Thursday, November 15, 2007

I don't mean rhinestones!

So I'm on a Beyonce tip ever since I saw her live in Bangkok. Can you blame me? Bukan semua yang dapat tengok dia live, and for me, she is one of the living legends (in the making, even the hardest of cynics will have to admit).
Came across this ad some time back, and it's even in the Beyonce Experience tour programme book I bought at the concert. Yeap, Beyonce is the face of Giorgio Armani's Diamonds! Gorgeous isn't she.

And knowing that we have to rely on Youtube for a lot of things our local airwaves will never show, for those of you yang tak pernah tengok the TV ad for Diamonds, here is the 30 second commercial, the minute long version, the making of the video, the video of a the Diamonds launch and also the Beyonce interview. Watch ALL the videos! Wish they would release Beyonce's cover of Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend as a single cause the jazz-swing touch to the remake is AWESOME!
Apapun, here they are.

The 30 second Emporio Armani Diamonds TV commercial

The full length Emporio Armani Diamonds TV commercial

The Making Of... the Emporio Armani Diamonds TV commercial

The interview with Beyonce on the Emporio Armani Diamonds TV commercial

The Emporio Armani Diamonds launch event

Yes, I like, I like!!! Very much even! When the words Armani and diamonds come together, you're sure to have sassy and elegant images conjured up! And you know what... Beyonce fits the bill. Guess whomever they pick has to exude that, and Beyonce fits it to a T!

Kalau ada face to be tagged to Emporio Armani and Diamonds, rasanya siapa ek layak? Mmm...she'd have to sexy and not slutty, young, promising, every bit a performer, ahve a great voice, and a personality to match. Susah tuh.

But...erm... I wonder...

Anyway, gave the meeting at noon a miss siang tadik sebab banyak keja and half dead to the world sebab semalam drained me. So the meeting called off yesterday which took place today - was minus me. Damn.

Still got good news post meeting! Is it really important? Does it have anything to do with the above? WIll I ever get to the point? How much bandwidth have I wasted with these questions?

Don't I need sleep rather than go on and on?

All questions to be answered soon. Not saying anything more!

Keep guessing, people! Good night!