Saturday, October 27, 2007

What the...

Here is my delayed Heroes review with the fifth episode titled Fight or Flight. Going character by character and more or less what happened. Wasn't the best episode, in fact, it was really slow moving, and left me feeling like it really just was all hung.

I think they've seriously introduced too many characters (there's another new one this week) - and it's becoming confusing with too many people to keep track off.

Start downing these people down, and let the body count rise for the sake of the show, please!

Oh well, going by spoilers, things are SUPPOSED to pick up soon, but that is left to be seen as things have been draggy lately with stupid love stories (Peter-Caitlin, West-Claire, Hiro-Kensei-Yaeko) as well as too much emphasis (even a second is too much for these charafcters) for the likes of Ando, Niki/Jessica, the twins (they didn't appear this week), West and so many more. I mean, they might figure significantly in later episodes, but if they do, it's simply taking too long.

Which leads to the problem of the writers having too much to explain that they're rambling.

Anyway.. on to the most recent episode.

Elle Promos - With Kristen Bell joining the cast, we find out she can zap people with electrical sparks and later fries Ricky who resists telling her where Peter is. She's the daughter of someone big in the Company judging by the call. Wonder what the significance of that is? Who is he?
Bob with the Midas Touch?

Ooh, and the Valley Girl wannabe has a nasty temper and kills easily.

Peter Petrelli - Being the most undersexed loser, all anal to lose his virginity, decides to finally open his box and doesn't discover much.
Shows off his painting skill, and comes up with an Isaac premonition in paint.

Caitlin - Snogs and cries. Kill her off already. Apart from being a teary tramp, what else can she do?
And just when you're happy we don't have to put up with the sloppy lips of Claire and West...

Monica Dawson - Develops her powers further of imitating, being explained more and more of having 'copycat' powers, with the ability to repeat whatever she sees. Yeay! A black girl can play the piano and skip rope. Amazing!
We wonder why she passed up on skateboarding and basketball.

Matt Parkman - Ditches Mohinder for Nathan and tracks down Molly's boogeyman, his father. Discover daddy has more problem that the obvious lack of hygiene and shaving abilities. Also finds out daddy has interesting mind control powers too.

Matt's dad - Supposedly really, really bad, worse than Sylar. Turns out he just looks bad. But his character offers an insight that the powers of the Heroes, may be open to development. Perhaps he's just pissed the writers didn't give him a first name yet.

When he asks Matt, "you can read minds too" it was obvious he meant that he had it, but his ability to manipulate and trap both Matt and Nathan in those freaky illusions just mean there is a possibility that it can grow into something else.

Matt delivers the next round when he breaks the spell - without knowing how. A lot of potential there.

Back to daddy, apparently, before he goes on psycho mind warp spree, Matt and Nathan do find out he's been marked too. Cue suspence music!

Nathan Petrelli - Weak-assed white dude finds out he still has problems with his scarred image - which are rumoured by spoilers as his post-explosive period which he healed from in the months since he and Peter had their own fireworks display in the season one finale.

Mohinder Suresh - Decides to take Molly to the Company to get her treatment after she goes loco with the boogeyman encounter. Bumps into Niki, actually Jessica first who makes a quick return, and tries to help her escape. Turns out she turned herself in.

Niki/Jessica Sanders- Enters into the plotline via Jessica pissed off, probably over the fact that Ali Larter is not getting much airtime. Wish the writers would kill her off already. She's the biggest waste of time, among all the Heroes.

Ando Masahashi- As usual he doesn't have a life and is busy following Hiro's story. Kill him off!!!! Please!!! He is possibly the most hopeless of them all. He exists only to fill in the holes in the script.

Hiro Nakamura/Takezo Kensei - Still traipsing about with their love triangle with Yaeko. BORING!!!

Ricky - Dies! Why??? Couldn't they have worked out a way for Caitlin to be buzzed to death instead by Elle?

If this continues, I don't know... maybe I'm just going to lose my interest in Heroes altogether. It really is starting to get tedious trying to follow the plot with the slow pace they're developing everything, being too busy adding new characters to the line-up.
Oh well.. we'll see.