja Moss and VE, with probably the link up of Konsert Sinaran kat Dataran Merdeka featuring Mawi and Mila dan ramai lagik.

Since kalau aku in town pun aku gi KLCC (or may run to Dataran kalau larat), so pop in tengok camna persiapan dia. I'll cut short my rantings and go to the pics ok (making full use of my digicam)
Until tomorrow, guys.

New look for RTM for 2008? A little tacky (too colourful - cam kids' show lak) - but the best set I've seen from them so far... which isn't saying much.

With this much lighting, you have to wonder why things look so dark on TV - or why everything has to be colour lights ala ala gerai tomyam.

Things looked ok masa duet Deja and Nikki.

A close-up shot.

Azmi amusing himself with his fingers. And er... Nikki did NOT approve of this J-Lo-esque pic.

Everything was ok until.... Deja was attacked by the badly dressed Afro martians!

Anas looked away, while Maz... erm... was.. spellbound by the dancers.

Group act - host Nazril and whatzhername...

Nazril tries to dance.

Interview pun kena rehearse ke???

Nikki in action.

And attacked by the killer mime dancers...