Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ill - lusion

So what do you do on lazy Sundays? For me, today was a butt-warming Sunday sebab honestly malas ke mana. Open house bertambah banyak.. signalling the end of Syawal, so everyone kelam kabut trying to grab the last few days nak throw their big bash to show off they can be the hostess with the mostest gituh... but despite the last couple of days I've had no less than six invites, tak kuasa tul nak ke mana.

Like I said, I've been taking it easy the whole day, for the last couple of days, and I absolutely feel good about it.

Who said doing nothing... was a bad thing. Whoever said that - never had my schedule to deal with... seriously am so butt lazy to lift a finger. Just feel like sleeping in every damn day.
Setakat nih, aku masih trying to recuperate from my workload, which has been tremendous - firstly because it's coming up to the end of the year, and secondly because I'm just too butt lazy now sebab seriously thinking nak cuti.

Takper...bonus nak kuar da. Settle everything when it does, spend a little here and there for the needed self pampering essentials, and possibly... just possibly.. a little holiday getaway.
Anyway... korang ingat tak I spoke of some new magic I got in Bangkok from a street magician (literally - cause he owns a stall on the street and is a magician) named Wan?

Well - been playing it with a little - and made a video of it finally.

Korang tengok ler... hope you guys like it. The cigarette magic aku tak penah tengok orang perform lagik, while the phone illusion has been done locally tapi dengan gunakan dompet jer so far. Entahlah kalau aku the first - tapi setakat aku tau sini takde orang pakai phone lagik nak wat api. And no... aku tak pegang pemetik api ek sebalik phone tuh. Api besau camtuh gila ko. Heh... Dan phone tu bukan plastic atau palsu nya ok. Ok la..korang layan. Komen ler kalao nak magic aku yang tak seberapa tuh...gone...