Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heroes - leading up the final - a double!

So I've been really busy and all, but so sorry lah guys sebab aku lambat sangat update. Plus, aku janji nak review, yang tangguh sampai dua minggu punya worth tak posting langsung.

Anyway, here are the reviews of two episodes of Heroes back to back for you guys, if you're following it on free TV, ko baru nak layan season one lupakan jer lah. Kejam I know... but tu meka yang nak layan Astro, bookmark my blog cause you're going to need it (the spoilers sebelom nih apply kalao ko masih lom tau).

So here it goes...

Previously... on Heroes. Two episodes lagik.
In episode nine, Cautionary Tales, here's what happens (aku malas so I'm putting it point by point on developments.

-Noah starts the family packing, and Claire picks a fight because she's pissed about what happened to West as her hormones take over. Drama moment! She says, "I hate you!" to daddy with the horn rimmed glasses!

Ooh! Claire picks up a new hobby and piles up rocks spelling SORRY to West. She could have just picked up the phone, because either way West doesn't give a flying you know what for her apology.

He does fly into Noah - and they both put their past behind to save Claire.
Daddy meanwhile goes "You've gone native!" as Mohinder sets him and Elle gets ready to bug zap him. West flys into Elle (bad habit of his).

Isaac's next painting to come true

-Father issues are also big, as Hiro buries father Kaito. He pops back in time a week before to try to save his father. His father allows himself to be saved. Hiro, after massive live flashbacks - agrees not to be so childish with his powers. He does however get to identify his father's killer as Adam Monroe, also known as Takezo Kensei.

-One half of the two dads in Matt - is having parental issues as he starts experiencing with the dark side of his power in using his mental magic to get Molly to do what he wants, including eating her cereal (there must be an easier way!) He uses it further to get back into the Kaito Nakamura case.
He also uses it on Angela Petrelli

-Mohinder is hopeless as always, and tries to get Claire's blood to save Nikki (bad excuse... I would just let Nikki die). Elle, Bob's daughter, plays executioner to deal with Noah in case he gets in the way.

He gets the company standard issue gun (like much for his willpower when he knew about Isaac Mendez's painting)

He sets up Noah.

-Bob visits Claire and freaks her out at being discovered. freaks out. He gets more than he bargains for when Elle gets caught by Noah - and uses her power to her disadvantage.

Note : How to make sure an electricity zapping person is secured when caught. Place her in bucket of water so if she tries zapping you - she'll electrocute herself.

Noah gets the best line "Stings like a b***h doesn't it?" He also reveals to Elle how she was also subject to the Company's experiments, obviously remembering none of it thanks to the Haitian.

Stings like a b****h doesn't it?

Bob takes Claire's blood before the trade.

Trade takes place - and surprise surprise - Noah gets shot, after Elle bolts West and Claire, and he tries to blow Bob and Mohinder goes cuckoo.

Isaac was always good in art class. Until he freaked everyone out...

We find out however Noah isn't dead and in the final scene - his eyeball grows back and he comes back alive - thanks to the infusion of Claire's blood, thanks to Mohinder.

Most beautiful moment - When the carp delivers his non-eulogy to his father as the scenes from every thing else cuts into place. Touching... oh, also Claire's mother finally gets a name - Sandra.

In episode ten, we learn that the Shanti virus, was apparently - according to Adam, created by Victoria Pratt, as we learnt last episode, the only remaining elder and founder of the company.
Adam convinces Peter that they have to look for the virus to destroy it to avoid a breakout.

Lucky for Adam, Peter IS as stupid as he looks.

He even believes Adam is right when he blasts Victoria, despite her saying that Adam was going to kill her. This guy isn't going to be joining Mensa soon that's for sure. We however learn that the powers of regeneration - while may mean immortality, it stops at getting your head blown up - which is the point of no return. It must also hurt a lot.

-Truth and Consequences begins with that, and Bob bringing Noah's 'ashes'. More pain theraphy as West plays angel to Claire. Aw... how sweet. Note to producers - the ash-dumping scene would have been made more meaningful if we had known Noah wasn't alive.

-Daddy issues continue as Elle, begins to feel resentment towards her domineering father. Bob meanwhie is faced with Mohinder's demand to rid the company of it's virus stash.
After of course he creates a cure when he comes across a possible cure when he injects himself with Claire's blood.

Mohinder meanwhile sucks at playing daddy when he leaves Molly alone. Both Mohinder and Matt really have to work out who keeps the day job and who is a stay home mom....

-Niki goes back to Micah to tell him she's got the virus, as her son's comic book stash is stolen by his cousin, who gets jacked. Seriously... big time crooks wanting comic books???!!! Micah is pissed because daddy's medal is in there (father issues again) and cousin Monica plays hero and tries to get back his stuff, and gets caught. Suspense! Never mind the bad rip-off of Spiderman - with the costume inspiration theme.

How original...

-Sylar convinces Maya her brother hates her and teaches her to control her powers. Maya dumps her brother (sibling issues are ok, we've outdone the father issues) for Sylar, sampai dia leh tak caya her own brother that Sylar is a killer, believing that he's as misunderstood as her.

Oh please. Can you say, STUPID?

Sylar even goes on to kill Alejandro who attacks him - and ends up snogging Maya. How's that for evil! Yes, Alejandro dies.

-Hiro finds the link to who Kensei is, and hunts down Adam after finding out where the virus is. He freezes time when he arrives to find Peter with Adam.

Peter doesn't get frozen in, and the episode ends with a showdown of both. Can they both kill themselves? Kind of sick of them. But if you've read the spoilers I gave several weeks ago - you already know the outcome of everything that's going to happen.

Sword versus lightning bolt... gee.. who's going to win?

The highlight - Next week's finale when everything thankfully comes to an end for them to think of a better season that the not-so-good season two - in no part made better by the Hollywood writer's strike.

The finale showdown?

Shit!!! (oops...pardon my French) This means Heroes will end next week, so if Chantal is eliminated from America's Next Top Model next, I won't have anything to watch. Damn!

PS - I'll post a double review of America's Next Top model tomorrow, when both my favourites are sadly outed. Damn you Tyra! I hope you bloat up again.