Friday, November 30, 2007

Tyra is a cow!

The whole two last episodes of America's Next Model in episode 10 and episode 11 appear to be engineered to eliminate favourites, especially MY favourites in Lisa and Heather.

Somehow - things always seem to be just against them. Oh well... big effing deal. I'm gonna keep watching anyway to b***h about the show, despite things being crap at the moment, and the only person I have left to root for is Chantal.

In episode 10 - Lisa seemed to be the planned victim for elimination with Heather being the in lead in for the next elimination. Obvious sangat.

Saleisha and Bianca's bullying was was simply too much. From them thrashing her during packing to go to China. Saleisha, taking the double bed, and not wanting to share, leaving with Heather without a bed is just juvenile. Very model-esque...

Heather definitely needs an ass whooping, but not from them. Honestly, she still kicks ass when it comes to pictures, and Tyra is just crap for wanting stereotype models, walaupon asik kata nak something different.

For the first challenge of posing while flying on wires, Heather rocked by performing the best! Bianca meanwhile chickened out and cried like hell as she looked at Heather all ready as they both were paired off.

So much for ghetto chick. Boo ya!

Bianca was disqualified from the challenge and Heather won the overall challenge.
Erm...someone tell Jenah she looks like a clumsy cow - and also let Chantal and Saleisha know that it's KUNG-FU and not karate they're doing. I think they just insulted the people of China.
Anyway Heather won a shopping spree and brought Chantal.

For the photo shoot, it's time for the Covergirl shoot.

Saleisha is a Valley girl, and totally so fake and bubbly with commercial qualities. But forget high fashion.

Bianca just doesn't own it, and I don't know why she's come this far. But I love her reason for being a Covergirl queen.

"I have flaws, but I make them beautiful."

Still - the fact that she didn't do the challenge, and looked like an overpuffed drag queen was just horrible, and her reason for being a queen was no reason to save her.

Matilah Laurielle.

Heather did badly during the shoot - admittedly.
But I don't see a reason why Bianca is there. She turned down a challenge for God's sake! She should go.

All the girls struggled... and they weren't all that different. I think the best would have been Chantal. She IS a Covergirl.

Lisa struggled too - and it's obvious she and Heather are the weakest in the public speaking department - but since when has THAT ever been such a dominating criteria of being a a model?
Lisa's photgraphy was fine! and even Jenah was sucky in her commercial. Still, in the end it was Lisa and Heather in the bottom two. F**k!!!


Systematic elimination!

The judges are obviously showing favour towards Saleisha, and it's no surprise thst they've identified her as the winner... the LOUSIEST butt-ass boring model ever picked on the show.
Check out Lisa's portfolio. Saleisha... go back where you came from!

In episode 11 - Heather was the next. After being in the bottom two last week with Lisa, we knew Heather was going home. No matter how good she could have done, it wouldn't have saved her. The show is bloody rigged.

Heather messed up on the go-see simply because of her condition, tapi while that's no excuse, come on!!!

Bianca looked horrendous and still she's there.

As the next challenge takes place in Beijing, it's obvious with Heather gone - the judges are hard pressed. Mesti kencing dalam seluar punya. With Chantal being the only popular favourite, the judges have to decide between her and Saleisha, Bianca and Jenah which they've been pushing from the start. But since we already know the winners... oh well.

Tyra goes on to how Jenah and Heather, both of whom are in the bottom two, are the strongest in the photos - but have problem commiunicating.

Blah blah blah Tyra. I curse you to bloat up again!

Despite her condition, I'm sure she'll work it and have a bright future in modelling. Heather... not Tyra.

"The experience is much more than the prize" was what Heather's parting words were.
Aw.... isn't that just touching.

Not much suspense for what's coming up. Getting sick of seeing Tyra for now. And someone tell Miss J to get some work done on his face AND hair. Talk about setting a bad example for the girls. Enough already...

So these four remain... and I don't really want to know about Saleisha winning. Puke!

Damn Streamyx... my line has been wonky so am not going to stay online long. Toodles!