Friday, November 02, 2007

More and more Heroes and major spoilers

I'm too lazy to review Heroes' episode six, The Line, cause I don't know... this is the mid season where it's really starting to drag. Makes me feel like fast forwarding things - if only the thought of missing something didn't freak me out so much.

Quick recap.

Things turn too teen soap when Claire tries and fails for the cheerleading squad, and together with West, crack a plan to get back at Debbie Woohoo!!!

Sylar keeps working his thing with Maya and Alejandro to get them, or at least on Maya to to get her on his side.

Meanwhile. geeky carp-face Hiro gets his butt kicked by Kensei when he ends up kissing Yaeko and spotted, resulting in the Kensei betraying them to White Beard as revenge.
Peter and Caitlin whips into the future and sees New Yorks evacuated and they come across a name Mohinder spies in a folder belonging to Bob - Adam Monroe (check the spoilers if you want to know who Adam is) Adam leaves a note for Peter saving they have to save the world.

Surprise surprise...

More developments as Monica goes in the Company, Noah Bennet is with the creepy yet unnamed Haitian in Russia to deal wth an associate of the Company to get the eight paintings, or more like six, since they already know the first was of Kaito killed and the series ends with Noah getting smackdowned.

More interestingly enough, here are the paintings as discovered by Noah and the Haitian.
Note that the next painting, number two has already taken place, which is Claire lying dead on the steps, as part of the set-up

Paintaing number 1 - Kaito Nakamura bites the dust as in the first episode of episode two!

Painting number 2 - Claire dead on steps, as in Thin Line.

Painting number 3 - Is that the virus strain created by the Company?

Painting number 4 - Niki trapped in a fire (read spoilers to know more)

Painting number 5 - Peter in the future from the Out Of Time episode.

Painting number 6 - Hiro versus Kensei. Die, carp!!!

Painting number 7 - Mohinder with a broken nose, or Sylar badly drawn?

Painting number 8 - Noah Bennet and his swansong.

Other Heroes related news.

The Heroes spin-off, Origins has been axed due to financial worries as well as a writer's strike in Hollywod. Thank God! I really can't handle anything more in this vast Heroes universe. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan, but there's too many things happening in the actual series as it is... tak larat dah nak follow.

And I can't handle this strenuous weekly routine of having to anticipate every week.

Anyway, the writer's strike in Hollywood MAY result in the show going on for only 11 episodes for season two.

Now, highlight the dark area below IF you want to know the massive spoilers which will explain everything and talk about the end of Heroes.

Note that these are MASSIVE spoilers discussed in the Heroes forums and you shouldn't read them - if you want to enjoy the ending.

I know I still will despite knowing them, as they make enduring the next few episodes more bearable before we get to the wonderful end, which I absolutely love!

Again, these are MASSIVE SPOILERS!

The spoilers are for episode eleven titled Powerless, which is the expected new end for the season.


Episode 11 - POWERLESS
*Look for our intro of Earth spinning (during title HEROES scene) to just abruptly stop. (due to continuation of Hiro's time freeze from the previous episode)

Kensei is immortal, he cannot be killed. His name will no longer be known as Kensei but ADAM MONROE. The original 12 have betrayed him in the past and Kensei/Adam will be taking revenge upon the original 12. And yes, it's still David Anders playing the Kensei/Adam part. But gone are the samurai outfits replaced by sharp looking suits.

Peter will be helping Kensei/Adam at Primatech to get/destroy the virus. By this point, Peter has seen the future and the devastation of the virus. He has come to this particular time/place with Adam to destroy the virus. He knows it will kill pretty much everybody. What he doesnt know is Adam's true intention for the virus.

When asked by Hiro why he's helping Adam, Peter claims that Adam is his friend. And also mentions that Adam saved Nathan's life. Hiro will try to convince Peter that he was betrayed by Adam 400 yrs ago and that he will betray Peter also. Hiro is also trying to avenge his father's death since Adam's the one who killed him, along with the other older generations. Peter will argue back letting Hiro know that Kaito's the one who had Adam locked away for 30 yrs. He will mention that he was also in the same prison. Peter clearly states that he does not want to hurt Hiro.

The showdown at Primatech will mainly be between Hiro and Peter since Adam will be frozen in time. They are also not alone in this room, there are Primatech employees who'll be frozen in time during this. The swings Hiro throws will be blocked by Peter telekinetically.

When Hiro has the sword to Peter's throat, Peter will shock his sword with electricity knocking him out. Adam will shortly 'reclaim' his sword coming out of being frozen.

Matt will 'fly.' Of course with the help of Nathan to Primatech. Keep your ears perked up for a hilarious comment Matt makes once they land.

Matt will inquire to Nathan about just how dangerous Peter is. (comparing him to the Kirby Plaza incident.) Nathan informs Matt that he himself hasn't seen Peter since that night. Matt is trying to explain to Nathan that Angela gave him instructions on how to kill her own son Peter.

IF NEED BE!!! Nathan won't hear any of it and basically tells Matt that he will handle Peter if he's a problem. Hiro will join in with Nathan and Matt.

Peter is opening the vaults, straining himself, even bleeding from his nose in trying. He will instruct Adam to get the virus. Its at this point Hiro will attempt once again to stop Adam, Peter. But Peter's belief within Adam is so strong he will stop Hiro.

Matt will join in and tells Peter (mentally) to let go of Hiro and go after Adam instead. Peter seems to follow his direction but he will resist (mentally) to Matt.

Nathan will release Angela from jail. Angela will be pretty much the only one left out of all her 'friends'/original 12. The latest victim being Victoria Pratt. Matt will be the one who'll find Victoria's body in Maine along with the photo with the 'death mark' across her face. Angela explains to Nathan and Matt that it's done and over with, Adam is wanting revenge and she feels defeated and its over. It's at this point Nathan will explain to Angela that Peter is still alive.

Hiro will take his defeat in shame back to Japan where Ando is. He will have failed his father and let the virus get out.

We'll also find out the fate of Adam. He'll be buried alive next to Kaito's grave in a metal coffin also reinforced with a concrete casket. Look for our favorite rodent, the infamous cockroach, to make his little cameo.

Look for Nathan to give an 'unoffical' speech addressing the world regarding the virus outbreak that happens in Odessa, TX. Nathan clearly states to the persistent reporter to find someone who's in charge, not him. He will NOT want to give this speech and only does so when he is pushed by a reporter named Bruce Evans. All the reporters will be broadcasting his speech from the police station in Odessa, TX. This reluctant speech will be broadcasted throughout the world and be viewed by our heroes.

In his speech, he's mentioning how brave the people in this town have been by locking themselves in for the safety of the rest of the world. It'll be quite inspirational and uplifting. Also, you'll see why the episode title is called POWERLESS through Nathan here.

Viewing this, we'll see Molly is with Suresh at Isacc's Loft also with Maya and Elle. Also viewing this at her home is Claire, and she'll be relieved to see Peter on screen with Nathan and will find out he is indeed still alive.

Look for Nathan on becoming sick. How sick, how severe, or how minor, not giving out that info. (after his speech)

Someone named HYPE will bring down the restaurant with Monica in it. He will set a fire to this building. Ultimately, Niki will sacrifice herself for Monica.

Yes, it's Niki dying in the fire.

Elle will be the one to bring down Sylar this season and emerge as the 'Hero.'

Go figure!!! Cool twists, and at least, if the spoilers go the way then Heroes will definitely be redeemed. Oh by the way, something else silly to add... but does Monica remind you guys of anyone we've been seeing a lot of?

Check this out!

Kalau korang ikut my reviews, and also have the same fanatical following of Heroes as well as America's Next Top Model, you'll notice similarities between that snarl cum smirk to....

Ebony!!!! Boleh??? I don't know... I knew there was something familiar about Monica. Heh...Sama tak?

Ok la guys... panjang gila posting nih... nak tidur.