Sunday, November 11, 2007

Like what?

First, my delayed America's Next Top Model episode eight of cycle nine review. Have to start reviewing cepat sikit ler...will try next week. Usual problem is usually pas download, takde masa nak tengok jer.

Anyways, now I'm worried. Chantal is definitely slipping as I've seen her really not deliver in the past few challenges, which is so disappointing, and this week was the same as she was in the bottom two, bottom three with the two rednecks in Sarah (thank God she got eliminated!) and Jenah.

This episode went by pretty fast and I was kind of disappointed that the video session could have been used for the elimination because I think it's just not fair to base the girls on something not necessarily a model requirement.

But there were some moments to speak of.

Cheesiest Moment
When Tyra played know-it-all about moving sexy in front of the camera for a music video, just cause she's been in George Michael's (ages ago!) and Lionel Ritchie (even longer and no one even cares)

Most Revealing Moment
The whole episode that Sarah was definitely going out, from her constant laments about her weight loss to her confusion of categorisation to the telling expression that she was confident of being eliminated just before Tyra whipped out Chantal's pic.

Cutest Moment (also Creepiest Moment)
Heather actually staring at the Tyra Mail with this creepy look for about five seconds before even more creepily calling the rest of the girls to read it.

Obvious Judges Favourite
Jenah, simply because they definitely cannot see anything wrong about the redneck. Yuck!

Most Overplayed Drama
Sarah's breakdown when she got the boot as I rejoiced.Perlu ke emo pelbagai kalao sendiri dah tau memang nak kena sepak kuar dah.

Justified Moment
When Lisa got called as the feature girl for Enrique Iglesias' music video, followed by Heather! Also whn both of them got called first and second respectively after judging. Knew they had the goods from the start but it feels great that they're progressing so well. Included a shot of Chantal because I think not only she wasn't the worse (Bianca's hootchie is so wrong as well as Jenah's redneck pose), she looks hot here.

Scary Model Passing Out Moment
Heather losing it and half-collapsing during the video shoot. Menakutkan ok, I half thought she couldn't go out and she might have pulled out or been eliminated by default for some reason.

The biggest As If! Moment
"Where others are lacking, I've got it all" says Jenah. Please lah... she really thinks too much of herself.

Sisterhood Moment
Chantal, was among the few girls who genuinely worried about Heather, and I like her all the more along with Lisa and Heather for her warm nature.

Reformed Bitch Back With A Vengeance Moment
Bianca's obvious jealousy towards Heather. Well, she's been jealous of everyone, and she cooled down after the makeover, but looks like she's starting now, and is getting worse by the moment because tak puas hati asyik outdone by Heather.

Biggest Rip-Off Moment
When they so-called starred in the Enrique Iglesias video of Tired Of Being Sorry. Dahler lagu bosan, video pun bosan, with half naked girls jer prancing about (so much for female empowerment, Tyra)

Hello? There were two versions of the video, one with the challenge video shot, andf the other being the actual music video.

Macam buang masa jer dapat feature in the video. Dahler bukan main starring role, pastuh kuar sesaat dua, pastu the eventual product takde pun muka meka.

Check out these Youtube clips of the videos.

First is the one with the girls - second tuh yang actual one released by Sony BMG.

Tired Of Being Sorry (Enrique Iglesias)- America's Next Top Model challenge version

Tired Of Being Sorry (Enrique Iglesias) - Actual video released by Sony BMG

Anyhoo, aku nak retire early today. Big day tomorrow. Oh pada siapa yang nak tau result separuh akhir, lagu lagu yang layak ialah Samudera (Johan Nawawi/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya) performed by Nora, Kasihnya Balkis (Adnan Abu Hassan/Moharis Yaakup) sung by my big bling bling sister Aishah and Dirgahayu (Radeen Sri/Hairul Anuar Harun) nyanyian Ramlah Ram.

Tak amik banyak pics sebab bosan gila semalam. Props to Haziq and Rosma for being crowd favourites! Sayang tak layak... but takpe, janji performance korang one of the best for the night.
Ok guys...signing off.. enjoy the pic.