Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday the 16th

Imagine this.

You're in a hotel room, on your own, spending the night there. You try to get some sleep. As you attempt to, someone, or something stands in one corner of the room, just looking at you.

He, she... it doesn't move. Just stand there and looks at you, observing your every move.

Creepy? You're telling me!

Things started earlier today masa aku naik Genting for the Genting International Festival. Best gila sebab how else would I want to choose to spend the last working day of the week. Dahlah takyah masuk opis, get to attend a workshop for magicians, then end up watching a tournament show of magicians later in the night, and then, spend the night in Genting for some well deserved R&R.

For me, that's as good as it gets, with my busy schedule and all.

So petang tadi, made the journey ke Genting, sampai jer went in to the magic workshop with Michael Ammar, who's been in the business for over 30 years;. Awesome guy! Siap interview dia pastuh and get some tips here and there.

Pas abih, baru aku check in my room kat FIrst World hotel. Yer, the overglorified 'hotel' yang very the budget, yang konsep sebenar ala ala rumah tumpangan gituh.

Surprisingly I got a room in Tower 2 yang bukan like the normal cramped up affairs, and actually had a fridge, a safe box and was much roomier. Not to mention the bathroom was larger than usual standards, about four times the size of the normal one.

My room was at the fifth floor, entah kenapa masa aku keluar dari lif je, something creeped me out. It wasn't scary or anything,... just immensely creepy and foreboding.

Ignored all that - like some victim in a B grade horror movie walking to his doom and masuk bilik tuk rehat jap sebelum the tournament show.

Masuk bilik je, for some reason, aku memang tak selesa gila. Didn't stay in there long and within half an hour, I was already making my way down to the Genting International Showroom. Left nothing in the room sebab aku tak amik barang barang dari keta pun tuk unpack my overnight stuff. Which was good because didn't feel like coming back to the room.

The show was ok. Six of the best upcoming magicians battled it out. Tapi, most of their illusions were obviously dated. Takde yang betul betul experimental. For those interested in magic, and plan to watch it, expect a lot of quick change, and the regular new school stuff. Most however relied on usual run of the mill show pieces. Interesting though, was the only female magician, Shen Jen from China who was amazing..

Tatau ler sebab the last couple of years I've been studying more about magic aku dapat spot performance flaws, and it was actually wasn't that bad for those who don't know about magic, tapi I didn't enjoy the show as much as I could sebab perasa kelemahan sana sini yang gave away some of the tricks.

Oh well - at least I was front row and center. Seats cantik sebab member Genting tau aku ni psycho sikit bab magic. Thanks Cheng and Co. sebab baik hati bagik best seats in the house for the opening night!

Fast forward - habih show, aku cam tak selesa nak balik bilik still, and since I passed on having dinner with the other Press members, sebab muka bosan jerk semua tanpa kehadiran geng yang biasa-biasa, I was left formulating a plan of my next course of action.

Popped over to Times Square kat First World Plaza and chose a spot for a quick bite, and just spent the next few hours online.

By about 2 or 3am, aku pun malas dah nak parking bontot kat sana, and moved back up into my room. Wasn't looking forward to it.

Naik lif, kluar je fifth floor, something was telling me, just go home. Kalau ada yang ingat my creepy ability to sense the presence of things (ingat tak posting masa aku dok Royal Adelphi Seremban untuk that Raya edition of Anita Sarawak's show?), you'll know I am pretty much right about this kind of things.

So masuk bilik, my TV was on, just as I left it.

I lay down and ngadap TV.

You know the feeling when someone's watching you? Owh, trust me - I got it BAD!

I don't know how to explain things, but I sure as hell was NOT alone in the room.

Instead of running out and screaming like a hysterical schoolgirl, I just kept my cool and whipped out my laptop and continued working on a proposal I was fine-tuning.

Two hours passed and I was really tired.

Nothing had happened thankfully, despite this sense of foreboding, and being watched.

Took two minutes to decide my next move, swiftly packed my laptop and just walked out of the room. Arghhh!!! I could practically feel 'it' moving behind me masa nak keluar bilik! F**k!!!

Creepy! Thank goodness the lift didn't take to long or I would have massively screamed in the key of F# gituh.

By the time I got downstairs, lega sikit. sebab surrounded by people. That nasty, icky feeling dah takde. Debated nak buat apa. Malas nak drive down so decided to go Starbucks, but found them closed even though the main signage was on.

Here's a tip - kalau you walk into a Starbucks, even though they're closing up dan tak amik customer dah, but their main signage is on (signboard utama tuh masih lit) you have the right to be served. I mean it. It's in their rulebook gituh.

So kalau meka terlupa nak tup lampu signboard tuh, dan siap nak kunci pintu nak balik, you can actually force them to serve you. Amik ko! How great it is to know their dos and don'ts. Pernah dapat free drinks kat MidValley punya store sebab banyak sangat broken rules, aku siap complained point by point about the horrendous service. Note, any valid complaint of kekurangan mereka means three free drinks.

Anyway, moving on, so aku pikir...then aku gerak amik keta jerk.

Making your way down Genitng ALONE at 4.30am is not funny.

Aku slowly drive ke stesen minyak sebab masa naik tak sempat pump. Sial!!! Tutup lak! Shit... and lampu pun da flashing tak abih abih.

Takpe... gamble. After all, kan downhill jer.

Very the premise for horror movie kan? Going down jalan dikelilingi hutan belantara lepas horror experience, dengan minyak nak abih.

So made my way down as usual, just sliding downhill. Everything was ok cause I was moving with a bunch of other vehicles. Then lepas Awana, takde lampu jalan all hte cars just disappeared.

Fourty minutes later, aku da sampai Gombak, stop stesen minyak tarik nafas lega. Words can't describe the million and one thoughts and feelings.

Oh well... balik terus lagik baik. Nothing beats your own bed at times. Most of the times.
By the way, speaking of horrors, korang tau kan aku ada lapan piercing? Anyway, sebelum aku buat dulu penah tengok pics orang yang terkoyak kulit sana sini sebab the piercing get pulled.

Guess what? My left eyebrow punya piercing memang earlier this week dah pedih. Aku ni jenis tidur lasak, and kekadang malas bukak piercing masa nak tidur.

Anyway - on pagi semalam, aku bangun masa ke bilik air ngadap cermin nak cuci muka, I noticed something strange. The besi cam terkeluar, like it was just stuck against my skin.

Aku tengok betul betul, rupanya, the piercing da rip through the flesh of my eyebrow and was held in place only by this thin piece of flesh. Aku try unscrew my piercing when the thread of flesh just snapped and let me with a torn eyebrow piercing.

I know it sound horrible - but kesan takde sangat, cam a small cut jer. It didn't hurt, but I suppose with eight piercing and three tatooes, your pain threshold is just a little different kan?

Tak nampak sangat pun luka ke apa. Anyway kang sembuh, aku nak gi piercing balik. Sebab aku down to seven jer skang... I need to maintain my metal count at eight for feng shui purposes.


Ok la...all the psycho drama horror wore me out. Nak tidur...night guys.