Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Can't Stop The Beat

Semalam, out of boredom, decided to pop to MidValley nak grab a drink as well as surf, but in a more public environment, so popped in Starbucks. Joined by Mozac, kawan Boo Boo.

Didn't really know what to do, so decided to go and watch Hairspray one more time. My second, and definitely not the last.

After we bought ticket, gi jenjalan dulu. Popped in the music shop there and found this really cool machine.

The whole set up, consisting of a computer and Lord knows what else, allows you to compile the songs in the store's database, which are apparently licensed.

At Rm2.95 a song, it's quite decent to burn an album of ten songs, for cheaper than what some albums are going for.

If it's legal, I recommend this as a good option rather than downloading illegally and burning your own. But hey, who am I to preach. All I can say, at least get local music legally to help our industry. Bab kalao muzik omputeh, aku no komen lah.

Pikir kampung sendiri dulu la kan?

Anyway, watched the movie, had fun sebab memang it's definitely one of my favourite movies of the year, and then decided to go for supper.

Had no idea where to go to with the rain and all, so, being still early just past 9pm.

So took a detour to Brickfields to head for this Chinese Muslim restaurant where the food is absolutely fabulous!

Jam lak sepanjang jalan kat sana. Ingat orang shopping Deepavali, but turns out they were having some sort of religious related parade or something.

Well, I won't say parade, because there was only one float-esque thing that was holding up traffic.

Finally got past it and got to the restaurant. Kalau korang nak Chinese food yang halal, aku recommend, ia berdepan saja dengan Balai Polis Brickfields. It's this old medan selera called The Pines and the name of the restaurant, (paling ujung sekali) is Restoran Merdeka, kalau tak silap aku. If you want Chinese fare yang halal, honestly so far that's the only place that gets as close to the real thing in terms of flavour. Try it.. besh!

So pastuh ordered several dishes and melantak lah... apa lagi.

You want me to recommend dished, tak pandai la, but this is what we ordered below.

Let's see, there was kangkung masak belacan (not so pure Chinese fare), sweet sour chicken (love it!), steamed fish (bawal putih) and tofu with crabmeat or something. Yummy! Too much actually for two people... so didn't finish everything though can't say we didn't try.

Habis je, since it was still raining, headed home to get some sleep. Esok takde apa sangat so lega lah. Arghh...pening menyerang lagi. Time to hit the sack!