Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok, so I have massive Monday blues! Mana taknya...walaupun tak perlu, aku singgah gak opis tadik. Like hello....the office was like a morgue. Well not really, cause the office is never like a morgue (unless you discount the 'things' that roam at night - yes, I swear, my office is haunted - but that's another story).

So petang, ajak Halim, and we went gallivanting around town.
Ingat jalan kosong sikit. Well, it was a little bit clearer... but not that much. Cipet tol la!!! Takde kampung nak balik kah! Frust! Thought leh mengular satu KL tanpa risau jam da. Cait... turns out an empty city exists only in the past skang.

Remember when zaman dulu kalau time cuti camni, kosong satu bandar.

Darn....oh well. At least it wasn't HORRENDOUSLY bad as usual, tapi by this weekend, kiss goodby to that sebab da kembali to the normal hellhole we're more accustomed to lah.

Berangan gak and all nak ke Pavilion jenguk tengok and all, but malas lah. Especially since most of the outlets tak bukak lagik, there was no decent eatery with sidewalk cafe qualities which didn't discriminate against smokers and the fact that I really didn't feel in the mood for proper shopping - so better to stay away.

So in the end, headed for my FAVOURITE outlet nak grab a bite for their big portions, tasty dishes and good prices, where it's air-conditioned - even in the smoking area, there's MTV and music piped in with tons of reading material - and of course free wifi. Where else but izzi kat Jalan Bukit Bintang (cam promo kan?... nope, I don't get paid for it unfortunately.

Decided to gorge a little - so a light snack turned into a Milano pizza. Halim and I masing-masing whipped out our laptops and fired them up.

Stayed dari about 5pm to about 8-ish before we decided to go Sungai Wang nak jenjelan. No specific reason, just wanted to check out what stuff ada since da lama tak usha.

One of the destinations was the specialty toy shops, the comic stores and kedai-kedai yang seaktu dengannya. Holy smokes, Batman! Seriously, toy collecting has gotten crazy! Take for example the first generation Optimus Prime yang aku suka gila. Gawd! Didn't want to ask how much that cost, because the last time I saw one, it was RM450. This from the original price yang dulu tak silap aku RM60 lebih je.

If it's not enough aku lum collect the old stuff (we call them vintage these days), there was all this new references to the classic, like this die cast generation one Soundwave. The ironic part is aku penah posting pasal benda ni before Transformer the movie opened up, cause I found one in Toys R Us, tapi tak sempat beli sebab ingat takde orang nak da out of stock. And this shop in Sungai Wang was selling it... for RM189!!! Masa beberapa bulan lalu baru RM59.90 tak silap aku.


Siot jer. Tension bijik! Damn collectors! They're spoiling the toy market. Lum get the old stuff, ni ada benda baru lak kuar.

Check it out! Cam kesial! My fave is of course, Soundwave, tetiba ada audio player!!! Siap leh transform! And earphones dia, Frenzy and Rumble! Aduh....takut nak tengok harga. Tunggu bonus bulan depan, tu definitely in my shopping list (kecuali kalao ada any kind hearted souls out there nak give me an early Christmas present.

Anyway... bought something, posting esok je aku tunjuk. Apapun, left Sungai Wang and perasan there was this massive attention focused on the centre counrt area. Didn't bother sebab ingat ada concert ke persembahan. Usually they have Chinese artists performing there.

Headed back sebab started raining... alamak... got back, showered and all, time to hit the sack now. More tomorrow...