Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two open houses and a tahlil

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the wind whipped through my unnaturally red hair, as I cruised down the highway...getting to my destination with ease.

What a f**king dream!

Macam p*****k haram sangat hari ni, sebab aku budget nak ke rumah terbuka slash bowling tournament mentor aku si Alam kat Berjaya Times Square.

Hasilnya? Dok posing kat tengah highway akibat some smart ass, who thought the best way of countering demonstrations in the Federal Capital, was by freaking sealing all the access roads into the city.

Mangkuk hayun tol! While the blame went to the tunjuk perasaan kerana menyusahkan hidup orang - I think it was the idea of some freak who instructed the police for setting up a million and one road blocks everywhere, sambil dok posing cantik jer kat tepi highway tengok orang pala berasap sebab delayed by freaking hours!

In my case, aku gerak dari Klang pukul 2.30pm. Kat tol Sungai Rasa dapat this, premonition of doom gituh, when cars were crawling dah. Thought nothing but happy thoughts and drove on. Sampai tol Batu Tiga nak masuk Subang Jaya jer, MAK AIH!!!! WHAT THE F***K??!!!!

Terus berhenti! It was one giant f**king parking lot siot! You couldn't move anywhere!

Merasalah if I knew this was going to be it, lagik rela aku naik komuter camnih.

A total of an hour or so later since I began my journey, aku masuk exit Subang and masuk Jalan Tujuan nak bypass the jam by going into the LDP linked expressway.

No good. Belum sampai Sunway Pyramid pun da jam.

Damn...masuk lak KESAS after a U turn. Jalan kosong sikit. Sped through Puchong, then arrived at Technology Park Malaysia. Merasalah! F**kity f**k f**k!!!

Crawling ala Linkin Park lagik tajuk lagunya sebab bloody bumper to bumper. Almost two hours later, and a couple of kilometres dari Astro, there was a road block, like the one I saw in Klang.
The one in Klang - three lanes or so, closed into one. The police were just standing around posing cantik watching the cars go by (mesti carut dalam hati, merasalah korang bodoh sebab keluar time nih kan... mintak dok rumah tanak). At this one, four lanes and an emergency lane, tutup jadik satu!!! And the police pun posing jerk.

What a strategy!!! Which genius thought of jamming up the whole Klang Valley just to elak the tunjuk perasaan kat Dataran Merdeka tuh get bigger. Keji tau. Yang tak terlibat yang feeling pose dalam keta tak habis habis! Macam lahanat jerk aku rasa...dahler ujan pastuh. Stress sebab nak isap rokok lepas stress pun takleh mengakibatkan aku agik stress.

Kesian lak tengok anggota polis bertugas. It's always the little men (and women) who suffer the decisions of the big guns. Cuba mintak the smart ass person who decided on the road blocks to stand in the rain and kena sumpah seranah (dalam hati jerk) by road users for screwing up their plans on Saturday.

Oh well...

Aku tanak mention anything political in my blog - because that's one thing that will never make it here. I do believe however that the government has to be more open. Tuh jer - lain, no comment. Surf the net for 'alternative news' on your own. Freedom to access of information is blessed in times like this.

I remember almost ten years ago masa aku bertugas bahagian berita, aku sendiri pernah kena gassed, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Walaupun bertugas masa tu sebagai anggota media at the height of Reformasi.

Lum agik masa aku penah kena tolak dan sepak oleh anggota polis sendiri time hari pertama perbicaraan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim..what was it... in 1999?

Tear gas, chemical sprays and being pushed and punched is never funny - least of all when you've not done anything wrong, but...entahlah.

In our democracy - we're allowed the freedom of choice to choose, and I urge everyone at the next elections, stop b***hing and go out and vote. Every vote does count no matter what, and only you can help determine the future of Malaysia tercinta. Vote for whomever you believe in.

Your vote is yours and no one else's.

Remember, remember, the tenth of November.

Moving on - so by the time I cleared the jam, aku tak berani nak ikut the roads into the city dah, so I took the SMART tunnel. Smirked sebab bayangkan my Smart Tag dah selamatkan aku dari nak dok posing in my car any longer.

Frustrated when realised I got conned out of RM2 for the short distance sebab when I popped up kat Jalan Bukit Bintang - it was bloody EMPTY! Cipet!!!

Can I suggest that the whole road block excuse was a conspiracy by oil companies and toll concessionaires to rake in profits (that was meant as a joke ek, so don't saman lak)

So anyways... by the time aku sampai Berjaya Times Square, oblivious of any chaos or chemical rain nearby in the main part of the city, aku found out dah too late nak join anything sebab majority dah balik.

Sempat tengok Alam jerk posing tulis cek tuk expenses.

Heh... he gets me everytime. Kelakar.

Tapi bangga tengok my mentor skang jadik boss besar syarikat dia sendiri, Alamorphosis.

Salute dia wat open house, konsep meriah ber bowling beramai ramai. At least sedap hati tengok young folks have a proper avenue nak have a responsible good time.

Of course, I'm ignoring dozens of underage smokers, who looked like they robbed some old lady for money, that loitered the area - tapi tuh lah...cuba kerajaan angkut semua bebudak nih before they eventually end up being the obvious no-hopers we don't need.

While you're at that, please bloody ban motorcycles below 125cc, at least within the city limits because situations are getting damn ridiculous. Ok...that goes into my Christmas wish list.
Improve public transport - make it around the clock, 24-7 so that people can give up their reliance on their own mode of transport. Nih, Rapid KL pun takleh on time camna. For working towards a solution pun - you need to provide a feasible base of actions that will go towards making it happen mah.

Setakat nih, banyak negara takde 'nyamuk' jalan yang pollute not just the environment but also causes pencemaran bunyi, apart from the whole social ills thing. Dekat dekat kat Singapore pun takde these stupid bug-riders, and I wish the government would take thig seriously.

The whole rempit thing, crime rates, accidents, endless connected social problems... Wasting money by building them race tracks to race in is NOT going to solve anything - like du-uh, so time for a plan towards ridding everyone else of these...unwanted buzzing tin cans with wheels and the unwashed heathens who ride it.

Tension jerk... must be the imbalance of the chemical quotient in the air.

Sapa lak yang pakai pink Crocs tuh...

So after habih lepak and catch up with Alam and Amir and the rest of their gang, it was a little early, but I made way for the tahlil event.

Lepak sat - and sat through the whole thing - praying in my own way, especially for three people I knew so well - arwah Mokz, Yazid and of course, Riez.

It was sad, and almost frustrating that these people have moved on in their early age, two due to ailments dan sorang sebab accident (with a bus dipandu driver berumur 24 tahun yang ada record drug abuse yer...).

Seb baik Zaff ada sekali nak hiburkan aku - merasalah pas abih tuh it was sombre tapi sempat nak cheer each other up.

Ni si Zaff with bunny ears... nama jer rock (jangan marah ek...walaupon ko mati mati nak aku delete this pic)

Aduh..pecah perot tengok rocker jadik bunny. Made my day.
Rushed over sebab da kul 10 lebih dah masa tuh to head for Farihad's open house. Sampai jer ramai geng masih ada, so dapat a total change in mood and let loose.

By the time headed back - thankfully it was 3am or so, and I didn't have to wait for police road blocks to let me through.
I wonder who you can claim back four wasted hours of your life from in events like this.

By the way, esok sapa gi Sri Pentas 2 kat Plaza Alam Sentral - see you guys there.
Area sana takde wifi (in the studio I mean) so jangan harap live cross-over gituh.
Kalau korang nak turn on your TV sets dan layan TV3 jam 9 malam and tengok sendiri. Me? I think it's going to be a boring affair - but what to do... these are job hazards with it jer.

Will post entry on it maybe tomorrow, very late... but don't expect too much ek, sebab aku kena hantar story and all. Maybe next week aku active sikit kot.

Am bogged down by several matters and exciting things and not so fun stuff at the moment so tak larat sebenarnya.

Remember...remember... the tenth of November.