Friday, November 23, 2007


It was a tiring day today. Had to bugger up early to go to the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park today to check out the massive stage they'd brought in for the Live & Loud KL 07.

By the time was done, lari balik ke office just to settle some work - ngantuk siot! Sampai pala da hantuk PC!

In the end, masa lunch break dan time sembahyang Jumaat, aku masuk meeting room, and had a nap. Felt so refreshed after it, and teruskan abihkan kerja, and by 8pm, was on the way up to Genting ngan si Juan yang dipaksa ikut sekali (akibat Boo aku sibuk latihan teater) tuk temankan for the Champions Show in conjunction with the Genting International Magic Festival.

Sebab Sabtu dan Ahad packed with events, I had to catch the show today, walaupon letih nak naik Genitng, and rush back on the same night.

Sampai just before the show began, dengar ada orang panggil aku masa nak masuk Arena of Stars. Lor... Mawi rupanya. Dak botak pun gi layan! Ingat mamat nih sibuk tak jadik dah sebab memula planning ajak tengok sekali.

But guess the show was too appealing to miss, with all the master magicians about.
Enjoyed the show immensely, even though I knew most of the illusions, but it was grand to see them live.

Especially my favourites in David and Dania. Tak penah dengar pasal meka nih ke? Then you guys should watch the video below. They're an amazing quick change act, meaning, meka ni dalam sekelip mata leh salin baju (know some people who need those skills). Check out their act in the video below from the first season of America's Got Talent. The video is one of the most viewed in Youtube with over 21 million hits!

But the best thing was, got to speak to David and Dania after the show!!! If that wasn't enough, I also got to meet the other masters yang aku da lama minat like James Dimmare, Ed Alonzo (funniest guy in the business), Jeff McBride (a true master at sleight of hand) and Magic Wave (Jan and Jasper).

Got to speak to them as a magician, and I'm so happy!!! Yang penting am keeping in touch with them from now on (especially Jeff and Magic Wave who gave me their personal contact info) - especially since I am interested to learn more about the guarded secrets of quick change. Leh tak bayangkan time anugerah ke apa, tetiba ada artis wat show, separuh jalan baju tukau ala David and Dania?

Thanks so much to the masters for their inpiration! Malam ni memang tido nyenyak! To those who haven't watched the David & Dania video and want to get a taste of magic that's a little bit more different - watch it now.

And those of you who want to see the masters live, the show is on for another two days at the Arena of Stars. CLICK HERE for more info.

Ok...gotta get some shut eye. Big day tomorrow!