Friday, November 09, 2007

Heroes - Out Of Time

Time for the Heroes review! This is for episode seven, Out Of Time,

The key word for the show this week is virus as they go about the Shanti virus and establish it is the strain that will destroy the world. In fact, the theme was reflected in the opening theme title of Heroes, where for the first time they did something with it, and when the eclipse pops out, it's surrounded in this green like gas which chokes the atmosphere. Cool.... can't wait to see what subtle messages they send next through the opening titles.

By the way, my version of Heroes, began with this line in Japanese from Masi Oka, with some chartacters. Did I get the Japanese version, or was it meant to mean something?

Anyone can translate the opening?

Green gasses envelope the Earth as the eclipse opener takes place. Ok... who farted here?

Moving on with the review, we discover this episode is the pissed off episode where everyone's not to happy about something or other.

After the commercial break...

*Takezo Kensei is pissed big time at being betrayed and plans to lead White Beard's army to victory. Surprise surprise,,, gets even more pissed blown up after a duel with Hiro, when he refuses to allow Hiro to blink him out of the situation, thus giving way to the evil Kensei.

*Hiro Namakura is pissed he didn't get to shag and only got a kiss before he returns to the present. All that effort by the carp, and he doesn't even get to lose his geeky virginity before he returns to Ando's site.

*Noah Bennet meanwhile is pissed big time because his fate seems sealed that he's going to die.He get uber pissed when discovers about West and the routine West and Claire played on Debbie, and turns Mr Hyde to force the family ro move when Claire says no for the first time.

*Mohinder Suresh is pissed that Noah has his own agenda as it appears. Also for being Niki's punching bag and also discovering his blood which was a cure, is no longer that way - rendering his character disposable.

He takes the company issued gun, giving rise to the speculation that he will kill Noah, who he no longer trusts - as predicted in the painting where Noah is shot and Mohinder is holding the smoking gun, especially when he needs Claire's regenerative power to come up with a cure for the strain and Noah is getting more overprotective than usual.

*Bob is pissed at being the bad guy and not having a last name still.

*Matt Parkman is pissed at his dad, but through it discovers that he has new powers, which his dad has been using. Apparently he doesn't just read minds but is abl;e to manipulate every aspect of the concept of thought and mind.

*Maury Parkman is pissed cause it took him years to control his powers, but it takes a split second for Matt to learn to fully utilise his, thanks to the generous sriptwriters, and get screwed by Matt in his own game.

*Nathan Petrelli is pissed that he wasted the worry and trauma of so many episodes thinking Peter was dead, but eventually told by Bob at the Company that he isn't, as they saved him and brought him in, before they lost him in Ireland.

*Niki Sanders is pissed because there is no hope for her after she forcibly jabs herself with the first strain of the virus, which is incurable, and eventually giving us a glimpse to how she has no hope and will die soon. Oops... that was in the spoilers. Thank you to the production for hearing my prayers to kill her off.

*Peter Petrelli is pissed that he had too brief a nude scene, when they could have capitalised his well toned body and abs and all as he pops into the disastrous future a year later. He's also pissed he's going to be spending the whole episode or two figuring out who the hell is he while being led on by Adam @ Kensei a year from now in a parallel time universe a year later.

*Claire Bennet is pissed that daddy is playing weirdo and she may not get to shag West, the only real screwable virgin she knows.

*West is pissed that Claire's dad is the weirdo who abducted him and branded him, and that ever since Michael Jackson, an out of court settlement is no longer a fictitious workable thought in the script.

*DL Hawkins is pissed he got to do a cameo only, since he's character's been killed off and he only gets a short scene, only to die again, as a figment of Niki's manipulated mind when Parkman Senior uses it

*Caitlin is pissed she's not worth more than a naked scene that was edited for TV. Also that this may be the last episode she's in (we hope) when she's taken away and deported as Peter buzzes into the future again.

Don't they know it could have fetched a fortune on ebay??? Noah and the Haitian burn the paintings.

Primetime TV goes soft porn as Peter gets a not so erotic hosedown.

The result of bad scripting so far...told you stringing along the viewers for so long wsn't a good thing.

Shameless promotion of Samsung, and the band Nada Surf who had their new single Weigthless debut on the show.

While this episode was ho-huim and biasa biasa saja (probably due to the fact that the spoilers have enlightened me and solved the mysteries they're dishing out), it was decent as there were some event to be taken note of in the Heroes universe.

*The next prophecy of the paintings come true when Hiro and Kensei engage in a duel.
*We learn the virus supposedly wipes everyone off. Well 93% of the earth's populations anyway
*We learn Kensei is Adam, and talked about a holocaust when he wanted to play God and wishes to manipulates the virus, thus resulting in his predicament of being Mr Nasty
We also learn Linderman was one of Adam's disciples.
*Adam has apparently escaped after the original dozen of elder locked him away (don't know where) and he's back for revenge and also to continue his plans to purge the earth of the unworthy.
*The company seems to be the nice one now, with Noah, Adam @ Kensei appearing as all out psychos.

And last but definitely not least is a shot from possible pre-finale in episode ten. Guess who died?
Let's see - paintings dictate Noah shot in the eye or something, while Claire looks away hugging West, we assume, Mohinder has already acquired the gun, again predicted in the painting as him firing it, and in the picture, Claire's mum and brother with Mr Muggles as well as West are present... so who died? Du-uh...

While this scene is in episode ten, the death may be sooner, so for those who don't like THAT character, let's celebrate. I know I'm celebrating Niki being written off.