Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And then there were nine...

It's Boxing Day... er... that's the day after Christmas for those of you who can't figure out what it is. Yes, it is traditionally the day to give presents to employees, er...lower minions and life forms, or more worthily - the less fortunate.

Actually popped in the office today. Tak keja sebenarnya, but for some freaking reason I had to be there.

One was probably the email I received, sent on Christmas Eve on Monday - saying that my office - on the second floor... yes I repeat that.. the second floor - had been flooded due to heavy downpours.

Er... excuse me? Flood on the second floor?

No the water level didn't rise that high in Bangsar. Just during the heavy rain, some water seeped or something through the roof (it's a six storey building - don't ask me more, it's mind boggling) and all the plaster ceiling boards gave way and water came splashing down.

The corridor was immediately flooded, and the first area closest to the spot to be affected was the surau. Next to it was the entrance to my office. According to my colleagues, water didn't seep in - it bloody rushed in!

On Christmas morning when I checked my email and saw the notice - I didn't know what to think.

So earlier today - curiosity killed the cat - and I HAD to check out what the damage was.

The carpeting was dry - and no wonder. Not only because it was two days since the incident - and the air conditioning was running full blast, but there were blowers everywhere in the office to dry the place up.

During the flash flood of sorts - bebudak sempat gerakkan all the barang stashed under tables, so my stuff was safe. Not like I had anything valuable under my table. Like anyone does...

Still it was a relief.

Despite the hurricane like effect of the sound of the blowers nothing was damaged, apart from the plaster ceiling boards which gave way connecting our office to the New Straits Times side.
Again - if anyone wants to ask me how it happened, I really have no clue.

If you've ever been to Balai Berita - drop in and enquire cause I really couldn't be bothered to find out how the mysterious flash flood actually occurred ont he second floor.

Everyone I asked gave me a vague explanation, leading me to believe no one really knows or cares. Well, as far as the editorial staff were concerned.

Probably like me, many chose to leave it as one of those mysteries not worth time solving because it really wasn't that important.

Kelakar lak tengok ofis camnih dengan barang semua stacked up on the desks, seeing many had been away for the holidays and were coming back in today - thus the untouched items on the desks for the moment.

I'd love to see the faces of those who didn't check their emails and wonder what the freak is going on with the situation like this in the office.

Yang dalam kotak besau ko tengok tuh, tuh ler meja meka yang pemalas, orang yang tak unpack sejak we moved into the office MONTHS ago.

Really... so much for my efforts to decorate the place.

Yang pentingnya - I don't know what's wrong with my Astro in the office as I couldn't get it to go to anything. Wonder if the rain had anything to do with it.

Got to get it seen to.

Cleared up my area - and got the music in full blast - not like it helped because even my canggih punya sound system couldn't do battle with the sound of the blowers.

Put up with it for another half hour as I tried to get some work out of the way - but gave up after that and went about switching all of them off one by one.

Puas ati!

I think I got a standing ovation for pulling the plugs.

The alien blowers had us at gunpoint!

I had a blower of my own - doesn't everyone?

After I was done with a little bit of work, hung around a bit. Before I got a call from Fazura. Minah tuh tak shooting ari ni, and dia ajak temankan dia lunch.

Aku lak nak gi piercing, so I asked her to join me. She ranted about how she was hungry and bored sebab ari ni tak shooting - and insisted I join her for sushi at The Talk - so within half an hour, my ass was in The Talk.

Lepas late lunch (my God, that petite woman can sure eat a lot!!!!) I jumped into her car on her insistence since she was bad at driving around KL, and we headed to Kotaraya to get my piercing done.

Faz kata dia pun nak tambah satu kat telinga dia, on the right lobe - so dia pun join.

So far, that woman has only got one on each ear, which she got at the age of 5, thanks to her mom.

Me? I wanted to get pierced to replace my eyebrow piercing, which had ripped out of the spot, leaving just a barely noticeable scar.

And out of sheer freakishness, I decided to go for two at a go. Faz was amazed at how I could handle the pain. With much bravado of course.

Macho gila konon can take it la.
After all, I had my eyebrow pierced before and while it stung, it didn't really hurt that bad. As far as I can recall anyway.
Tapi by the time the first needle went through, aku rasa nak menjerit. Mak aih!!! Damn that hurt!!!

Tahan agik, leh gelak cover line sakit, walaopon aku ngaku it stung.

The second piercing went in - and my God!!! It stung like a b***h!!!! It felt like someone shoving a spade through my eyebrow! Ouch!!

Mata da merah mengalir airmata. Oh well - beauty is pain. And yes, that is my definition of beauty.. body art. So if you don't like it - tough!

As you can see in the pic kat atas tuh, I got it done, and I pretty much like the double layout. Yang pentingnya, this takes me up to a total of nine piercings, that three on my left ear (two lobe, one ear cartillage), one right, double on the left eyebrow, one on my nose on the left, my lower lip as well as my tongue.

I really think that's it for now. Aku takkan pierce agik pasni. This is just nice for me.

Er... by the way, note the t-shirt I'm wearing. Tuh latest merchandise under the klubbkidd brand. Tapi merasalah not for sale.

Saja je pakai sendiri. Yerlah.. why should I be endorsing someone else's name kan?

Matilah pay me first!

Apapon - pada sapa yang nak t-shirt camtuh let me know ek - especially the ladies. Aku nak wat baby tee lah ngan the logo you see with my motto on it - which is Fuc Ut Vivas. Again for those who are clueless and missed the bus - it doesn't mean anything rude.

It's Latin for 'Get A Life!'. My message to those who choose to heckle at what I have to say. Gets tiring after a while to explain things.

Oh anyway, on to Faz. Pas aku abih dia pun nak piercing. She was actually having second thoughts sebab dia takut sebenarnya. Merasalah! Baru ear lobe nak takut.

That's like the paling tak sakit one.

Apapon, I coaxed her and finally - she went through with it. Not before she put up this major drama.

But we had fun alright - and walaupun aku tak sampai ati nak amik video of her screaming (she did a bit of that), aku share these pics in the timeline I took them to give you an idea why I was laughing away at her.

Note that aku tak mintak dia lakonkan aksi aksi dibawah ni ye... aku snap candid. She was too preoccupied with fear to care. So I got to laugh at her with these pics after it was done.

First nak kena tandakan mana dia nak tindik. Da risau... tapi sempat serious nak cek posisi.

Nampak the gun nak piercing je takut , by instinct she caught the piercer's hand and tolak sambil jerit TAKUT!!!! (tapi sempat gelak!)

Tak nak tengok... like it makes a difference!

Aaaahhh!! Sakit!!!!! Tapi sempat gelak again. Tak betul la pompuan ni!

Sakit konon... tapi sempat cek ok ke tak.

And the end result. The new piercing is the smaller diamond stud.

The first thing that came out of her mouth to me was, "Cantik tak?"

Matilah ko!! Aku pecah perot gelak. Aiyo!!!! Tadik takut sakit, da buat lak berangan katanya!
Kelakar tol. Anyway, tunggu Juan nak sampai to join us for dinner. Tapi lambat sangat so kita gerak ke Semua House sebab Faz nak beli barang. Merasalah sempat patah balik piercer aku sebab dia gi beli spare studs for her ear. Kes cam aku la. Bukak skali entah letak mana. So beli spares just in case.

We gerak ke Semua House, bought some stuff and walked down Jalan Masjid India to browse. She bought more stuff. Merasalah! I didn't know this was going to be a shopping trip.

Was joined by Juan for dinner. Faz then rushed to Damansara to see her friend for another dinner punya janji. We all met later in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for supper, after aku jemput My Boo.

Spent hours yakking - the four of us, sampai memasing nguap. Aiyo... came back, uploaded. Now off to sleep. Letih. Esok lak ada keja banyak gak... so later, guys and gals.