Monday, November 05, 2007


Got some disturbing news just now. Don't want to think of it or talk about it.

Away from those thoughts,..this is my delayed review of episode seven of America's Next Top Model. Finally got around to watching it, walaupun dah simpan dalam laptop nih berapa lama.
{elik aku sebab biasa the recap episode ni episode 10 or 11 tapi kali ni cepat lak.

Takkan America's Next Top Model kena writer's strike lak? Ada sangat ke skrip anyway?

Matilah Tyra bimbo katanya.

The wasted time as usual on the recaps yang repeats of scenes previously. But ada lah additional bits and pieces. The show was only some 42 minutes long, plus the intro montage, so by the time you take away the repeated scenes which up more than half of it, there wasn't really much of a show.

Anyway, here are my favourite bonus scenes.

My favourites included -

*Bianca the b****h running into a glass door! And leaving and iimprint of her mug on it.
Aduh...tergelak besar aku!

Then there was Jenah freaking over having to quit smoking after Tyra enforced a no-smoking zone. The girl who proudly claims to be able to open beer bottles with her teeth (damn redneck) chipped her teeth while swimming.

The rednecks have a fun time too, when Jenah and Sarah take a dip and Jenah grabs Sarah's top. They start chasing each other topless around the house - the sport of rednecks.

Then Jenah chased Ambreal with her weave, and the woman who feels wigs are creepy like bugs and such flushed it down the toilet! Matilah ko!

Speaking of toilets - we find out Janet has a butt-kicking skill of unplugging toilets. Handy!

Did they show the talk about weight management and beauty from the inside out? I thought this was the most necessary scene they should have highlighted in the main show - but I guess it's not just as important for TV konon. Damn. Talk about priorities.

But I felt for Heather - with her medication for her condition, and her natural genetics, she had a problem with being too skinny - not out of choice.

We find out that Bianca the c**t has emo momemts apart from those really involving herself cause they also showed her breaking down after Kimberly got eliminated.

Takes your hands off my Barbie, b***h!!!

Who the hell would pick on Heather???

The Bianca B****h Chronicles - the total showdown

Bianca vs Ebony
Bianca vs Lisa
Bianca vs Saleisha
Bianca vs Chantal
Bianca vs Heather

But despite the c**t chronicles - after Bianca had her hair lopped off - she opened up and became happier, especially after she initiated a game where they all went and told of their inner feelings. Awww....

The way Chantal stood up to her made me fuzzy inside sebab I kenw she had something in her, and wasn't a ditzy blonde, and this proves it. She can be a tough ass fighter if and when she chooses to! Go Chantal!

The Ebony withdrawal was played out, and there were definitely not enough new scenes highlighted so it wasn't as hot al all that. Here are some other pics of fave moments...

Jenah cracking - but I feel for her here...

Where this hillbilly come from? Sarah and Jenah's cousin visiting?

Ok lah...nak turn in. Feel stunned and blurred out...sorry guys... will write tomorrow saja...