Friday, November 30, 2007

Tyra is a cow!

The whole two last episodes of America's Next Model in episode 10 and episode 11 appear to be engineered to eliminate favourites, especially MY favourites in Lisa and Heather.

Somehow - things always seem to be just against them. Oh well... big effing deal. I'm gonna keep watching anyway to b***h about the show, despite things being crap at the moment, and the only person I have left to root for is Chantal.

In episode 10 - Lisa seemed to be the planned victim for elimination with Heather being the in lead in for the next elimination. Obvious sangat.

Saleisha and Bianca's bullying was was simply too much. From them thrashing her during packing to go to China. Saleisha, taking the double bed, and not wanting to share, leaving with Heather without a bed is just juvenile. Very model-esque...

Heather definitely needs an ass whooping, but not from them. Honestly, she still kicks ass when it comes to pictures, and Tyra is just crap for wanting stereotype models, walaupon asik kata nak something different.

For the first challenge of posing while flying on wires, Heather rocked by performing the best! Bianca meanwhile chickened out and cried like hell as she looked at Heather all ready as they both were paired off.

So much for ghetto chick. Boo ya!

Bianca was disqualified from the challenge and Heather won the overall challenge.
Erm...someone tell Jenah she looks like a clumsy cow - and also let Chantal and Saleisha know that it's KUNG-FU and not karate they're doing. I think they just insulted the people of China.
Anyway Heather won a shopping spree and brought Chantal.

For the photo shoot, it's time for the Covergirl shoot.

Saleisha is a Valley girl, and totally so fake and bubbly with commercial qualities. But forget high fashion.

Bianca just doesn't own it, and I don't know why she's come this far. But I love her reason for being a Covergirl queen.

"I have flaws, but I make them beautiful."

Still - the fact that she didn't do the challenge, and looked like an overpuffed drag queen was just horrible, and her reason for being a queen was no reason to save her.

Matilah Laurielle.

Heather did badly during the shoot - admittedly.
But I don't see a reason why Bianca is there. She turned down a challenge for God's sake! She should go.

All the girls struggled... and they weren't all that different. I think the best would have been Chantal. She IS a Covergirl.

Lisa struggled too - and it's obvious she and Heather are the weakest in the public speaking department - but since when has THAT ever been such a dominating criteria of being a a model?
Lisa's photgraphy was fine! and even Jenah was sucky in her commercial. Still, in the end it was Lisa and Heather in the bottom two. F**k!!!


Systematic elimination!

The judges are obviously showing favour towards Saleisha, and it's no surprise thst they've identified her as the winner... the LOUSIEST butt-ass boring model ever picked on the show.
Check out Lisa's portfolio. Saleisha... go back where you came from!

In episode 11 - Heather was the next. After being in the bottom two last week with Lisa, we knew Heather was going home. No matter how good she could have done, it wouldn't have saved her. The show is bloody rigged.

Heather messed up on the go-see simply because of her condition, tapi while that's no excuse, come on!!!

Bianca looked horrendous and still she's there.

As the next challenge takes place in Beijing, it's obvious with Heather gone - the judges are hard pressed. Mesti kencing dalam seluar punya. With Chantal being the only popular favourite, the judges have to decide between her and Saleisha, Bianca and Jenah which they've been pushing from the start. But since we already know the winners... oh well.

Tyra goes on to how Jenah and Heather, both of whom are in the bottom two, are the strongest in the photos - but have problem commiunicating.

Blah blah blah Tyra. I curse you to bloat up again!

Despite her condition, I'm sure she'll work it and have a bright future in modelling. Heather... not Tyra.

"The experience is much more than the prize" was what Heather's parting words were.
Aw.... isn't that just touching.

Not much suspense for what's coming up. Getting sick of seeing Tyra for now. And someone tell Miss J to get some work done on his face AND hair. Talk about setting a bad example for the girls. Enough already...

So these four remain... and I don't really want to know about Saleisha winning. Puke!

Damn Streamyx... my line has been wonky so am not going to stay online long. Toodles!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heroes - leading up the final - a double!

So I've been really busy and all, but so sorry lah guys sebab aku lambat sangat update. Plus, aku janji nak review, yang tangguh sampai dua minggu punya worth tak posting langsung.

Anyway, here are the reviews of two episodes of Heroes back to back for you guys, if you're following it on free TV, ko baru nak layan season one lupakan jer lah. Kejam I know... but tu meka yang nak layan Astro, bookmark my blog cause you're going to need it (the spoilers sebelom nih apply kalao ko masih lom tau).

So here it goes...

Previously... on Heroes. Two episodes lagik.
In episode nine, Cautionary Tales, here's what happens (aku malas so I'm putting it point by point on developments.

-Noah starts the family packing, and Claire picks a fight because she's pissed about what happened to West as her hormones take over. Drama moment! She says, "I hate you!" to daddy with the horn rimmed glasses!

Ooh! Claire picks up a new hobby and piles up rocks spelling SORRY to West. She could have just picked up the phone, because either way West doesn't give a flying you know what for her apology.

He does fly into Noah - and they both put their past behind to save Claire.
Daddy meanwhile goes "You've gone native!" as Mohinder sets him and Elle gets ready to bug zap him. West flys into Elle (bad habit of his).

Isaac's next painting to come true

-Father issues are also big, as Hiro buries father Kaito. He pops back in time a week before to try to save his father. His father allows himself to be saved. Hiro, after massive live flashbacks - agrees not to be so childish with his powers. He does however get to identify his father's killer as Adam Monroe, also known as Takezo Kensei.

-One half of the two dads in Matt - is having parental issues as he starts experiencing with the dark side of his power in using his mental magic to get Molly to do what he wants, including eating her cereal (there must be an easier way!) He uses it further to get back into the Kaito Nakamura case.
He also uses it on Angela Petrelli

-Mohinder is hopeless as always, and tries to get Claire's blood to save Nikki (bad excuse... I would just let Nikki die). Elle, Bob's daughter, plays executioner to deal with Noah in case he gets in the way.

He gets the company standard issue gun (like much for his willpower when he knew about Isaac Mendez's painting)

He sets up Noah.

-Bob visits Claire and freaks her out at being discovered. freaks out. He gets more than he bargains for when Elle gets caught by Noah - and uses her power to her disadvantage.

Note : How to make sure an electricity zapping person is secured when caught. Place her in bucket of water so if she tries zapping you - she'll electrocute herself.

Noah gets the best line "Stings like a b***h doesn't it?" He also reveals to Elle how she was also subject to the Company's experiments, obviously remembering none of it thanks to the Haitian.

Stings like a b****h doesn't it?

Bob takes Claire's blood before the trade.

Trade takes place - and surprise surprise - Noah gets shot, after Elle bolts West and Claire, and he tries to blow Bob and Mohinder goes cuckoo.

Isaac was always good in art class. Until he freaked everyone out...

We find out however Noah isn't dead and in the final scene - his eyeball grows back and he comes back alive - thanks to the infusion of Claire's blood, thanks to Mohinder.

Most beautiful moment - When the carp delivers his non-eulogy to his father as the scenes from every thing else cuts into place. Touching... oh, also Claire's mother finally gets a name - Sandra.

In episode ten, we learn that the Shanti virus, was apparently - according to Adam, created by Victoria Pratt, as we learnt last episode, the only remaining elder and founder of the company.
Adam convinces Peter that they have to look for the virus to destroy it to avoid a breakout.

Lucky for Adam, Peter IS as stupid as he looks.

He even believes Adam is right when he blasts Victoria, despite her saying that Adam was going to kill her. This guy isn't going to be joining Mensa soon that's for sure. We however learn that the powers of regeneration - while may mean immortality, it stops at getting your head blown up - which is the point of no return. It must also hurt a lot.

-Truth and Consequences begins with that, and Bob bringing Noah's 'ashes'. More pain theraphy as West plays angel to Claire. Aw... how sweet. Note to producers - the ash-dumping scene would have been made more meaningful if we had known Noah wasn't alive.

-Daddy issues continue as Elle, begins to feel resentment towards her domineering father. Bob meanwhie is faced with Mohinder's demand to rid the company of it's virus stash.
After of course he creates a cure when he comes across a possible cure when he injects himself with Claire's blood.

Mohinder meanwhile sucks at playing daddy when he leaves Molly alone. Both Mohinder and Matt really have to work out who keeps the day job and who is a stay home mom....

-Niki goes back to Micah to tell him she's got the virus, as her son's comic book stash is stolen by his cousin, who gets jacked. Seriously... big time crooks wanting comic books???!!! Micah is pissed because daddy's medal is in there (father issues again) and cousin Monica plays hero and tries to get back his stuff, and gets caught. Suspense! Never mind the bad rip-off of Spiderman - with the costume inspiration theme.

How original...

-Sylar convinces Maya her brother hates her and teaches her to control her powers. Maya dumps her brother (sibling issues are ok, we've outdone the father issues) for Sylar, sampai dia leh tak caya her own brother that Sylar is a killer, believing that he's as misunderstood as her.

Oh please. Can you say, STUPID?

Sylar even goes on to kill Alejandro who attacks him - and ends up snogging Maya. How's that for evil! Yes, Alejandro dies.

-Hiro finds the link to who Kensei is, and hunts down Adam after finding out where the virus is. He freezes time when he arrives to find Peter with Adam.

Peter doesn't get frozen in, and the episode ends with a showdown of both. Can they both kill themselves? Kind of sick of them. But if you've read the spoilers I gave several weeks ago - you already know the outcome of everything that's going to happen.

Sword versus lightning bolt... gee.. who's going to win?

The highlight - Next week's finale when everything thankfully comes to an end for them to think of a better season that the not-so-good season two - in no part made better by the Hollywood writer's strike.

The finale showdown?

Shit!!! (oops...pardon my French) This means Heroes will end next week, so if Chantal is eliminated from America's Next Top Model next, I won't have anything to watch. Damn!

PS - I'll post a double review of America's Next Top model tomorrow, when both my favourites are sadly outed. Damn you Tyra! I hope you bloat up again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh wow!

First of all, congratulations to my friends, pembaca-pembaca blog yang enjoy the concert yesterday. I heard you guys got seats at the arena area, right in front. Hope you guys are satisfied with the tickets. Sapa tak masuk padan muka... hah! Amik ko! Lain kali masuk... jangan segan-segan.

Thank you guys for reporting to me how the concert went, and thanks to Mozac for taking this video of Nikki performing His Eye Is On The Sparrow for me. I'm pretty impressed by her performance as much as everyone else is...but you guys be the judge. What do you think? Pause or mute the imeem player sebelah or click the video window to launch in another window.

Me? I went for the launch of the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival. How was it you ask? Well, let me put it this way.

Imagine the worst tortures... inflicted upon me. Times that by a thousand, as you have those people from Mystarz LG sing to me, while dressing me up in last season's colours. Get an idea?
Buat malu jerk. Nama jer international level. Sudah lah filem tak banyak yang competing. And then pastu malam pembukaan pun macam kenduri kahwin siot. No... I take that back.

Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza's wedding pun lebih grand! I can overlook the fact, a handful jer karyawan filem tempatan yang hadir yang digantikan orang kementerian, dan makcik makcik jual tupperware dan Zhulian dari Finas. Aku leh maapkan cultural performance semua repeat performance with nothing unique to offer.

Aku leh lupakan kordial orange tuh... or the joget lambak which was the highlight of the night - tapi I can never forgive them for thinking this could ever put Malaysia on the map when it comes to international film festivals.

Kalau camni ler meka nak buat, baik takyah. Stakat nak gunakan tuk promosi 1957 : Hati Malaya yang busuk tuh...buang masa. Mentang-mentang ler tak laku kat panggung kena promo camni.

Aku ingat aku sorang je bad experience, masa dok luar isap rokok tension, ramai agik kengkawan kongsi perasaan gundah gulana (amik ko bahasa!) mereka.
Tanpa mendedahkan nama, ni antara komen daripada kengkawan.

Complaint #1 (seorang producer filem) - Apalah...kata festival. Letak aku semeja bukan dengan orang industry nak kita letak aku dengan makcik makcik ni dari kementerian ke Finas yang excited tengok-tengok kalau Maya Karin hadir, sibuk planning nak ambush tuk amik gambar bersama. Ni ke international.

Complaint #2 (wartawan) - My God! What are they doing???!!!! Meka joget lambak tarik tarik omputeh semua. So much for a dignified elegant event. And this is the highlight of the night???!!!

Complaint #3 (orang industri belakang tabir) - Aku confuse. Ini festival filem ke Citrawarna??? Apa mereka nak promosi? Main focus meka tourism ke filem? Macam filem bukan main focus langsung!

Complaint #4 (pelakon wanita) - Aku tak kisah nok...pas ni aku curi-curi balik jer. Letih kalao camni...

Complaint #5 (kengkawan organiser) - Nok...kalau da budget ciput dari Finas tapi angan-angan jer lebih, nak wat camna...

Complaint #6 (director yang tak hadir on the phone) - HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Seb baik aku tak pergi!

Complaint #7 (orang industry gak) - Ini festival filem ke annual dinner Finas dan KeKKWa? Semua orang meka. Makanan dan persembahan pun style style meka jer...

Complaint #8 (rakan industri filem) - Eh? Ko pun keluar isap rokok? Aku nak tertidur dalam tuh...had to come out kalao tak berdengkur aku kang.

Nak lagik ke? There were so many complaints, aku shudder in horror that Finas and KeKKWa leh organise event camni. Tak caya aku meka nih tak reti nak hold an international standard festival. Come on lah... setakat buat malu takyah hold better.

Kalau budget tak cukup ker, tak cukup masa planning ke, next year jer lah buat.

Jangan main tangkap muat jerk. Kan malu kita kalau camni. Especially when internal ketidakpuasan hati menjejaskan festival, with some of our own producers and directors enggan nak participate. So in the end we have mediocre films at most tuk bertanding.

Citrawarna kembali lagik!

Berapa kerat jer orang pilem mai. Eh Michelle...ko kena urut tuh sebagai upah tak kena carut ke? (ampun!!!)

What is this???!!!

Aiyo!! Joget lambak!!!

Cam kesial nya... aduh.

I'm not kidding, but by the end of the night (the first half hour) aku dah pening. My head was throbbing dan aku rasa nak pitam.

Since this was a film festival, or so they claim... they could have made a good movie out of this. Just stick a camera to record the pelancaran, and this would have been the SCARIEST movie ever made!

Leh? Matilah....

Aduh....nak tidur...trauma...trauma...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Win tickets to Live & Loud TODAY!

Do you want to win these tickets? Win, NOT buy ok...cause if you do, then keep reading...

I've always wanted to do this but no real opportunity ever arose. So dengar sini... eh...silap... baca sini (cam tak betul lak tulis camtuh). Kalau korang nak tiket ke Live & Loud 07, you can win tickets here.It's a simple competition, tak susah pon. Malas nak wat contest susah-susah. Cam tak ikhlas lak kang nak bagik tiket kat korang.

So read on kalao korang bebetul nak tiket tiket ini.It takes less than five minutes to win.
Here's what this contest is all about.

Tickets for the Live & Loud 07 R&B concert tomorrow night, 28 Nov 2007 at Stadium Negara beginning from 6.30pm until very late!

Tickets are RM330, RM220, RM190 and Rm130 but you can get these Elite Passes FREE to watch K-Ci & Jojo, Mint Condition, Lil'G of Silk, Mark Douglas, Taufik Batisah, Nikki, Jaclyn Victor, Azan (Ruffedge), Lah(VE) and Mode. I have no idea what the seats are like or where they are or whatever...but hey...they're FREE!!! (Malaysians love that word, right?)

I have a total of TEN tickets nak bagik korang, so all you have to do is follow the directions below, and win, win, win!

Regular readers of my blog will find it a lot easier to answer these simple questions.

Easy! From 3pm (no earlier), all you have to do, is be the first FOUR callers to 013-6026006 (at normal call charge only - ko ingat bapak aku tokei telco ke) and answer three simple questions to win double passes (that's TWO passes a winner) each to the event! The winner who answers the bonus question FIRST among the winners correctly, will win a total of FOUR passes to the show.

The three questions are :
1)Name me the three performers in the R&B show who were in the Idol series?
2)Where will the R&B concert be held?
3)Is Live & Loud 07 the biggest music event in South East Asia?

Bonus question (it is in my blog)

Name me two pop divas I watched LIVE in concert recently, one in Singapore and one in Bangkok.

This is open to ANYONE, but to qualify, you MUST post the sentence I WON! in the Comments box within 5 minutes of being declared winner (sit down lah in front of your computer as you call me to do it immediately)

Since the concert begins at 6.30pm (you can go later, but you risk missing some really good performances), you MUST be able to pick up the tickets from me at 5pm in 1 Utama, a venue I will tell you on the phone.

There are NO exceptions to these rules.

The prizes are just the passes offered. Winners bear their own cost of travel, lodging or Ramly burgers and watered down Coke. Ko gila ke aku nak sponsor semua?

I am NOT responsible for any change in the line-up of the event or anything to do with the organiser. Note that I am NOT affiliated with Live & Loud 07 either.
Also I am not responsible if you get caught bringing someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend to the event. Or somebody else's boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter.

I hope you guys enter this contest. I made this announcement last minute, because I want it to be more of a thank you to my loyal blog readers yang selama ini temankan aku, with every entry, no matter how boring or obnoxious I get.

There MAY be more coming your way, but I'm not making any promises ok? I will try my best!
Anyway, I won't be at the R&B event because I will be attending the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival (KLIFF) welcoming night at the same time.

Kalau ada masa, I may drop by, because My Boo will be there ngan kengkawan dia.
Am dead tired because I just got back from the Live & Loud 07 80s show with James Ingram, Kool & The Gang and Hazami, which was also at Stadium Negara.

It's just simply AWESOME. One thing for sure, the performers are all top notch, and the production of the show like no other concert you've seen or heard in Malaysia.

I usually get b****y about concerts here because of lousy sound systems or nightmare acoustics, but this...was simply awesome (all the more reason you guys shouldn't miss winning the tickets).

Here are a few pics from last night. Sorry about the quality. Can't do anything about it kecuali kalau ada sesiapa nak sponsor aku camera phone or digital camera baru... didn't think so...

Half full stadium during Hazami and James Ingram performance. What's it about Malaysians and not being on time?

James actually got off the stage when he was singing I Don't Have The Heart and came down to us in the arena area.He's the bald dude.

Awesome lighting during the Kool & The Gang performance.

By Kool & The Gang, it was PACKED!

Energetic show - boogie all night long.

As you can see from the pics, it was really a fun time. Hazami was pretty good, tapi yang best nya, masa James Ingram performed, he actually got off stage and layan everyone in my section of the arena. Cool!

Sapa yang minat tapi tak gi, rugi siot. He sang all his biggies! As did Kool & The Gang! They've got so many hits in their catalogue, it's not funny, sebab aku dah semput asik menari, and there was no stopping, because I seemed to know every song (I'm not old... I... erm...listened to...erm... my parents' collection?)

A salute to the Kool guys, one of whom noticed me freaking disco-style in the front row and waved to me, pointing out my hair. Erm... red is very attention grabbing, that's for sure.
Got an invite from Reymee, the head honcho of Live & Loud 07 to join the private post party with the band, tapi memang letih gila, so torn between wanting to go and boogie some more or not.

I'm not as big a fan of Kool & The Gang, but it was the thought that counted, and it was sweet of Reymee to invite me, so props to you dude!

Apapun, I have to compliment you la mate sebab ko rilek jer throughout the whole show walaopon apa berlaku. I am so proud to know someone yang muda muda, dah berani nak take all this on. If it were me, I would have either gone crazy ke...warded terus sebab tak tahan all the stress.

Reymee was my junior in college (a big shout out to Ocean Institute of Audio Technology - 241B!) yang memang ramai produce orang industry skang.

Dia nih memang humble giler. Masa aku kuar college aku da dengar mamat ni nyanyi, tapi tak sangka we crossed paths again when Innuendo nak kuar album (yeap, the one with Belaian Jiwa - everyone's favourite karaoke tune) and I interviewed them. Terkejut gak aku...but who would have thought...I'd be on the other side.

Apapon - dude, you've gone far, and just keep chasing your dreams! No matter what. Kalau ada sesapa masih ingat dan minat Innuendo, here's a pic of Reymee and I. The coolest, and now most busiest dude in town (muka pun nampak letih giler walaopon senyuman menyembunyikan stress memacam)

By the time we ended, memang aku rasa nak pengsan. Letih siot! Dancing throughout the night takes its toll (actually it was dancing on and off for an hour or so, with the rest of the time sitting on my ass too lazy to move anything apart from my head)Did I go to the post party. Nope... but got to meet Kool & The Gang anyway pastuh to interview them. Coolness.

Esok ada interview ngan James Ingram, tapi sibuk ngan KLIFF, so no go on that. Got to catch some shut eye now. Cheers!

PS - Sapa layan aku pagi tadik kat Astro Awani, jangan carut aku ek sebab rupa aku ngantuk sangat. Aku half asleep on the program, tambah lagik takde orang nak bangkang point aku. Heh...ok ler tuh. Kira menang tanpa bertanding.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Keeper kayu!

Apa tujuan pic atas tuh dan tajuk posting aku? Kalau korang perasan, paling kanan sekali tuh si Mawi. Semalam pas rakaman Oh Lelaki, di mana Mawi jadik tamu sekali, kami melantak, and then sambil lepak lepak kat East Entrance Astro, entah sapa lak bak bola futsal, we started kicking it about.

In a circle, even THIS person proved dia bukan kaki bangku! Aku pun join ler...siap kaki ayam lagi ok. Matilah bola tuh leh wat ala futsal, sepak takraw and volleyball.

No rules!

Si Mawi dok tepi last last pun pantang, nak gak join. Heh...Siap bersilat time kami nak main tuh. Fun end to an otherwise boring day.

Dapat ler gak kuar peluh. Went back - singgah ke rumah designer sat nak tentukan baju tuk performance akan datang (malas sebut lebih for now - tunggu siap), then jumpa Boo for dinner ngan housemate dia.

Sent dia ke main campus kat UiTM sebab their teater thingie begins tomorrow (aku cuba ek yang kalau aku leh mai tengok pementasan ko - bangga sayang aku nih My Boo berlakon teater!)
Ngamuk sikit kat security yang cam feeling dominating konon all powerful being. Matlah ko!

Aduh...ngantuk. Sorry ler guys aku tak sempat post reviews Heroes and America's Next Top Model. Aku posting Heroes dua episod back to back review esok. I promise! And also ANTM ler....
Nak tidur dulu ek!

NOTE - Pada mereka yang interested, catch me on Astro Awani esok at 11.30am. On air with my kakak Dang Suria and erm...ada la personaliti tamau aku sebut nama kat sini.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Menuju ke destinasi...yeah yeah!

Alahai...comeinya si Samihah nih main topeng lak time amik pic nih. Heh... amik ko!

Keluangman? Keluangwoman? Apapon, Misha looked good masa aku bumped into her backstage ketika Muzik Muzik separuh akhir Pop Rock kat Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral malam tadi.

Feeling restless, unlike the other two semifinals, aku merayap jer, catching most of the show either backstage, or in the wings itself to get a closer view, diselit ngan sesi gosip sana sini ngan kengkawan yang ramai ada.

Hah... ni dalam wardrobe room... tengok intense tak bebudak layan TV kicik ala ala kedai kopi gituh nak tengok competition camna.

Hazami dan group dia bernama Hybrid ada, si Fiq...ramai lah. Aku join meka kejap layan the earlier part of the show.

Time commercial break, mula ler mengular lagik. Memula jenguk our Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza, or Datuk kalau nak kira title dia sendiri (independent woman gituh ada title sendiri ok!) yang final touches gituh. Pas borak jap, went back down to catch the show from backstage, in my seat and various other spots (gatai tol takleh dok diam) and caught Jac yang baru abih perform. Rock chick chic gituh...

Pretty much settled down pastu to enjoy the show. After dropping by the various areas one last time. Leh? Tu la akibat commercial break banyak. Jalan je keja aku.

Caught Vince tengah dok relax join layan the TV set in the changing room pas abih performance.

Hah..jangan ingat nak wat show easy ok. It's a lot of waiting about that takes up most of your time. Sempat ler layan Mawi dan Felix gak, tapi time tuh tak amik pic.

Sat awhile to watch the rest of the show...

Masa time debaran nak umum, aku lepak ngan Audi and Aidit.

Aku dah speculate my choices sudah masa tuh.

I had already drawn up my four confirmed songs nak mara, and two yang aku rasa would fight for one last spot.

So far, I've been pretty accurate in my prediction, taking into account not just quality of compositions from various aspects, but also the popular appeal sekali ngan programming needs, all of which are enough to predict a line-up of tunes which will make Anugerah Juara Lagu 2007 (ironically enough held in 2008...leh?)

As they assembled everyone on stage just before the commercial break, aku pun snap some more pics. Hah...time nih tense abih dah. Artis semua atas pentas dah dag dig dug da jantung memasing.

Aku amik beberapa angle...sambil closer to home, Audi and Aidit were chatting away. Such a sense of urgency and priority gituh.

This is what it looks like from another angle, if you guys were catching the action from backstage.

Looking front - the audience, back to the stars on stage and looking from behind the artists, their...erm... butts? Meanwhile,
Audi Mok and Aidit Alfian find something better to do than snap pictures.

The commercial break seemed really long this time, so dalam nak layan bosan (suspen ilang pas the first two minutes di ganti ngan bosan). All three of us (Audi, Aidit and abang Eidil from Maestro), found out that we were wearing Crocs! Erm.. how interesting. Pop Croc night?

Er...what a load of croc? Ok, I'll stop now.

So they announced the songs, and ni la lagu-lagu yang layak. Instead of five, of course those of you who watched the show would have known that TV3 wat kejutan ala Akademi Fantasia, kata there would now be six songs from the Pop Rock category yang akan layak Anugerah Juara Lagu 22.

The songs that qualified are Farhana (Bumi Kenyalang) (composed by Denai, with lyrics by Andy Rahman and performed by Jinbara), Janjiku (Taja & Tass/Sofaz), Sembunyi (Aidit Alfian/Loloq/Misha Omar & Andy Flop Poppy), Itu Kamu (Estranged, Richard Lawrence Gimbang/Estranged), Angan Dan Sedar (M.Nasir/Loloq/Mawi) and Destinasi Cinta (Lin Li Zhen/PSNN/Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza).

Woohoo! Aku teka betul, with Sembunyi and Farhana my fifith choice. Turns out both dapat, walaupun aku geli sikit lagu Farhana (sori ler sapa yang minat - aku tak minat tol lagu tuh)

Apapon, happy that Siti and Mawi especially akan berentap dalam final sebab kengkawan kan...tapi yang lebih penting, excited abih Estranged too akan berentap. Especially proud of Rich, walaupun memacam kutukan (termasuk dari aku...ngaku nih) time Akademi Fantasia, he's really proven himself, with HIS song in the final with HIS band. Cool!

Speaking of Rich, perasan tak apa-apa dalam pic nih.

Hah!!! Remember... you saw it here first! Kalau nak curi pic ni (or any pics here for that matter) jangan lupa kredit aku dan link kan. Do you see my object of interest in this pic?

No? Tuh...cover muka sikit sikit tuh sambil gelak. It's... Velvet! Hah...amboi bertahan agik dia dan Rich 'teman tapi mesra' ek! Sampai mai support. Not really a surprise sebab masa launch In Hating Memory, album Estranged kat Laundry Bar pun Velvet ada. Tapi time tuh takleh cakap apa sebab ramai kuarga Akademi Fantasia hadir sekali.

Kali ni, nampak Velvet with family members (family sapa ek - heh!)
Apapon, doakan terbaik bagik meka. Selain Khai dan Rosma, nampaknya hanya Rich dan Velvet jer bertahan antara couples dari program tuh.

It was now time for press conference. Sempat tuh dalam soal jawab, amik pic nih. Time tu, si botak tengah dok signal sigal saja carut mencarut. Merasalah ko Mawi. Happy ek masuk! All the best ler.... janji show meletop!

Apapun, before I wrap up this entry, ada lagi pics yang saja story story happening masa semifinal tuh. Layan more pics...

Pada peminat Siti, suka tak rambut dia? Aku suka gila tengok style ala Farrah Fawcett from the original Charlie's Angels dia tuh. Rambut lentik ke belakang gituh.

Yang penting, yang wat rambut adik dia si Saerah tuh. Buat ngan begitu semangat sampai tangan melecur wo. Tu ler lain kali rilek, Saerah oi... heh...semoga sembuh cepat. Biar luka tangan, sempat posing sakan ngan injury. Makan hati ler tajuk albumnya pose maut tuh.

By the way, little trivia bit - Siti make-up sendiri ok! Tetap meletops.

Apapun, ni senarai penuh lagu lagu yang layak ke Anugerah Juara Lagu after the three weeks punya semifinal.

Irama Malaysia & Etnik Kreatif
Samudera (Johan Nawawi/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya/Nora)
Kasihnya Balkis (Adnan Abu Hassan/Moharis Yaakup/Aishah)
Dirgahayu (Radeen Sri/Hairul Anuar Harun/Ramlah Ram)

Kasih Tercipta (Ajai/Shuhaimi Baba/Faizal Tahir)
Mahakarya Cinta (Audi Mok/Mohd Shariza Shamsiri/Faizal Tahir)
Ceritera Cinta (Ross Ariffin/Habsah Hassan/Jac & Lah)
Izinku Pergi (Azlan Abu Hassan/Sulu Sarawak/Sahri)
Harapan (Hazami/Hazami/Fazli Zainal).

Pop Rock
Farhana (Bumi Kenyalang) (Denai/Andy Rahman/Jinbara)
Janjiku (Taja & Tass/Sofaz)
Sembunyi (Aidit Alfian/Loloq/Misha Omar & Andy Flop Poppy)
Itu Kamu (Estranged, Richard Lawrence Gimbang/Estranged)
Angan Dan Sedar (M.Nasir/Loloq/Mawi)
Destinasi Cinta (Lin Li Zhen/PSNN/Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza).

Ok ler..turning in. Dreaded Monday morning. Esok packed day. Besides, maybe nak take off worse come to worse sebab my aunt kena admit ke hospital and I since I don't like my mom driving anywhere she's not familiar with, nor will I allow her to take public transport, aku mungkin hantar kot and might end up taking the day off.

Apapon for those yang tunggu review America's Next Top Model and Heroes, sorry ler sebab sibuk these past few days tak sempat.

Promise esok aku post review ok apart from normal entry.

Janji ANTM memang result sial - and I just want to b***h s;ap Bianca and Saleisha. And Heroes? One of the best episodes this season! Very touching too...,

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hari ni aku memang konsep headless chicken, running about cam tak betul. Mana tak nya, banyak siot assignment hari nih! Pergh!

Siang aku ada perjumpaan sikit about noon, and once abih, aku lari ke izzi, my second destination tempat geng Ebi Fan Club berkumpul tuk celebrate Ebi's belated birthday. Sampai pun sudah past 4pm, about two hours late! Tapi better late than never kan?

And in a while, joined by Nikki and Azmi. Patutnya ada kawan sorang agik, tapi dia tido kot (walaopon tamau ngaku kan!)

Kalau biasa-biasa lately aku malas nak amik pic, entry hari nih memang banyak pic, so brace yourselves. Dan kalau korang tak nampak, salahkan diri sendiri sebab pakai dial-up zaman broadband nih ek - or complain ISP korang pasal problem line korang - kalau pic asik time out sebelom load.

So here are some of the pics aku rajin sikit amik.

Baru nak amik pic ngan Nikki si Azmi mencelah...

Amik jer sekali lah dari enter frame... sapa punya keja la budget tak masuk semua nih...

Apapun thanks to the Ebi family sebab sudi ajak, sampai call berkali kali tuk pastikan aku mai. Apapun, Ebi, ko memang lucky gila dapat peminat camnih, setia to you time ramai yang sudah pudar sokongan, walaupun time demam Akademi Fantasia beriya-iya sampai maki hamun orang.

Keep being humble and working hard, and God willing, ko akan capai semua cita-cita ko.

Romeo and Juliet? Tunggu je single bakal meletops!

Ada rahsia sebalik pic ni.

Time syok sendiri amik kesempatan lighting tuk dramatic photo sikit.

Next destination? Dari izzi, dumped my car kat parking awal tadi, and tumpang si Nikki and Azmi ke EH! 20 Anggun 2007 kat Ruums sebab tak kuasa nak bawak keta berapa ratus meter jerk tak pasal pasal, and then kena kejar lagik ke destinasi after that lak. Senang idop tompang jerk and then naik public transport. Pening dowh with the bloody traffic in KL.

A lot of familiar faces, a lot of pics tapi malas nak label satu-satu so sapa korang nampak dalam pics tuh, that's them jer la ek.

Sori kualiti pics kureng sikit sebab lighting kat area VIP gelap sangat, there was no real cantik punya pics aku leh amik, so there. Enjoy it, or don't bother. Leh?

Seletih aku, mampu agik gila gila sebab seronok ramai kawan ada. Enjoy the pics ek. Sori pada kengkawan yang jumpa, tak sempat mention sebab ramai sangat kalao nak sebut!!! Ampun!!!!

Caramu, dan caranya berbeza - my baby bro,
Zahid and my baby sis Nikki! Have always been, am always and will always be proud of them no matter what, or no matter what anyone says.

Ramainya wanta-wanita anggun. The first pic is Dekna yang rupa lain sangat malam nih. Lainnya, Shazzy, Yatt, Nikki, Marsha, Avaa, Ezlynn, Dynaz... aiyo ramai. Korang layan la sendiri.

Another of my baby sis cayang Marsha and I. Vogue sangat!!!.... dia pun keh tahan (matilah aku kena carut pasnih berangan)

The stage

The audience

The 20 Anggun Women - Dekna, Avaa, Arafah, Ezlynn, Cheryl Samad, Emelda Rosmila, Yatt, Intan Nurladyana, Suki, Marsha, Nora Danish, Hana, Linda, Puteri Andreanna, Atilia, Kat, Misha Omar, Yanie, Siti Elizad dan Dynaz.

Pening siot nak upload all the pics. Thanks to Faizal and the Blue Inc gang for playing the best hosts. Memang seronok gak ler, antara banyak event camnih aku hadir. The place was comfortable, the line-up wasn't boring, and the crowd was fun.

Walaupun pening sikit time games ada minah sorang ni ala Beyonce mabuk menari mak aih... memeningkan.

Before finish, said a quick goodbye to as many people as possible and aku made a run for it untuk ke Dataran Merdeka untuk Konsert Pelancaran Suria FM. Hopped into a cab. The trip itself took less than ten minutes, tapi sempat layan cabbie tuh bincang pasal radio, Erra Fazira dan Engku Emran, politik semasa, road blocks and protests... pening lagik.

But he got me to Dataran Merdeka quickly enough, despite the jam sebab dia cam baik sangat celah sana sini carik jalan tercepat. Balasan layan dia sembang walaupon tak larat kot.
Konsert of course dah mid-way (ok la tuh, dapat aku miss show binatang sekor ni yang memang aku tanak pun tengok muka dia yang sakai berangan vogue tuh - sapa ek rasanya?)

More pics...layan dulu ek.

Cat Farish ada kuasa siot! Macam ET jari dia kuar cahaya. Er...yerlah tuh. Cat dan The Fabulous Cats ada kat parti EH!, and like me meka pun sprint ke Dataran sebab dedua tempat wat show.

Sifu M. Nasir borak ngan abang Imuda backstage. Perasan tak baju kuning tongkat dagu tu... tu ler Engku Emran.

Aku lak layan si Erra sembang sebab dia cam boring abih show da...tapi takleh balik sebab laki organiser...matilah Web carut aku pasnih. Sempat snappy one for the album celah borak ngan dia dan kak Marlia Musa (kedekut ek tips bagi nak breeding nih). But seronok ngan meka berdua. Meka banyak occupy time aku. Love you guys!

Asyik ada pic aku, ni ada model lain ganti pose ngan Dayang Nurfaizah lak. Heh... ni lah Syed, or more affectionately known to friends as Web, manager Erra Fazira. Matilah aku!!!!

Sapa lak sibuk amik pic aku nih!!!! Macam ku cam pala tuh jerk.

Have a break - sempat posing Julia, dulu xfresh (sejarah lampau dan tak relevan kini), and now with Suria FM. Great show you put together Jules!

Wajah misteri (misteri ke) sebalik handphone (handphone ke?), Mawi (Mawi ke?)

Yerlah... dia lah tu! Semalam jumpa masa Genting Magic Festival, ni jumpa agik. Amik pic jer laaaaa....moka da nampak keletihan kalahkan Mawi tuh!

Mawi bersama with Taufik Batisah yang wat show sekali.

Dayang potong rambut agik!

Dia pun nak pose ngan Taufik. Eh silap...Taufik yang nak pose ngan Dayang ok...

Keluarga Suria FM dan mereka yang menjayakan konsert.

Again walaupun letih camna, tapi seronok. By the time konsert abih, ucap bye bye beribu kali tetap tak berganjak. Selangkah demi selangkah ada jerk jumpa someone nak borak something.
Aku da memang keletihan abih da at this point. Tumpang Juan and keluarga JomStar ikut naik keta Muchlis, balik dekat area izzi nak amik keta. Sempat berlawak dalam keta sat. By the time sampai, call Boo aku nak jumpa, singgah Shah Alam and had supper together.

Perfect end, to a perfectly fun but perfectly busy day. Hope you guys had fun on the hectic kelam kabut activities here as much as I did going through them.

Nak tidur dulu ek...mintak izin...