Thursday, November 22, 2007

The last one to arrive...may be eliminated

Did you guys catch the premiere episode of The Amazing Race Asia 2? I did. Not out of choice, but I did. Aku dah lama tak follow series nih, apa lagik the Asian version of it.

But got guilted into watching the premiere episode just now.

Vanessa insisted I join the party they were throwing at Zouk Kuala Lumpur where everyone would be watching the show together.

Was more than a little reluctant - tapi nak wat camna. Kang tak gi kawan lak kecik hati. So after a rather relaxed Thursday, with no plans, headed there alone.

I thought mesti ada kengkawan Press ke apa, but it turned out, there were reps of the sponsors in Caltex and Standard Chartered jer. Also the ladies representing Malaysia in the race in both Vanessa and her sister Pamela, along with Ann and Diane as well as their families and friends.
Erm, I suppose I have to go over to the Chongs' side. Si Vince lak takde. Kalau tak ada geng nak sembang.

Bumped into Jida, one of my sisters' best friend. Turns out, just like I was guilted into coming by Vanessa, she had been 'threatened' by Diane, kawan baik dia (something to do with cutting off food supply)

Ironically, Diane, who I met only when they were unveiling Malaysia's reps, where I was paying attention more to Vanessa and Pamela for obvious reasons because I knew the girls, Vince selain their mom, is a friend of my sister's.

"You're Joyce's brother???"

Erm... yeap, back to being known as my sister's baby brother. hat was always a problem for me masa nak cari nama dala, industri nih, but I guess it doesn't bug me anymore as much as it used to. If nothing else, I guess I'm kind of proud of it.

Small world kan?

So I had valid reason to cheer on the two Malaysian teams you guys saw racing in the series.

It was quite a good episode actually. Kicked off with the unveiling of the teams before they got the race going.

Decent teams, only with their own recognisable personality, including the Filipino husband and wife yang bini dia ko rasa nak sepak jer sebab merengek dan mejerit je keja.

My instant favourites were the Malaysian teams, but not because of being patriotic ke kenal ke apa, but they did really good.

I laughed my way through the hour, and it didn't feel so bad to have been guilted to come and watch the episode with them.

Pecah perut jugak ler. Malas nak ulas. You guys want a review, you got to go elsewhere. I have my hands full with America's Next Top Model and Heroes as it is. Maybe when the other series' break or end, I'll carry on with this.

But there will be repeats, so catch the time slot on AXN. Worth a laugh or two... and not to mention an instilling of national pride.... because for the first leg of the race, Vanessa and Pamela came out FIRST!!!

My God! Did I just jump and cheer there? Oops! Hope they didn't see me.

Ann and Diane did well too. They came in third, which brings the two Malaysian teams, in the top three of ten teams competing.

Good performance!

So we celebrated!

Acting cute with Vanessa and Pamela!

Corny as it may sound - Malaysia Boleh! The four ladies representing Malaysia in The Amazing Race Asia 2 who came in first and third in the first leg of the race so far.

Zabrina, one half of the winning team from Malaysia too last season, was there too, though a picture I took of her was too blur to publish. And back to the theme of small world, before The Amazing Race Asia, I knew her when she was in broadcasting, sometime six years ago.
Sing with me now..."it's a small world after's a small world after all".

We partied and celebrated - me by coming home to update my blog, so I can have a little extra sleep for my busy day tomorrow.

Congrats again to the ladies - hope you guys did well throughout the race and not just the first episode.

I can sleep tonight knowing my RM7 parking fee was well worth it - even though I had to be guilted into joining you guys.

PS - Don't ask me the results because I don't know. Even Mrs Chong, the girls' mom was dying to know but since the contestants signs a confidentiality agreement, we'll have to just follow every episode to find out.