Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anugerah Skrin

What the...

No thanks to the bloody motherf**king stupidity of blogdrive and their so-called maintainece of their goddamned servers just as I was publishing my entry, my one hour plus of typing this entry out - was totally f**ked up and lost. Macam p*****k s**l h***m j***h s**l b**i l*****t!!!!

Damn damn damn damn damn!


Malas nak posting again. So here are the pics. Bosan gila nak taip balik apa aku tulis lagik skali (samalah perasaan sambil tonton Anugerah Skrin tadik).

Congrats to 'Mukhsin' in Syafie! Also to abang Bade for his directing of Syaitan.
And a double birdie salute for the old cracks in the jury for giving Mukhsin and Yasmin a miss. BOO!!!!

Ning posing ngan barang kemas (walaopon dalam bilik air bilik nih) and Nikki zoning out.

Fasha at the red carpet and this blogger yang tension isap rokok masa commercial break.

Barisan pemenang pas camera off air.

Que and Nani.

Three words you should remember when you're a man in a woman's dress - push-up, corset and padding. Things NOT needed by Julia Zieggler (did I get her name right?) on the right who looked stunning.

Dynaz pun hot hot hot! And the two other famous Sharifahs - Alesya and Aryana with mummy Fati in the back.

The post party - simple but packed gak. Seb baik meka control orang wannabes dari masuk.

Shafie, hero Malaya yang baru and Dayang.

Argh! Letih sangat! Nak tidur! Just a short message to those yang akan speku (sebab dengar masa post party gaks), Nani and Que are NOT an item ok so jangan speku meka da bercinta dalam diam.

Going... going... gone.