Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Win tickets to Live & Loud TODAY!

Do you want to win these tickets? Win, NOT buy ok...cause if you do, then keep reading...

I've always wanted to do this but no real opportunity ever arose. So dengar sini... eh...silap... baca sini (cam tak betul lak tulis camtuh). Kalau korang nak tiket ke Live & Loud 07, you can win tickets here.It's a simple competition, tak susah pon. Malas nak wat contest susah-susah. Cam tak ikhlas lak kang nak bagik tiket kat korang.

So read on kalao korang bebetul nak tiket tiket ini.It takes less than five minutes to win.
Here's what this contest is all about.

Tickets for the Live & Loud 07 R&B concert tomorrow night, 28 Nov 2007 at Stadium Negara beginning from 6.30pm until very late!

Tickets are RM330, RM220, RM190 and Rm130 but you can get these Elite Passes FREE to watch K-Ci & Jojo, Mint Condition, Lil'G of Silk, Mark Douglas, Taufik Batisah, Nikki, Jaclyn Victor, Azan (Ruffedge), Lah(VE) and Mode. I have no idea what the seats are like or where they are or whatever...but hey...they're FREE!!! (Malaysians love that word, right?)

I have a total of TEN tickets nak bagik korang, so all you have to do is follow the directions below, and win, win, win!

Regular readers of my blog will find it a lot easier to answer these simple questions.

Easy! From 3pm (no earlier), all you have to do, is be the first FOUR callers to 013-6026006 (at normal call charge only - ko ingat bapak aku tokei telco ke) and answer three simple questions to win double passes (that's TWO passes a winner) each to the event! The winner who answers the bonus question FIRST among the winners correctly, will win a total of FOUR passes to the show.

The three questions are :
1)Name me the three performers in the R&B show who were in the Idol series?
2)Where will the R&B concert be held?
3)Is Live & Loud 07 the biggest music event in South East Asia?

Bonus question (it is in my blog)

Name me two pop divas I watched LIVE in concert recently, one in Singapore and one in Bangkok.

This is open to ANYONE, but to qualify, you MUST post the sentence I WON! in the Comments box within 5 minutes of being declared winner (sit down lah in front of your computer as you call me to do it immediately)

Since the concert begins at 6.30pm (you can go later, but you risk missing some really good performances), you MUST be able to pick up the tickets from me at 5pm in 1 Utama, Damansara.at a venue I will tell you on the phone.

There are NO exceptions to these rules.

The prizes are just the passes offered. Winners bear their own cost of travel, lodging or Ramly burgers and watered down Coke. Ko gila ke aku nak sponsor semua?

I am NOT responsible for any change in the line-up of the event or anything to do with the organiser. Note that I am NOT affiliated with Live & Loud 07 either.
Also I am not responsible if you get caught bringing someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend to the event. Or somebody else's boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter.

I hope you guys enter this contest. I made this announcement last minute, because I want it to be more of a thank you to my loyal blog readers yang selama ini temankan aku, with every entry, no matter how boring or obnoxious I get.

There MAY be more coming your way, but I'm not making any promises ok? I will try my best!
Anyway, I won't be at the R&B event because I will be attending the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival (KLIFF) welcoming night at the same time.

Kalau ada masa, I may drop by, because My Boo will be there ngan kengkawan dia.
Am dead tired because I just got back from the Live & Loud 07 80s show with James Ingram, Kool & The Gang and Hazami, which was also at Stadium Negara.

It's just simply AWESOME. One thing for sure, the performers are all top notch, and the production of the show like no other concert you've seen or heard in Malaysia.

I usually get b****y about concerts here because of lousy sound systems or nightmare acoustics, but this...was simply awesome (all the more reason you guys shouldn't miss winning the tickets).

Here are a few pics from last night. Sorry about the quality. Can't do anything about it kecuali kalau ada sesiapa nak sponsor aku camera phone or digital camera baru... didn't think so...

Half full stadium during Hazami and James Ingram performance. What's it about Malaysians and not being on time?

James actually got off the stage when he was singing I Don't Have The Heart and came down to us in the arena area.He's the bald dude.

Awesome lighting during the Kool & The Gang performance.

By Kool & The Gang, it was PACKED!

Energetic show - boogie all night long.

As you can see from the pics, it was really a fun time. Hazami was pretty good, tapi yang best nya, masa James Ingram performed, he actually got off stage and layan everyone in my section of the arena. Cool!

Sapa yang minat tapi tak gi, rugi siot. He sang all his biggies! As did Kool & The Gang! They've got so many hits in their catalogue, it's not funny, sebab aku dah semput asik menari, and there was no stopping, because I seemed to know every song (I'm not old... I... erm...listened to...erm... my parents' collection?)

A salute to the Kool guys, one of whom noticed me freaking disco-style in the front row and waved to me, pointing out my hair. Erm... red is very attention grabbing, that's for sure.
Got an invite from Reymee, the head honcho of Live & Loud 07 to join the private post party with the band, tapi memang letih gila, so torn between wanting to go and boogie some more or not.

I'm not as big a fan of Kool & The Gang, but it was the thought that counted, and it was sweet of Reymee to invite me, so props to you dude!

Apapun, I have to compliment you la mate sebab ko rilek jer throughout the whole show walaopon apa berlaku. I am so proud to know someone yang muda muda, dah berani nak take all this on. If it were me, I would have either gone crazy ke...warded terus sebab tak tahan all the stress.

Reymee was my junior in college (a big shout out to Ocean Institute of Audio Technology - 241B!) yang memang ramai produce orang industry skang.

Dia nih memang humble giler. Masa aku kuar college aku da dengar mamat ni nyanyi, tapi tak sangka we crossed paths again when Innuendo nak kuar album (yeap, the one with Belaian Jiwa - everyone's favourite karaoke tune) and I interviewed them. Terkejut gak aku...but who would have thought...I'd be on the other side.

Apapon - dude, you've gone far, and just keep chasing your dreams! No matter what. Kalau ada sesapa masih ingat dan minat Innuendo, here's a pic of Reymee and I. The coolest, and now most busiest dude in town (muka pun nampak letih giler walaopon senyuman menyembunyikan stress memacam)

By the time we ended, memang aku rasa nak pengsan. Letih siot! Dancing throughout the night takes its toll (actually it was dancing on and off for an hour or so, with the rest of the time sitting on my ass too lazy to move anything apart from my head)Did I go to the post party. Nope... but got to meet Kool & The Gang anyway pastuh to interview them. Coolness.

Esok ada interview ngan James Ingram, tapi sibuk ngan KLIFF, so no go on that. Got to catch some shut eye now. Cheers!

PS - Sapa layan aku pagi tadik kat Astro Awani, jangan carut aku ek sebab rupa aku ngantuk sangat. Aku half asleep on the program, tambah lagik takde orang nak bangkang point aku. Heh...ok ler tuh. Kira menang tanpa bertanding.