Saturday, November 17, 2007

Model Heroes

This is my delayed two in one review for this week's episodes of Heroes and America's Next Top Model. For some reason, while I was keen to watch ANTM with the final coming close, I wasn't that enthusiastic this week about Heroes. I don't know if the magic is wearing off, but the fire is just not the same as it was when the series started.

Hope it picks up big time because I think they're flatlining at the moment.

So let's start with ANTM.
America's Next Top Model episode nine seemed for some reason to harp on Heather's insecurities and all. This is a bad sign - they seem to be explaining how Heather isn't as good as she really is.

In fact - the jusfification seems to be extending to Lisa and Chantal. Screwed! The production seems to be extolling Bianca's non existent virtues and her mediocre ability to model, so again that's a bad sign.

Damn... is this a sign that the my three gals aren't going to make top three Bianca is?
Ambreal was the obvious disposable one this episode, but I have to say, the competition now is very stiff!

It's my three favourites again Jenah, the redneck who delivers a pretty picture, Bianca the b***h who is nothing to shout about and Saleisha, who is... erm just there.

But credit to Bianca - this week's challenge was right up her alley as she could model and speak, something that left Heather in the deep end.

In fact, I think I preferred her over Saleisha.

Lisa crashed too - like Heather and they both did the worse.

But when it comes to design of the dresses created by that monstrosity of that auntie's outfit alone, I think Chantal's was the best.

Saleisha brings Lisa and Bianca along for her win in a jewellery shoot. Big deal.

Heather blows up cause she goes for the shower Saleisha and Lisa. She gives the Exorcist glare - it was definitely so wrong for her to deal with the matter that way - but hey, if Bianca can get away with murder...

The actual photo shoot was crap - as everyone did crap. Ambreal had a premonition by hinting Jay hated her model wannabe rear. And I would too cause she was the most posey.

In the judging round - a surprise was waiting.

What the...

There it is again...

Cheesy, but yes, but the lion popping it's head in the background was to tell the girls, that those who survived this cut would make it to China for the next leg of the competition.

In terms of the photos, I thought all the pics were mediocre - though Heather's was I think the second worst next to Ambreal. Hope she improves... really do.

But overall there was nothing spectacular at all.

Still worried that Chantal, Heather and Lisa were the bottom bits escaping Ambreal's fate. Sedih siot tengok Lisa nangis called second last in fear of elimination.

Awww.... dont cry Lisa!

It's getting close to the final... so five girls remain (suara ala Tyra nih). Who will become.. America's... Next... Top... Model!

Now on with Heroes. The episode Four Months Ago,starts with everything zooming back erm.. four months ago, picking up where things got weird and disjointed.

So we catch up on things as Adam @ Kensei whips up a dose of memory healing for Peter to remember. And the stories start.

*How DL actually survived being shot by Linderman. As Niki and Micah rejoice, Bob pops up. He tells Niki he's cleaning up Linderman's mess, and want to help her rid her of her powers and Jessica - after being the gentleman in paying DL's bills.

Waste of money really .

Anyway a month later, Niki is on medication by the Company to suppress her powers. It gets her all weird and she flushes down the medication.
Jessica, her sister immediately returns - oh wait a minute.

She's not!

It's her split personality, Gina now! Oh God! Anyway, Gina takes over...

DL meanwhile uses his power in his new job as a fireman as he blames Jessica for disappearing.
Niki comes back, but DL gets shot by the thus with Gina before.

And that's when three weeks before the new episode, Niki decides it's time to put her self-destructive weirdness to rest. Bob shows up and Niki obviously agrees to help this time.

*How Peter persuaded Nathan to drop him before he exploded. We're then shown Peter bringing Nathan to the emergency room - after he obviously flew to save himself and regenerated after exploding and caught Nathan (isn't it amazing how fast his powers work)

And then they saw the light - with the falling ratings of Heroes

Anyway - Peter gets zapped by Elle (who has a fascination for him), who's with Bob (again) as they bring him in for the Company - to offer ridding him of his powers.

By the way, we learn that Elle, whose powers suppress the abilities of others apart from zapping them with bolts, is the one responsible for Peter's season two haircut.

By the way, the Haitian pops up again.

Anyway, Peter's treatment room just happens to be next to Adam @ Kensei.

Bad idea!

After a month of trying, Adam breaks through Peter's defences.

Another month later, we find Elle still being weird playing with bolts with Peter.

She then lets us into her personal history which includes accidentally set her grandmother's house on fire when she was six, caused blackouts in four counties in Ohio when she was eight, spent her ninth birthday in a glass room with an IV of lithium, and spent the last 16 years living in the Company after being diagnosed as a sociopath of paranoid delusions - to which she claims they're just out to get her because she threatened to kill them.

She's also 24, never been on a date, on a rollercoaster or swimming.

Horny as hell - we can tell.

Adam meanwhile psychos Peter, stressing the point that they're in a prison.

Adam offers a cure for Nathan's condition - with his blood and they're planning a breakout.

Two Face? We're watching Batman?

So he uses his ultimate power - his sex appeal (yuck!) and doesn't take the pills to suppress his power.

He uses DL's power of walking through walls, and literally walks out with Adam

Nathan meanwhile looks nasty! And has ended up telling the truth to his wife, and mama Petrelli goes on to say that it's just insanity that runs in the family.

Back to Adam and Peter, Elle and the Haitian tack them down.

Elle - simply shocking!

As they split - the Haitian takes away Peter's memory to allow him to start a new life as he pack Peter into the container they evetually found him in.

We don't know what happened between Elle and Adam though.

*How Maya and Alejandro had their beginnings at Alejandro's wedding, Maya showed her power for the first time, killing the whole town when she turned on her mojo as she catches Alejandro's wife snogging with her former boyfriend.

Guess she's a little claustophobic and gets irritated by like me too.

Maya makes a run - and Alejandro finds her.- as a nun? The stories are getting really weird!
Alejandro brings the police - and Maya turns it on - only to discover that when she and Alejandro touch, he absorbs her power and stops it.

That's when they make a run for it.