Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tired out... and thunder thighs!

Semalam balik jer joined this whole gang at Fuse Studios to celebrate Nikki's birthday. On my way back from the airport, Vern messaged me asking to join if aku larat, so I did cause aku memang dah beli something for Nikki. Who could forget her birthday.

Lepak punya lepak, the night was also special because both Nikki dan Ebi ada recording session. Nak tau lebih pergi jerk ke blog Vern to read more.

Letih...still recovering from my trip to Bangkok. Yes... shopping and walking about takes its toll people!

Apapun, not much of a posting today. Tadik banyak keja nak siap. Nak lepak tomorrow nak recover. Apapun, here are some pics for Beyonce fans kalau nak tengok what you guys missed. Malas review.. it was simply... AMAZING!!!

Makan hati Lea Laurielle!!!

Yang pentingnya, there was this pic that was kind of scary! Hey, Lea... kalau diet ko fail, take this picture as inspiration that even Beyonce looks chunky (matilah chunky yer, bukan Chucky!)

Thunder thighs!